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This page contains the funny moments in the course of 'Oh Rhonda'!

WARNING: Unmarked Spoilers here!

  • In the Valentine's special, Rhonda refuses to go along with the idea of dressing up as Arnold's French pen pal to get him to get off Ruth. In response, Phoebe tells Nadine and Lila to just grab and drag her to the restaurant kicking and screaming.
  • In Chapter 29, Rhonda suggests an idea of just simply calling their parents to pick Arnold, Gerald, Phoebe and Nadine up. Arnold, holding the Idiot Ball, decides to have the group just take the subway instead.
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  • The sixth graders often refer to Rhonda and Phoebe as Anna and Elsa, mainly due to the two finding disguised names for themselves. Later on, they refer to Nadine as Olaf, and Lila as Kristoff.
  • Phoebe trying to be the only sane girl in situations where Gerald's legends that he tells are physically impossible.
  • Nadine trying to trick Rhonda into thinking she had Monkeynucleosis in Chapter 67. While not as serious, it just shows how far Nadine can pull a good prank on Rhonda.
  • Phoebe realizes the acronym for the National Organization for People's Earnesty Over People's Love for Engorging spells out NO PEOPLE.
  • In Chapter 178, just the fact that a supervillain shows up, proving Olga wrong that there are people that are villains and people that are heroes, proves to be hilarious... and the supervillain playing an accordion, on top of that!
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  • In Chapter 197, Lila and Lorenzo are pretty frustrated when they have to wait for Coach Wittenberg while the others just wait patiently... even WHEN Coach Wittenberg said the training 'BEGAN' at seven-thirty. Rhonda, who is known as Rhon-ga at this point, who had experienced this before in the bowling training, held off on explaining it to the two JUST as Coach Wittenberg gives this explanation.

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