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  • Tubbs the "Finicky Feaster". Comes in, gobbles all of the food you leave in the outdoor bowl instead of just taking a small portion like every other cat, then just lays next to the bowl with a smug look on their face. It's even more hilarious if you had just put food out a few minutes ago.
    • The special cats all have funny little quirks. Xerxes IX is a Persian cat wrapped in a Persian rug. Guy Furry either whips up a giant parfait in a glass vase or makes a pizza on top of a kerosene heater. Senor Don Gato spears the Mister Mouse on his sabre.
  • Whoever worked on the artwork for this game took the time to draw the cats' anuses, complete with them being drawn as little x's.
  • Having multiple cats in one of the tube toys gives off the look of some sort of mecha with cat heads and bottoms for ends.
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  • Some cats will sleep under the Mister Mouse/Dragonfly even though the point of that toy is to chase the toy mouse/dragonfly.
  • If you have the kotatsu out, some cats will shyly lay under it, with only a paw or their tails visible.
  • Some of the mementos the cats give you can be quite funny.
    • What does Shadow, the cat with a 'peculiar' nature give you as a memento? Why, a shed cicada shell, of course!
    • Cocoa, the cat with an 'indecisive' personality, gives you the six-sided die memento. The game even lampshades this by putting "Good for curing indecision" in the item's description.
    • Princess, the ditzy cat, gives you an Osprey feather. She probably just picked it up somewhere, but if not...
    • Fred gives you a singular sea shell earring. Seems simple enough, but then you realize he has a 'lady-killer' personality...
    • Tubbs gives you Fish Jerky. It's surprising that they actually bothered to save you food instead of just gobbling it.
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    • The other mementos usually have a short but interesting description when viewed. Ganache gives you a puzzle piece, with the description being "A piece from a jigsaw puzzle." And the description for Tabitha's random seeds? "Random seeds."
  • It's pretty hilarious that Gozer the adorable tortoiseshell cat shares the same name as an ancient evil god of destruction. Even funnier since they are most likely a girl due to falling under the tortoiseshell category, as it's extremely rare for those types of cats to be male.
  • Some of the personality descriptors for the cats, such as 'Lady-Killer' for Fred or 'Sore Loser' for Gozer.
  • It's pretty amusing when Kathmandu shows up for the Lacquered Bowl to write poetry and there's a cat already in it. Same thing for Bengal Jack and the Luxury Treasure Box.
  • It's possible for a cat to give you a memento when you've never actually seen them in your yard. Their appearance will be revealed during the memento-giving process, but they will still be a silhouette in your catbook afterward.
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  • As of the latest update, the new goodies include small beds called cocoons that the cats can sleep in...except sometimes they will just sit or sleep on top of them instead, which squishes them down.
  • The web manga is full of adorably quirky and amusing scenes that the cats get themselves into.
    • #34 is Snowball sitting on a scale and checking out its weight...not knowing that Spots put its paws on the scale to make Snowball look heavier.
    • #14 has Bandit and Sunny climbing onto Ramses the Great's pyramid bed, squishing it down while he's in it.
    • #44 shows Mack pushing Conductor Whiskers' cardboard train until Sunny, Breezy, and Spots climb aboard, annoying him.
  • You don't need to have seen a cat to get their memento. They just need to have appeared a few times. This means that it's entirely possible, if you're unlucky enough, to have a cat's memento but not their photo. Doubly funny and frustrating if Peaches, Apricot or a rare cat cause this to occur.


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