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In contrast to what some other pages might imply, this game contains plenty of moments worthy of a chuckle.

Unmarked spoilers ahead!


  • This game is no stranger to puns:
    • One mission involves you getting crows to go back to a scarecrow. Otherwise, the scarecrow is just a... stick in the mud.
    • What does Mari say after she finds out that the sand in Orange Oasis is actually brown sugar? "Isn't that sweet?"
    • What is the description of a cow sphinx in the same Orange Oasis? "Holy cow."
  • Many of Orange Oasis' enemy names are puns as well, such as "Porcupie" and "Gingerdead Man" *groan*
  • The description of the Air Horn: "Who would invent this!?"
  • From the Foe Facts book:
    • The Venus Flytrap's entry has Omori commenting on its ability to lure in unintelligent prey… followed by Kel commenting that he was so sure it was a watermelon.
      • Later on, the entry for the Watermimic has Omori describe how obviously fake it is, and how feeble-minded one must be to fall for it. Cue Kel's comment about how he thought it was an actual watermelon — though to be fair, unlike the aforementioned Venus Flytrap, the two look identical at a glance.
    • A few of the Planimal entries from Orange Oasis have the entire party discuss whether they should be considered vegan.
    • The Rabbit enemy is just a real photo of a rabbit… that’s not the funny part, though; the funny part is what Omori and Aubrey have to say about it in Foe Facts.
      Omori: An abomination.
      Aubrey: Truly appalling.
    • The entry for the Creepypasta entry has Omori belt out a stereotypical creepypasta story passage.
    • The entry for Humphrey somehow has the subject itself writing in the comment section.
  • Kel's Juice Me skill lets him damage a friend to restore some of their Juice. As this unfortunate player discovers, damage multipliers apply to the damage it inflicts as well, creating a rare instance of Toast by friendly fire.
    • Similarly (and hilariously!): At least before everyone's follow-up moves are upgraded post-Space Boyfriend fight, Kel's Pass to Omori will go ignored and bounce off Omori's head… which deals 1 damage. In other words, this will cause a Game Over if Omori's survival trait has been triggered already and he still only has 1 HP left. Especially since Kel's speed is usually higher than Omori's, so this will happen before Omori has the chance to heal himself via consumables.
  • Omori's Stare skill is supposed to be a Death Glare that makes the enemy uncomfortable, reducing all their stats. But it can take on a different implication when, for instance, staring at the Slime Girls, or staring down Something.
  • Before Patch 1.0.7, there was a hilarious glitch that could occur where the normal route's scene with Kel and Hero appears in place of the Hikikomori route version where you walk around the house alone. If you leave the house and go into your mom's car, instead of Something stalking you and following you in, Kel would walk into the car with you while Hero stares blankly into the distance. This led to jokes about Sunny kidnapping Kel, and the sirens over the game credits being the police chasing after Sunny.
  • Hero's Smile skill makes him do just that in his battle portrait. Even if he's Sad or Depressed. The fandom took this and ran with it, resulting in the "Hero Smiles While Depressed" meme.
  • Sunny, for all the things he knows, has no idea what lemons are, calling them Oragnes. This goes to the point in headspace Orange Joe's brother, a lemon, is named Oragne Joe.

