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Despite its premise as a Darker and Edgier War Fic, Of State still manages to have a few funny moments.

  • The notes on the author's Deviantart account regarding the fanfic's backstory.
    • This excerpt from A History Of The Vikings:
    ...after voting to establish the new kingdom, one Bjorn the Timely stood and said to the assembled council, "We shall need a flag, then."
    Other chieftains quickly gathered and discussed among themselves, one of them emerging to ask: "Why?"
    "I dunno," Bjorn said in reply. "All the other kingdoms seem to have one."
    The war council, not wanting to be the odd man out with other countries, then voted to have Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III design a new flag as well as be High King when he came back from the bathroom.
    • The story behind Hiccup and Elsa's portrait:
    In a letter to his brother, Karl related that the sitting for this portrait was among the most stressful of his life, due to the restlessness and whispered arguments of the two monarchs and the peculiar attention paid his activities by King Hiccup's dragon, who is described as frequently scattering the artist's tools and seizing nearby objects—such as spears held by decorative armor—in order to replicate Tan's work upon the room's floor or walls.

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