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Not Quite As Planned is full of hilarious moments. Some examples include:

  • Zangetsu's Rousing Speech to Ichigo and Ichigo's subsequent lampshade on it:
    Zangetsu: If you can't believe in yourself, then believe in me who believes in you.
    Zangetsu: Is the point any less valid?
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  • Yumichika's "fight" with Orihime, specifically: refusing to fight her because she's too beautiful to harm. Doubly hilarious because it's easy to see Yumichika having that exact reaction in canon.
  • The Seireitei Map App
  • "Doctor Kurosaki Style! Unruly Patient Takedown!"
  • Ichigo eating Ukitake out of house and home. Literally — he starts on Ukitake's utensils after he runs out of food.
  • Soifon chewing Yoruichi out over not providing Ichigo and company with vital information.
  • The rain check.
    • To elaborate, Orihime and Chad stepped up to the plate to stall Kenpachi while Ichigo went to grab Rukia. And they're so annoyingly successful that Kenpachi gives up on the whole thing in exchange for fighting Ichigo later.
  • Yoruichi escaping Gin... by stealing his belt and causing his pants to fall down.
  • Ichigo wondering if Aizen would go away if they just ignored him. Aizen's amused yet deadpan reaction sells it.
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  • The first time Ichigo (accidentally) fires a Gran Rey Cero. His shock and Rukia's irritation sell it.
  • Ichigo's reaction to Aaroniero.
    • He then goes on to call him Triple A because "your name is too hard to pronounce."
    • The narration calls him Triple A from that point forward.
  • The 12th Division's Curb-Stomp Battle against Szayelaporro, being so nonchalant that they actually start calling dibs on who gets to study him first.
  • Ichigo's epic rant when he sees Aizen alive and kicking.
    How the fuck do you survive getting buried under a goddamned mountain and only have ripped-up clothes to show for it? Hell, forget the mountain. Orihime cut off his fucking arm! I'm counting a total of two arms here!
  • Ichigo shoving a Cero up Urahara's ass.
    Yoruichi's ears twitched and she looked up from her catnap in a warm sunbeam. Something just happened to Kisuke. She shrugged and lay back down. He probably deserved it.
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  • Senna's hilarious misconception of what Ichigo and the Vizard want with her.
  • After the Seireitei Invasion, Ichigo borrows a Soul Reaper's phone to call the Captains. After telling them to essentially stay off his lawn, there's this little gem for Byakuya:
    Ichigo: "I realized there was something I forgot to say to you in front of the Senzaikyu. (Clears throat) 'You are slow, even at falling.'"
  • Aizen trying to No-Sell Orihime and failing
  • "It's just a scratch."
  • Ho and Ban trying (and failing), to beat Sayoko and Wilhelmina .
  • Sawatari rescuing Ho and Ban.

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