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  • It may be stupid but for some reason, it's also really funny at the same time.
    • The same wiki's articles on Aeris's death and Sephiroth.
      "[Sephiroth] went to Sector 6 Community College, where he met his later band mate, Bill D. "President" Shinra. After graduating he formed his first band, MaTeRiA."
  • Exalted "As for what they do with that power... well, one of the running themes of Exalted is, "Welcome to Creation, here's your shovel.""
  • Wookieepedia has articles written for the Energizer Bunny and Max written with an entirely in universe style. The first being a commercial (where Darth Vader's lightsaber ran out of power) and the 2nd being entirely about cameo appearance he has had.
  • The summary for Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Got Your Money" has to be read to be believed.
  • The entirety of the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff wiki. It's all in the same characteristic style of the titular comic. Seriously, it's an art form unto itself.
  • GargWiki sometimes sneaks in humor into its articles. Particular favorites include trivia about "'angrier' hair" and this little bit in the non-canon segment of Demona's page:
    "It can safely be assumed that Demona was given all the dumplings and egg drop soup she could ask for. But I doubt her fortune cookies gave her any good news. "
  • The UnMario wiki has a page which contains all of its templates. Its not even a special page, its just a regular page.

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New Media


  • The Following post was based on the main Real Life page on :
  • A message board thread led someone to pose the question "what comes in sixes?" To which some wag replied "Gaius Baltar".
  • In a thread on fashions we don't get or like, someone mentioned very light lipstick with very dark lip liner. It made the girls who wore it look terrible. Like clowns. Evil clowns. Evil clowns with anus lips. Six posts down, someone repeated "Evil clowns with anus lips" and added "Doo dah. Doo dah."
  • Seen in a LiveJournal comment thread:
    "Go and shag like bunnies, you two!... or... um... What shags a lot and doesn't spawn?"
  • Omega Five PRO REVIEW:
    "So basically you're just tweakin' the controller's nipples for about 15-20 minutes, however long it takes to beat the game—all four stages, all four stages. ALL FOUR STAGES. OL' BIG TIME, TREKKIN' THE BIG TIME NOW. DON'T SPOIL ME NATSUME, FOUR STAGES!"
    "Now the second rule is if you've got a gigantic flamethrower and your first stage is made outta ice it's gonna melt that shit to the ground. Turn it to a big puddle, it's gonna turn it to a big puddle, real quick! Now I don't see that happenin', so that's a little bit bafflin' and mind confusin'. You got a 50-foot flamethrower and you can't melt through a series of ice blocks, well, sucker punch?"
    • Burly blue BigBots!
    • Cave TRIBUTE:
      "Dawn Patch. Sets up the formula for Da Dawn Patch."
      "GUWAAAAAAAAANGE. This came out in 1999, same year as Giga Wing. Notice the similarity there? Gu-wang? Giga Wang?"
      "Mah face turns beet red, I throw my controller against the ground and start swearin, 'Fucking game-long chains. Swear to never play a shooter game again."
      Progear no Arashi. Now playin' this game gives me rash; just kiddin', I just fuckin' hate it though."
      "Go play
      Mars Matrix."'
    • Under Defeat PRO REVIEW:
      "This is a shmup, not a pinball machine! Don't tilt the screen!"
      "Now it's no secret; I hate Naomi graphics. I hate these 3D plastic cone trees. So looks so artificial. When you shoot the trees they kinda shimmy back and forth like them bullets do. Shakin' they branches, if they actually had branches; they just cones. People think these graphics look nice? Just take a look at these cone trees!"
  • 1st Style, 1st Style, 1st Style, 1st Style, IIDX GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! 1st Style.
  • The entirety of Terry Yum Goong, the four-minute shot from The Protector set to sound effects and voices from Capcom vs. SNK 2, with Terry Bogard playing the role of the protagonist.
    "Terry": "Get serious! Powah dunk!" (throws "Dan") "Powah dunk!" (throws "Ken") "POWAAAAAH dunk!" (throw)
    "M. Bison": "Psycho crushaa!" (tackles "Terry")
    "Terry: "BAAAAAARN NAKU!" (punches "Bison" in the face)
  • From the World of Warcraft customer service forums, <GM>Batta's smackdown of someone who had it coming. For context, this guy was bitching about how he got banned for "talking about an in-game item".