Prologue: Playground, Vast Forest, Otherworld, Junkyard

  • If you find Happy during hide and seek, Happy, upon being found, wonders what she should do. She decides to say the alphabet backwards… before accidentally switching to spelling Omori's name.
  • When you finish playing hide and seek with the other kids in the playground, Berly gives a roll call, which has a few funny moments:
    • Mikal is asleep throughout, so Berly responds by smacking him awake.
    • When she calls Brows, his first instinct is to scream and run away.
    • When she calls Hero, Hero immediately puts on a Pretty Boy face.
    • Right afterward, she calls Kel, who's just annoyed with the roll call, and points out how unnecessary it is, so she hits him, twice.
  • When Basil goes missing in the Prologue, Kel tries to get his pet rock to find Basil. That involves Kel throwing the pet rock towards the ground. Even better, the pet rock even gets its own text message (of Visible Silence, of course).
    Kel: ... You tried your best, buddy.
  • Helping to reclaim the lost ball has Berly teach Aubrey the Headbutt skill. Berly even gives her a headbutt certificate as proof of her proficiency... but the title is abbreviated to "Butt Certificate".
  • After climbing the stairs to the Otherworld, Kel hops out and declares 'FIRST!' Aubrey and Kel proceed to argue over him mangling the famed quote:
    Kel: It's a small step for KEL... and a giant leap for KELKIND!!
    • If you finished the sidequest that teaches Aubrey the Headbutt skill, Kel plants a flag on Otherworld made from Aubrey's Butt Certificate. The game gives you an achievement when this happens.
  • East of Otherworld, you can find a path full of traffic cones. Going through this path involves Omori cutting down these cones one at a time. Eventually, you find a Lone Mole, who is angry that, after the Lone Mole self-isolated from society, you cut down all of the barriers. You eventually have to help the Lone Mole put back all of the traffic cones.
  • Hero manages to charm machines into changing the direction of automatic tracks.
  • In the Junkyard, you can get interrupted by the Life Jam Guy, who tries to teach you how to use the revival item. If you refuse his offer, he forces you into a battle with him anyway. Getting three free Life Jams is cool, but it Crosses the Line Twice when Life Jam Guy knocks out your party just to force you to to use them. He won't attack afterwards — he'll keep talking about the benefits of Life Jam until you revive your whole party, which ends the battle. And just in case you wanted to kick his ass for his intrusiveness, he's completely invincible, and somehow emptying his health will not end the fight.
  • Dial-Up appears as an enemy, and one of its attacks functions by angering its target with its slowness to the point where they hit themselves in a fit of rage.
  • The whole Download Window fight: it comes out of nowhere, its battle background is based off the Windows XP wallpaper, it takes several turns getting ready, and its attack involves crashing, several pop-up download windows appearing in succession. After the battle, Hero is confused.
  • When getting out of the Junkyard, you get blocked by a crane. If you check the crane, the crane falls down, revealing itself to be just a cardboard cutout.

Three Days Left: Pyrefly Forest, Sprout Mole Village, Sweetheart's Castle

  • It's established that Sprout Moles, when lost, get agitated and aggressive, which is why the Sprout Moles you fight are only lost ones, while those who aren't are willing to talk. Then, just as you begin heading towards Pyrefly Forest to continue your search for Basil, a group of Sprout Moles come by bragging about having tickets to Sweetheart's show. They forget where they need to go... and then attack you.
  • At one point of the game, you need to restore power to the Sprout Mole Village. You need to go to a gym where a Warden Mole is coaching several Sprout Moles into running on treadmills, but the exercising Sprout Moles are wondering why their machines are not working. You find out that the power cord is unplugged. Plugging in the cord just has the Warden Mole congratulate the Sprout Moles that hard work pays.
  • While you walk around the Sprout Mole Village, you can find other funny points:
    • One mentions that they can be obsessive. From what you can see and the Sprout Mole admits, this one lacks any self-control. The Sprout Mole's room is full of plastic flamingos.
    • Another is obsessive to the point of celebrating Christmas every day.
    • A Sprout Mole is riding inside a washing machine.
    • There is a door that is for Sprout Moles only. That is, the door is literally in the shape of a Sprout Mole.
    • A Double Mole, that is, two Sprout Moles sharing the same sprout, say: "We are two! We are one! We are twon?"
    • After beating Sweetheart, you can unlock a sidequest to retrieve a lost item. Along the Chain of Deals, you negotiate with a shady-looking Sprout Mole that wants to get his hands on an elusive piece of technology: The B.E.D. You eventually find that the mayor was developing this to help improve workflow by letting Sprout Moles get a good night's rest, but his son who was testing it found the bed too comfortable, leading him to oversleep — something that Sprout Moles never do. This revelation leads the mayor to deem the bed too powerful for Mole-kind and he hands it to you after aborting his research.
    • And what does B.E.D. stand for? Better Exhaustion Destroyer.
  • Because Sprout Moles have no arms, Marsha is a Sprout Mole with a battle-axe taped to her body.
  • Sweetheart's poetry:
    Ah. A day. And a day it was. Such a lovely day.
  • Once you go to the Kitchen, the Head Sous Chef Mole retires. If the party (in disguise at the time) talk to the Head Chef:
    Head Chef: Who are you? Who am I?
  • Try baking the Sous Chef Mole's cake recipe closely.
    • The instructions are a mess. One step required mixing "flowers" and "ping pong balls". And it tells you to preheat the oven to a mere 75 F; in other words, room temperature.
    • The cake and its mixtures become vaguely pixelated sludge.
    • The Sous Chef Mole then takes a taste...
      • You even get an achievement for the above, titled "AWEKJRLKJFLKASNFAWIJGAWEFJAWEKFJAKFAASJFKA!"
    • The Sous Chef Mole ends up falling off the screen and dying. Congrats, you're a literal Lethal Chef! After a black screen plays, another Sous Chef Mole, who knows how to actually make a cake, appears.
      New Sous Chef Mole: Good riddance.
  • A conversation between a Butler Mole and a Maid Mole:
    Butler Mole: Sors de ma chambre ou j'appellerai les flics!note 
    Maid Mole: Oh, Francois! I can't understand a single word you're saying, but you're so dreamy!
  • Another Maid Mole is meditating into returning to her natural state... that is, Tofu.

