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  • Pym looking at the Iron Avenger robot version of Thor.
    Pym: There's Torunn's dad. Wait. Maybe that's her mom. Look at all that hair!
  • Pym isn't the only one to get the really good lines.
    Azari: Hey, who's Clint Barton?
    Pym: (gets exited) Maybe he was the knight? Or the pixie!
    Azari: (Azari then hits Pym on the back the head) The pixie was your mom, idiot.
  • Just about any time Torunn puts on the phony "Asgard Talk" when she speaks.
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  • This little exchange is as funny as it is adorable.
    Azari: There's no one here. Maybe Ultron assumed no one would be dumb enough to sneak in.
    Pym: HA! We showed him! We are dumb enough!


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