    Q u o t e:
    The TOS is pretty much common sense, but the problem is. Why put an item in the game if we're not allowed to discuss it?
    I apologize if there was any confusion about the email sent to you and the nature of the violation, Grinnar. I wish you to feel comfortable in knowing that it is okay to bring up in-game items, such as the [Huge Brown Sack] while chatting with other players.
    There is still a distinction, however, between discussing the item as it pertains to the game, and commenting in the World Trade channel about said item in one's face while drunk at a frat party. I hope you can see the distinction there.
  • From a sadly-deleted review of Action 52: "Don't play this fucking game, because if you do, you are a fucking idiot. Does this mean I'm an idiot? Yes it does."
  • This flowchart
  • The result of typing "find Chuck Norris" into a Google search engine and pressing "I'm Feeling Lucky".
  • This attempted rebuttal of a review of FATAL. The whole thing is hilarious. Unintentionally so. Perhaps the funniest moment? Page 3, in which Byron "Abominatus" Hall apparently doesn't understand that someone calling you a "motherfucker" does not mean it literally.
  • "What in the name of shit? So Satan puts on a pumpkin and runs around killing people with a chainsaw. Well, then. Okay, I guess. Maybe Jesus will dress up as a pirate or something, I dunno."
  • Just one of many funny moments from the Comic Book Rumbles forum: A civil, occasionally tongue-in-cheek who-would-win debate between Edward Cullen and Wolverine gets sidetracked by a surreal argument between Captain England and The Once And Forever over who is "prettier", Edward or Sentry.
    Nik Hasta: I think we've found the Anti-Life Equation in this thread.
  • This battle between Spider-Man and Deadpool.
  • There's a Journal Roleplay community called "dear_mun" where personae rant at the people controlling them. In one post, three Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Seto Kaibas meet each other for the first time.
    Kaiba 2: What... What is this feeling inside? I've never felt this way about another person who wasn't a dragon before. Tell me your name, you beautiful son of a bitch!
    Kaiba 3: ...It's either superiority, loathing, disdain, or hate. What other feelings are there?
    Kaiba 2: Superiority. I think. Might be lust. You're sure you're not a dragon? I never thought the day would come that I found someone as great, handsome, and rich as me, but there you go.
    Kaiba 1:I don't think there's ever been anything more beautiful than this right here.
  • Dan Hemmens of ferretbrain's highly critical chapter-by-chapter review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows gives us this from Chapter 11:
    Harry Potter, realising that in order to defeat Voldemort he must use the Dark Lord's own methods, however despicable they might be, spends this chapter sitting on his arse doing nothing. Not that Voldemort has anything to fear: he's had decades to practice his sitting-on-his-arse-doing-nothing, and Harry's arse-sitting seems amateurish by comparison.
  • An extended conversation in ferretbrain's Playpen in which the regulars gleefully abuse the spoiler tags. It starts like this (please note, spoiler tags retained so as to preserve the joke, the conversation itself does not contain spoilers):
    Dan: For what it's worth, I'm playing a new game in my head of assuming that spoiler tags are just censoring out things which are unfit for publication. Particularly Jamie informing us that social convention makes it quite unacceptable for something something something. I certainly hope nobody is something something something in public.
    Jamie: Well, if you're going to be like that then you can just join me and rule the galaxy, because frankly Soylent Green is people.
    Kyra: Oh my God, is Jamie Dan's father?
  • In Ferretbrain Presents the TeXt Factor: Episode 8, Arthur B, having recently finished and thoroughly disliked Dan Simmons' Drood, introduces himself thusly:
    Arthur: My name is Arthur, and since I only intend for this podcast to be published a hundred-and-twenty-five years after my death, I assume you do not know my name.
    • Arthur's continuing one-way feud with Dan Simmons soon turned into "no, Person X isn't real, Charles Dickens just hypnotized us into believing in them" into a Running Gag. It eventually led to this exchange, in which Arthur suggested Executive Meddling by Charles Dickens to explaining a disappointing element in the ending to The Woman in White:
      Dan: Arthur I've told you this a hundred times, there is *no such writer* as Dickens. I just hypnotized you into believing there was.
  • From Ferretbrain Presents the TeXt Factor Episode 9: Arthur B explains a plot point from The Woman in White:
    Arthur B: Basically, Percival Glyde is all like, "Oh God, it's all going wrong," and Fosco is saying, "well, you're gonna let me deal with things," and Glyde is like, "Oookay,: and then Fosco is like, "So, your wife, [beat] how alive do you need her?"
