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  • All the misheard lyrics videos are funny. Here, here, and here.
    • The joke may even have reached the band themselves. Élan, Floor's debut single, has the line "Write a lyric to the song only you can understand."
  • "This is Mr. Finlandia".
  • An official live video of "Planet Hell" with Annette Olzon has a couple funny bits: the band screwing around during the overture (such as a shot of Tuomas staring at the camera totally straight-faced, except he's flicking his eyebrows to the drumbeat), and then the title card at the end which is marked "Annette Hell".
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  • End of an Era, when the pyrotechnics attempted to assassinate Marco.
  • The instrumental version of "The Greatest Show on earth" manages to squeeze in a funny stinger from Richard Dawkins, as soon as the song reaches the 24 minute mark.
    Richard Dawkins: It never seems to occur to people that a man might just want to write a piece of music.
    • Speaking of the song itself, the song manages to squeeze a funny little easter egg in "The Toolmaker". Right before the reprise of that section's chorus, where a classical Bach riff is heard... then a banjo. Better yet, right before Floor comes in, techno thumping is heard. Completely unexpected, but simultaneously brilliant, as it sums up music's evolution in a few seconds, tying in with the theme of the song.

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