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  • "Animals", which is pretty much a song singing about how he and his girl are getting it on in their car, only for the last verse to break into an epic Oh, Crap! as the girl starts screaming because her dad is outside the car and the guy frantically tries to find the car keys while screaming that it was her mouth that he was kissing.
  • "Get 'Em Up": "The only thing I wish one of us had known; that it was Sunday and the goddamn bank was closed." Keep in mind, the whole song up to this point was about them planning for this robbery.
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  • While the band themselves had no part in it, this still deserves mention: As an April Fools Joke, the website Encyclopedia Metallumnote  added the band to its database after the administrators supposedly determined that the band's debut album, Curb, was "metal enough".note  While it's not the first time that a prank in this vein has happenednote  unlike the first time, which several people actually took seriously, this time people actually caught on, and as a result, the page was vandalized, and several joke reviews praising the band's discography were submitted.note  Unfortunately, the entry was taken down the following daynote .
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  • At the start of the video for "This Afternoon", there are a group of nerds organising a house party. A van starts pulling up outside with the party's "tunage". Watch the lead nerd's face fall when he realises his friend brought him Nickelback.

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