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Seeing as "Nina Needs to Go" was mainly made for the yuks, there are a number of funny moments.

Normal Episodes

  • "Traffic" has a few.
    • This shows the whole family except the parents being enthusiastic about Gladys's camper.
      Nina: "I can't wait to see Aunty Gladys!"
      Nana: "You're going to love her new camper. It's pink, it has a television, and it even has a lovely bathroom inside!"
      Nina (enthusiastically): "Pink!?"
      Frank (enthusiastically): "T.V.!?"
      Dad (cheekily): "Bathroom"
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    • And this line before jumping onto the wrecking ball
      Nana: "We're going to have a ball!"
    • While Nina plays "Eye Spy" and tries to wonder what starts with b, a bee, a boat, and other objects beginning with b can be seen in the background.
    • At one point, a kid can be seen in a car making a funny face.
  • In "D.I.Y.", when Nina asks if the hardware store has a bathroom. He says yes, and shows a display bathroom. Nina replies "Thanks, Dad, but I need a bathroom I could use"
  • "Play" had a few funny moments.
    • When Nina is in a rock costume and being rolled, Nana says "Let's rock and roll".
    • When Nina says "I'm supposed to say something like"—but then gets a Potty Emergency and says "I need to use the bathroom!", Frank asks "That's your line?"
    • At the end, Nina forgets her line so she just says part of her Catchphrase ("because now I know, don't wait to go") instead.
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    • When Frank and Nina are dressed as a lobster and a rock respectively and their mother says this line which would sound really weird out of context.
      Frank & Nina's Mother: "(enthusiastically) I'm so proud of you guys! (affectionately) My super snappy lobster and my craggy little rock...(neutral) that needs to use the bathroom?"
  • This The Guards Must Be Crazy scene from when Nina sets off an alarm.
    Guard 1: "Do you think we should stop them?"
    Guard 2: "Nah, when you gotta go, you gotta go!"
  • When Nina and her mother are on the beach and the mother asks Nina if she needs to use the bathroom and gets a "no".
    Mother: "Nina, remember to listen to your body"
    Nina: "I am! My body is saying "Nina, build a sandcastle!"
    • And extra funny how when she's speaking for her body, it has a deep voice.
  • In "Camping" when Nina says "That deer's looking at me", the deer has binoculars.
    • From the same episode, Nina asks a lizard if it's going to stay there all day. The lizard then lays out a small towel and sunbathes on it.
    • This conversation.
      Nina: (singsong) "Can't wait to roast marshmallows. Can't wait to roast marshmallows."
      Nina's Mother: "Nina, sweetie. I think you can't wait to use the bathroom."
      • Which is also funny, as most people understand "can't wait to" to mean "really excited to". And the idea of being really excited to use the bathroom is quite strange.
  • "Wedding" had several
    • When Nina calls Frank out on being distracted by fruit juice in a pineapple
      Frank: "Sorry, but it's in a pineapple!"
    • Nana, who is wearing an Elvis-type suit, is marrying Gladys (whose wedding dress is neon pink) and Walter.
      Nana: "And so we gather here to celebrate the union of Gladys and Walter—-(quickly) I now pronounce you man and wife; you may kiss the bride"
    • When Nina gets swept into a conga line and says, "I really gotta go-hey!"
  • In "Library", when we never find out what the knight in the story's real dialogue was because Nina kept interrupting.
    Narrator: "But the knight had a problem. He called out "All this water has reminded me that—-"—-"
    Nina: "I need to go!"
    Narrator: (a bit baffled) "Well, all right"
    Narrator: "After the knight found the bathroom he felt much better, and he said—"
    Nina: "That'll never happen again because now I know, don't wait to go!"
  • "County Fair" had a few
    • When Frank says "You really look like you need to—" but is interrupted by the umpire shouting "Go!"
    • Nana's line "It's no biggie, I'll just talk to a piggy".
  • This conversation from "Zoo"
    Dad: "Which animal should we look at first"
    Frank: "How about a bathroom?"
    Dad: "A bathroom? That's not an animal"
    Frank: "No, I meant 'bathroom' as in 'Nina needs one'"
  • The fact that the two things Nina has considered becoming when she grows up are a cow and a waterslide-measurer.

The "Something Completely Different" episodes.

  • These lines at the beginning of "On a Playdate"
    Nana: "Is Amber here?"
    Amber's Dad: "Well, it wouldn't be much if a playdate if she weren't."
    • From the same episode, when Nana shows up.
      Nina: "Nana!"
      Amber: "Nina's nana!"
  • "To a Fancy Restaurant"
    • When Nina and her family are at the fancy restaurant, Nina's mother says not to start until Nana has, Nina's dad, who's already started, looks guilty.
    • The fact that the waiters have spare meatballs in case one gets lost.


  • 4chan has taken to calling this show "Piss: The Cartoon"


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