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  • John attempts to disguise Vriska so she can go outside. First item: a scarf.
    VRISKA: I suddenly feel really lonely.
    VRISKA: And out of place.
    JOHN: You're not out of place.
    VRISKA: wwhatevver
  • Many of Dave's lines:
    DAVE: and the sassy black partner was all like "shit this bitch be trippin with aliens"
    DAVE: you're the bitch john by the way
    DAVE: both of the men in black will proceed to lay a rhyming so fierce on us that we won't even remember our fucking names
    DAVE: wake up in a ditch in texas all like shit i don't know how but I just got served
    DAVE: whatever john
    DAVE: go ahead and have your little secret life with your secret alien
    DAVE: im not going to stop you
    DAVE: just sit back and watch like its some reality tv show or something
    DAVE: it will be called
    DAVE: the alien and me
    DAVE: starring john egbert
    DAVE: it will be the lowest rating show there ever was
    DAVE: and it will get canceled after half a season because if anyone even mentioned the show they would keel over in hatred.
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  • Kate attempts to get Gary to focus on the issue at hand, and:
    Kate: Anyway Sir.
    Kate: About the situation at hand.
    Gary: The two aliens who are both so obviously macking on that nerdy white boy over there.

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