Orange Oasis

Two Days Left: Last Resort, Deep Well, Deeper Well, Humphrey

  • If you fight the Mr. Gators with only Kel in the party, sometimes Kel goes off to play slots in the middle of the fight and can win or lose a random number of clams. This includes large wins or losses too, and if the comment section of the battle theme is anything to go by, plenty of people have had the misfortune of the latter.
  • The elevator ride up to Mr. Jawsum's office takes a while, and while you're waiting without the ability to control the party, a faint whistle is heard. You'd assume it's a silly kind of elevator music — until Aubrey smacks Kel and tells him to cut it out.
  • Pluto gets called in by Mr. Jawsum, and he starts the fight by trashing the area as you're rocketed into space, the only area suitable to contain his Expanded form. After you defeat him, he's impressed but doesn't let up as he begins flexing even harder, threatening to expand even more. Just as you're getting hyped (or dreadful) for a second phase, Mr. Jawsum tells him to cut it out, and it abruptly cuts back to the perfectly intact office. After Mr. Jawsum dismisses Pluto, he marches out through the elevator door, leaving a Pluto-shaped hole in the wall.
  • If you have a picnic at one of the healing spots in Humphrey, Mari explains that the "questionable gelatin" they're eating is matter scraped off the walls before she processes it. Kel keeps asking about the details, which Mari refuses to elaborate. He's visibly disturbed before he decides to keep eating his food.
  • In part of Molly's dungeon you encounter conveyor bots like the ones in the Junkyard. Hero's charm doesn't work this time, but the robots respond favorably to Kel's insults, since he's a rude person "just like Molly". Aubrey is dumbfounded.
  • After you get cornered by Humphrey, the blobs all merge into one giant blob that swallows the party... and then his insides grows a face that swallows the party over and over as the fight progresses. Eventually, you end up facing his uvula, and as you prep for another fight after a long struggle... one stray hit ends the fight and it forces Humphrey to eject the party.

One Day Left: Black Space and beyond

  • Many doors in Black Space tease the player with Omori seemingly rescuing Headspace Basil before he unceremoniously gets killed in one way or another before you can escape. It's shocking for the first time, but he dies again and again in other doors that it Crosses the Line Twice after enough repetition. One such instance is a room filled with melons, prompting you to break open each one to find the key to leave. After six to seven melons with nothing inside, the next melon you interact with causes Basil himself to split open like a melon and the music to cut out. No, that's not where the key is either.
  • Even Black Space 2 has some moments of levity.
    • In one of the forests, you can find a crude doodle of "Swethort", who says things like "im pafect" and "ayes ap here".
      • Apparently Swethort has equally atrocious variations on her name and it's random which appears for you (possibly attached to wtf level) such as "Swuphart" or "Swomphart"
    • You can find a guy who invites Omori to dance with him... but Omori doesn't follow along because he apparently doesn't know how to.
    • One of the events in the Endless Forest has you amassing a group of Aubreys, only for them to realize that they can't all share Omori, and thus decide to kill and fight each other. Sounds bad on paper...until it gets to Dragon Ball Z levels of action.
    • Kel can be found swimming in a pool of money, and you can repeatedly collect $20 which does nothing to your inventory.
      • The Twenty Dollars is actually an item in your inventory, and it can be given to a doodle version of Omori in a cardboard box named "Omoli".
    Omoli: Thabks... (instantly pops out of existence)
  • During the Boss Rush:
    • You are interrupted again by Life Jam Guy, but this time, he doesn't Toast your party. Yes, you can actually deal damage to him here, but his whole purpose here is to give you an opportunity recover your Heart and Juice while he hands out three Life Jams. He leaves without a question afterwards.
    • Mr. Jawsum enters the ring sitting at his desk as two of his Gator Guys slowly push it into place. They then rush around to the front of the desk and begin the fight.
    • Your fights have been spectated by a group of Humphrey buds at the sidelines, cheering you on as you complete each battle. When the time comes for Humphrey's part in the boss rush, nothing appears from the top of the screen — instead, the Humphrey buds all mob you and trigger the fight.
  • When you wake up in the hospital during the good ending, every person in town whose sidequest you've completed will have sent you individual get-well flowers, potentially filling the room if you've done enough. Your get-well gift from Daphne and Bowen (the bakery twins) consists of a potted succulent and a loaf of bread.
    "Partake in this bread and regain strength. Then, play with us again..."

