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Funny / Of Queens Knights And Pawns

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  • Leia pointing out how not telling Luke and Leia how they're related nearly ended in disaster, claiming that she's only telling how close when she's very, very drunk.
  • Chapter 11: Luke teasing Leia and Han about their Belligerent Sexual Tension.
    Luke: Is this going to be a thing with you two? Because once again we are facing mortal peril and you two are flirting.
  • Chapter 12:
    "Vader is definitely making more of an effort to court the Imperial Navy hierarchy," translation, he wasn't killing them as often...
  • Leia and Vader's conversation while she's sick with the flu.
    • Vader warns Leia in utter seriousness not to risk Obi-wan's cooking, explicitly comparing it to poison.
    • Leia finds out Vader built Threepio. Her brain just stalls.
    • Leia calling Artoo an "overqualified screwdriver."
  • Sft MG: Luke, completely drunk, trips over a grate and, well...
    Han: "Either I’m drunk, or your floating."

    Luke: I am floating because I am a Jedi!"

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