  • Microsoft Sam cannot sing "Marisa Stole The Precious Thing".
  • This picture. (NSFW!) No, not the picture, the comments. Just... Just read them.
  • This. An epic Take That! against both Twilight and the incredibly annoying African vuvuzela horns.
  • The Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever video on It is hilarious. It is basically every over used film trope in a 3 minute trailer. And now it has its own page: A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever.
  • Sirius Onion Black.
  • Two chatters conclude that the universe is a Viking. Somehow.
  • has quite a few funny stories, but the funniest things are the interactives, especially the ones that try to be serious when its clear that even the original author has no idea what the fuck is going on.
  • This photo, titled "Woody Stole the Precious Thing."
  • Don't watch an anime called Boku (warning: somewhat NSFW):
    "So I watched the first video and I was like 'yooooo, what the fuck?' Then I continued and I was like 'yoooooooooooooooo!', THEN THEY GOT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING CAR, AND THEN I SAID 'YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!'"
    "Then in video 2, there was like, two of them! Those niggas...yo...those niggas! Then that girl saw them and she...YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! And then the nigga took the dog toy and YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"
  •'s user reviews for Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story (It was printed in 1999, by the way!)
    "'Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story' will fit nicely in your bookshelf along such classics as 'Knifed: The O.J. Simpson Story,' 'Fondler: Confessions of a Pedophile,' and 'Avoiding Blue Dresses: Sexual Harassment for the Aspiring Politician.'"
    "'Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story' is a fantastic read and I cannot wait to see the upcoming motion picture adaptation by Roman Polański. A+ FIVE STARS!!!!"

Web Original

  • I Am Not Infected had what I consider their Funny Moment, at least so far, in "Zombie on a Pole". Chris punching his zombie pet so he can retrieve the bag of marshmallows he was trying to feed to her to make s'mores over a zombie on fire, who happens to be Cameraman's former crush who he refused to kill? Pretty hilarious, maybe not so much on paper. [1]
  • This gem from the Flash version of Ruby Quest:
    >Smash Sofa
    Tom's anti-inanimate-object bloodlust has subsided. Besides, the couch is so utilitarian nothing about smashing it would be any fun.
    >Pry open Z-HATCH?
    The Z-HATCH is so strong it severed that monster in half earlier. Tom's efforts would be wasted against its thick steel shutters.
    >Pry shit off the walls, starting with that painting
    You guys are really reaching! The painting won't come off. It's inset INTO the wall.
    >[insert many stupid ideas here]
    >Switch back to Ruby, go back to the set of buttons alongside the ladder near the lever.
    • For such a horrifying little RPG, Ruby Quest has a lot. For example:
      • Someone suggesting that Tom wear the "Do Not Open" sticker as an eyepatch. And he does.
      • "Ruby calls down to Tom, saying they need his condom. Tom gets an odd look on his face"
  • 800$ BOOM
  • Man of Action: A lot of it, but one line always gets me: "He is the bullshit fisherman."
  • There's this person named Jacob Rudduck who tried an AVGN-ripoff style review of Uninvited. Then he fell into the Schmuck Bait by poking the "Southern Belle". She reveals her Nightmare Fuel qualities, and Jacob's reaction is... priceless.
  • You will never take Lord Vader or Soviet Russia seriously again.
  • As befits as site devoted to Deadpan Snarkery, Television Without Pity has some pretty funny recaps, but the Funny of Funnies had to be when Keckler took time off from recapping Star Trek: Enterprise to utterly savage some of the other Trek series' ... lowlights. "Sub Rosa" also gets a mention.
    "I can see why Nana fell in love with him," Dr. Bev giggles and admits that she knows it all sounds strange. Strange? No. Sick? Twisted? Repulsive? Incestuous in a way the Dark Ages never imagined? Yes. Troi concedes that it's a bit unusual, but says she's happy for her and gets up to leave. But not before delivering a bit more ship's counselor's advice. She tells Dr. Bev that she and Bonin have both suffered a great loss so they shouldn't mistake sadness for sex. Or mourning for sex. Or a light in a lamp for sex. Or a light in a lamp giving you orgasms in front of your captain for sex. Dr. Bev thanks Troi for her advice and assures her that she's not necessarily in love, she's just intrigued. Troi raises her eyebrows and loudly terrycloths out.
