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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

Main Story:

  • Near the start of Ophilia's story, Lianna teases her father about how while he's a great archbishop, he's "an old layabout" at home who can't do house. Ophilia actually agrees with her.
  • Cyrus, despite being an intelligent scholar, is oblivious to the fact that he attracts the attention of the opposite sex. Odette's letter pretty much says it all.
    Odette's Letter: I know that your research is more important to you than anything. But you would do well to give some thought to how you treat the fairer sex. You are more handsome than you give yourself credit for. If you are not careful, you might find your words and actions... misconstrued... by those around you.
    Cyrus: O, woe is me, doomed to never realize the full depth of my good looks and charisma.
    • The kicker is while Cyrus is reading this letter, you can see two village women actively gushing over him in the background.
    • His relationship with Therese has this in spades. When Cyrus finds out she was the one who started the rumor about him and the princess, he forgives her and apologizes for not noticing her her studies. Likewise, when he later promises to send her letters, he says he'll include assignments to keep her mind sharp.
      Therese: Um, Professor...Perhaps you're not as sharp as I thought you were.
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    • During a party chat with Ophilia, she will ask Cyrus about the content of the letter. He tries to downplay it but Ophilia counters with the fact that there are women who find intelligence to be attractive. Cyrus' response is to say that attractive should only be used to describe women like Ophilia.
      Cyrus: Am I not allowed to tell a beautiful woman that she is just that?
      Ophilia: Well, sometimes you can...but maybe, in your case, you shouldn’t.
    • This extends to his final chapter. While delivering an extensive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Lucia, she interrupts him with the most irritated 'Enough.' imaginable, expressing frustration that Cyrus has failed to make any sort of move despite multiple chances. She presumably didn't just want him around for his brain.
  • Tressa is robbed from her customers by Ali in a plot to sell his goods cheaper than hers, prompting her to go into Angrish:
    Tressa: Mrgrgr!
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  • Inquiring Cecily will yield this gem:
    Moniker: The Coincounter
    Height: 3 cubits 1 span
    Weight: “Piss off.”
    “Never heard of no bloody ‘Coincounter’, but at a glance I’d say most anything’ll do. Swords, daggers, staves. Or you could try setting her on fire.”
  • Olberic can Challenge just about anyone of age to a non-lethal duel, and the mechanic is encouraged to help level up. The result? Beating up entire villages and leaving them unconscious on the ground, including the elderly and pregnant.
    • The best part? This is considered a Noble Path Action. It's easy to understand why; it's the noble counterpart to H'aanit's, who doesn't ask for permission to…send Linde and any monsters she's captured at the townsfolk (and getting defeated in a Provoke battle will suitably make everyone wary of you). It does, however, mean that knocking out the entire town doesn't have any repercussions on your reputation. Do it as much you want! Just keep in mind the rewards for this tend to suck after a while...
    • Many of the exchanges before battle can be hilarious as well:
      Townsperson: ''...You know I can't fight, right?
      Injured Man: But I'm injured!
      Doting Aunt: A fight? Against who? Eh? Me!?
  • A rare funny moment in Primrose's story. She tries to allure the carriage driver into letting her inside his carriage. It doesn't work, much to Primrose's shock and confusion.
    • Shortly before that, you can get a party banter scene where it turns out cute little Tressa has no idea what a brothel is. Primrose is hesitant to offer her an answer, and when Tressa pushes, the ensuing Jaw Drop lasts a loooong while.
    • During the same quest, there's a banter with Alfyn where Primrose gets him to admit that he's thinking about what it would be like to visit the brothel, then points out that he doesn't need a brothel if all he wants is to be near a beautiful woman.
  • Sometimes Tressa's Eye For Money will activate in the hilarious spots. After defeating Primrose' final boss, returning to that spot later can cause Tressa's skill to activate, collecting money that the Neck-tattooed man left as this was his private area.
  • In H'aanit's flashback of her master's departure, the hunter reminds him of his gambling addiction. Z'aanta's wolf Haagen and a Knight Ardante, Eliza, chime in on this.
    Z'aanta: Have I not a single ally in this infernal village?
  • In Therion's final chapter, he needs to disguise himself for a heist. If you steal the clothes of the bandit captain, then Therion has a grand time playing the hammy, angry boss for the new recruits. Naturally, as soon as he leaves the real captain runs in, clad only in underwear, and decries Therion as the fake. The guards declare that the real boss couldn't possibly be stupid enough to get his clothes stolen and chase him off. Therion decides that this method is so much better than breaking in through a window.
  • The Peacock Strut is a useful Dancer skill. However, with Calling Your Attacks being in effect for the Dancer skills, it really highlights how both "Peacock" and "Strut" are Inherently Funny Words.
    • Really anything Cyrus says outside his own class skills can be hilarious due to just how much he gets into it. Steve West did a really good job making Cyrus a Large Ham.
  • In Grandport you come across a dog who when scrutinized/inquired shows this:
    Good Dog
    Age: 5
    A happy mutt with not a care in the world. He is a good dog—but to be fair, all dogs are good dogs, and a pox upon he who dares to say otherwise.
  • In Ophilia's Chapter 2, Tressa considers giving Derryl a piece of her mind, prompting Ophilia to protest that she's being too hard on a boy who just lost his mother. Tressa points out that she brought candy along, but not to cheer him up- she wants to bribe him to be on his best behavior.
    Ophilia: You know, Tressa, perhaps it's best I handle it.

Sidequests and Character Banter:

  • One post-story sidequest is finding a replacement fencer for a theatrical performance, which is done by having Olberic duel the lead performer. And while Olberic is a master of the blade...he really can't act.
    Olberic: My blade has grown, of late!
  • According to some tavern banter, the powerful warrior Olberic can't swim, and Cyrus is tone deaf. He proceeds to make an example of himself by singing to Tressa, who immediately regrets her curiosity.
  • Cyrus' banters with Therion in general is hilarious.
    Cyrus: Certainly. If I can do that, I might find a means by which to make him listen to me. I shall start by talking to his colleagues and other associates.
    Therion: Good luck. Those bookish types are battier than the Carrion Caves.
    Cyrus: Myself included?
  • Primrose's banter with both Therion and Cyrus regarding romance.
    Primrose: I swear, if I could only mix you two together, I might have a real gentleman.
  • Primrose, H'annit, and Cyrus's banter. Primrose invites both to come dance with her and then immediately regrets it upon seeing how bad they are.
  • The Worrywart found in Saintsburg. By inquiring or scrutinizing him, one will find this profile:
    A man who worries over anything and everything. His fears include but are not limited to: disgruntled neighbors, gangs of roving bandits, hordes of ravenous monsters, various natural disasters, otherworldly beings dwelling deep within the earth, whether or not it will rain on the morrow, the ephemeral nature of existence, that sinister-looking kid surely plotting to kill him...
  • The skit "For Women's Ears Only", which takes place in Rippletide after Tressa's story. The girls all gather together to talk about their taste in food and in men. H'aanit wants a man who is stronger than her, which the others admit isn't common; Ophilia wants a man perfect enough that her tastes exclude every man who ever lived; and Tressa wants a man who doesn't return merchandise he already bought, which warrants a lesson on how you can't buy a man. When Primrose is pressed the question, she points out that they're out of drinks and leaves the bar without answering in any meaningful fashion, to the other girls' protest.

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