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  • "It was a beautiful day in Ponyville, as it always seemed to be. You never hear of any rainy days in Ponyville, do you? The sun shone down on the townsfolk with nary a cloud in the sky, leaving one to wonder how all of the plants in the town don't die of thirst."
    • Even funnier when you realize it has actually rained in the actual show a few times (and not just chocolate rain either).
  • Twilight's reaction to finding out Trixie is her lawyer:
  • When Trixie gives Twilight her card, Twilight points out that the Equestrian Bar Association logo isn't on her card, meaning she isn't licensed the practice law.
    Trixie: Umm...let's not discuss that here. That could get me in a lot of trouble.
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  • The fact that Princess Celestia, of all ponies, can be picked for jury duty. So when the jury say "So help me Celestia", she replaces "Celestia" with "myself".
  • This bit right here sounds like something out of Airplane!:
    Bailiff: Raise your hooves in the air and repeat after me. I.
    Jury: I.
    Bailiff: Your name.
    Jury: Your name.
    Bailiff: No, you're supposed to say your actual name.
    Jury: Your actual name.
  • When Pinkie ( actually a changeling in disguise) is brought up as a witness:
    Apophis: Pinkie Pie, full name Pinkamena Diane Pie, can you confirm that it was indeed Twilight Sparkle who stole the city of Manehattan?
    Pinkie: Yep, it was her alright. Caught her red-hoofed as she was doing it.
    Twilight: What?! Pinkie, how could you say that?!
    Trixie: The great and powerful defense objects to that!
    Judge: On what grounds?
    Trixie: That was clearly a leading question, Your Honor!
    Apophis: You're a leading question!
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  • Apophis bringing up Rainbow Dash ( again, another changeling in disguise) as a witness, even though Dash ( the real one.) is already a member of the jury.
    Rainbow Dash the juror: Hey, wait a minute, Your Honor!
    Judge: Settle down, Rainbow Dash. Let the witness make her testimony, Now, Rainbow Dash, within the confines of this courtroom, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
    Rainbow Dash the witness: I will do no such thing.
    Judge: Alright, fair enough. At least you’re honest about it. You may begin with your testimony.
  • The judge tells Apophis off for bringing his lunch in the middle of the trial, only to immediately be seen eating three saltines afterwards.
  • Apophis states that there is a signature on the bottle that has Twilight's initials on it, only to be pointed out that it is a ketchup stain that looks more like an "A" than anything.
    Apophis: Uh, I'd like that statement stricken from the record please.
    Judge: Denied.
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  • When Apophis accuses Trixie of being evil (not that he's one to talk), the judge immediately tells him that all lawyers are at least somewhat evil.
  • When Trixie's attempts at bribing Blueblood fails, she bribes the judge instead.
  • This bit of Insane Troll Logic from Apophis:
    Apophis: Now let me ask you another question, Mr. Blueblood. Do you know the circumference of a waffle?
    Blueblood: I-I-what?
    Apophis: You see, Your Honor and the good ponies of the jury, that is why the defendant Twilight Sparkle is guilty! You see, waffles are traditionally associated with delight, and delight with friendship. Therefore, if the witness cannot imagine a waffle, then Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship, must not have been there, and thus must have been at the scene of the crime at the time it happened. Therefore, she is guilty. Case closed!
  • Trixie summoning Death itself as a witness.
    Twilight: What?! You called up Death as a witness?! You're kidding, right?!
    (Death shows up)
    Trixie: Nope, definitely not kidding.
  • Apophis accusing Death of not knowing how many people died in the city the day Manehattan was stolen..
  • After being revealed as the one who framed Twilight for stealing the entire city of Manehattan, Apophis tries to give a Twilight a guilty verdict to the judge, which she points out is written in ketchup on a Hayburger Central napkin and spelt with the number 5.

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