  • "{Blabbers something uninteligible} so fuck you!" Runs to the wall, jumps and scores a perfect hit.
  • The Agony Booth's review of Steven Segal's Lightning Bolt energy drink is a thing of beauty.
    Right after sip #6, no lie, I actually blurted out, "Mommy!"
  • 100 Ways to Kill Yourself in Garry's Mod: Getting derailed, Falling off a baloon Meteor Shower, Being a Man of Science.
  • SupaGoGoMan's videos usually have an extreme degree in funny in them, best being the Night Terror one.
    This didn't happen in Disney Land!
  • Every Class is Different by the Spy.
    Some classes are polite. Some classes are efficient. The Sniper throws piss at people and lives in a van!
  • The new option on certain YouTube videos to have it try to interpret dialogue and make captions. It's so bad, it's hilarious to turn on.
  • The Last Days Of Dr. Wily. (spoilered for the funny): "You know how when Mega Man beats a boss, he gets that boss's weapon?" "Yeah." "What if that didn't happen?" "So he gets the weapon before he fights the boss?" "No, he never gets any extra weapons, ever!" "I don't follow." And many more besides that...
  • This video, but the most noteworthy part for me, when Sekai is talking about Makoto:
    Sekai: But he hasn't changed much since he moved, he still has this chick magnet ego with him, and he's getting on my nerves because he was just walking around to look for a girl to have sex with, (sigh), but at least the girls have their own boyfriends...
    (Francis notices Zoey and Makoto kissing)
    Francis: Hey! Dammit! I'm gonna kick your ass!
    (He throws Makoto out of the building)
  • It may be easier to find a UFO in your garden than a funny moment in an episode of The Irate Gamer, but the parodies of that show are full of hilarious So Unfunny, It's Funny moments. One such moment can be found in the beginning of this 'Save-State Gamer' episode.
  • When the creators of the convention of the convention Magfest sit down to plan Magfest 8, they get trolled by what turns out to be a voice actor they got as a's the voice of Duke Nukem.
    "I'm here to kick ass and go to Magfest...and I'm all outta ass!"
  • Weekly Tube Show's Dragonball dubs are all hilarious, if a bit vulgar and obsessed with dick jokes and toilet humor... but this rant of Vegeta's is absolutely brilliant and so funny it hurts.
  • Zach Anner's Audition.
    "No obstacle is too big, no mountain is too high, no volcano is too hot, and NO ATLANTIS IS TOO UNDERWATER OR FICTIONAL!"
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del: A Very Special Episode has 'Ethan's Happy Tape'.
  • Classic Game Room's truly epic Cluster F-Bomb for the intro of their Robotron 64 review.
  • This redub of the Portal 2 trailer.
  • Massive amounts of stupid-looking faces in one place equals epic hilarity.
  • A Week In The Life Of Ronald McDonald: Drew Pickles testifies as a character witness for the Penis Clown. This goes about as well as you'd expect:
    Oprah: Sir, please state your name for Judge Oprah.
    Drew: Hello. My name is Drew Pickles and I'm really really really really really really really gay.
    Oprah: Your sexual preferences are of no interest to Oprah. Oprah is an enlightened woman. Please tell us your relationship to the defendant.
    Drew: Oh wow. Well, we often get together for sweaty buttsex orgies. These often involve multiple partners and the consumption of poopy burgers, cum shakes, and splooge nuggets. After eating these, we like to put our penises in each other's mouths and go blublublublublublublublublublublublublublublu and then I put my 300 mile long cock inside Ronald's anus and it all sounds like hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bag that was swell.
    Oprah: Oprah is disgusted. Perhaps Oprah is not so open minded after all. Mr. Pickles, can you comment on the defendant's character?
    Drew: Yes. The defendant is a swell poopy faggot. And that is my sworn testimony. Anyone for buttsex?
  • Emerald City Comicon 2012; It's the Star Wars Trilogy like you've never heard it before! NSFW due to strong language.
  • From part 2 of Don East's review of Sailor Moon Super S, when Usagi and Chibi-Usa have their ages switched.
    Chibi-Usa: "I have a grown-up body."
    Don: "I've become more talented!"


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