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  • "MUCKLE DARMRED CULT! 'AIR YE NAMBLIES KEEPIN' ME WEE MEN?!" Or rather, the precise moment the DM's plot began to unravel.
  • Any time Old Man Henderson causes the death of a player character, which happens a lot.
    • Patrick's confrontation with Henderson, where he punches him in the face and breaks his sunglasses only for Henderson to pull out a new pair. Twice.
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  • Henderson and Jimmy smoke the Necronomicon. Henderson enjoys it thoroughly, but Jimmy ends up hallucinating cartoon squids and failing every sanity check, yet somehow comes out of it okay. The author compares it to tentacle horror mixed with Looney Tunes.
  • Henderson driving down the road smoking a bong while two teenagers are having sex in his back seat. It takes the cop he passed two blocks to process what he just saw.
    • To get a bit more specific. A beat-up '92 Buick driving down the street, flooded with smoke, blasting Clearwater Creedence Revival, two teens having sex in the back, a slightly less fat Kevin Smith in the front passenger seat, and a mohawk-sporting, hawaiian shirt-wearing old dude smoking a giant bong while driving along.
  • After killing hundreds of cultists and causing thousands worth of property damage, Henderson finally learns that the cult of Hastur didn't take his gnomes. His reaction? He feels like he might have overreacted a bit...

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