Faraway Town

  • When you get into your first fight with Aubrey, Sunny attacks her... with the steak knife he kept from the previous night. This causes everyone to freak out and the gang escorts Aubrey to get medical attention. Kel is initially relieved but he then immediately scolds Sunny and confiscates the knife.
  • The fishmonger talks to you mostly in Chinese, except for keywords that remain in English. If you're fluent in Chinese or have been around enough Asian markets, the Poirot Speak is hilariously accurate to what happens in real life.
  • After beating The Maverick, you find out that the girls who were swooning over him before the fight were actors he paid to admire him.
  • If you pass by The Maverick's house on the afternoon of Two Days Left, you can see him standing outside complaining of "an evil aura" emanating from it. You get to enter his house, and the BGM is a hollow ominous drone that also plays in the Church. Then you enter a bedroom and see cardboard cutouts of his siblings, and the music swaps to one of the game's sillier tracks. You now get to play along with their game of hide-and-seek to entertain them.
    • One of the spots you can examine are two very obvious lumps under the carpet. Check it out and... it's just a couple of pillows, with a note expressing how disappointed the twins are that you fell for the oldest trick in the book.
    • If you try to leave during this sequence, then you’ll find that the front door has been locked with a “comically large padlock”.
  • If you save the Clumsy Guy's marriage, the sidequest ends with him and his wife getting each other their favourite foods and getting all mushy over it. Their daughter finds it too gross to handle.
  • The Recycultist's Lair, if you've unlocked it, is a side event full of silliness.
    • This is the only opportunity to tag the party leader around while in control of the real-world gang. Have Kel tag Aubrey, and the resulting photo is that of her sending him flying with an Offhand Backhand. On the other hand, Aubrey tagging Kel will be a photo of her pointing the business end of her nail-covered bat at Kel as he smiles nervously into the camera.
    • Some of the Recycultists are not all as invested in the cause. One of them, for instance, is only here because his girlfriend brought him along.
    • You eventually encounter a giant block barricade. The nearby Recycultist brags that he spent 8 hours to create this unbreakable block. Aubrey smashes it open effortlessly, and he can only reply with a stunned "Oh..."
    • Your final obstacle before the dungeon boss is a group of seven Recycultists who boast that their superior numbers makes them unbeatable. Your only option is to have Hero as the party leader who "converts" other Recycultists from before to join the party. Once you've got a total of eight (including the party) the Recycultist group gives up and leaves without a fight.
  • In one of the bedrooms in the Artist's House, you can find a sketchbook — a "Foe Facts" book by Angel with crude sketches of the people he deems his "enemies". The three entries are Kel the nerd, Sunny the mysterious guy with a knife, and his sister the unbeatable one.
  • Guitar Guy's one song (you may have heard it from the Train Station or some singing bass) sounds cute with its K.K. Slider-esque vocalizations. When you reach his donation goal and deliver a letter from his father on One Day Left, he gives you the Secret CD, letting you hear a rendition of this song with proper lyrics. It's about a missing sock.
  • On the Hikkikomori route one of your last chores is to sort your belongings into boxes for toys, books, and trash. One of these is a Sweetheart doll — representative of the character in Headspace who's caused the most trouble on your adventures. If you're feeling vindictive, you can toss it into the trash with little repercussion.
  • The part-time job in the Othermart consists of Sunny taking on flies in battle. The flies' basic attack consists of landing on Sunny's face, causing Sunny to hit himself while trying to swat them.
  • The cemetery is a somber place to visit, except for one grave that has a loaf of bread placed on it instead of flowers.