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In a world where villains like The Joker and The Trickster exist alongside heroes like Ms. Joke, even the most touching superhero story needs laughs here and there. Who said becoming Superman in a world full of superpowers couldn't be funny?

Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked! You Have Been Warned.

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    Chapter 1 - Izuku Midoriya: Birthright 
  • Hisashi, frustrated with his inability to have a child with Inko, ends up Tempting Fate with a sarcastic remark to his boss.
    Hisashi: Too bad babies don't just fall out of the sky.
  • Hisashi stands idly as he watches the stars, including one that continually gets bigger until he finally has his Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes that it's not just a star and that it was coming right for him.
    Narration: A clear night like this, away from the city lights, the sky was filled to the brim with celestial lights; even with the Green Palace in the sky shining as bright as it did, their luminescence remained unchallenged. The one that seemed to be getting bigger was especially unchallenged in that respect. Bigger at an increasingly fast rate, it seemed. In the direction of his general area, too.
    Hisashi: Oh shit!
  • Hisashi and Inko have this conversation right after they saw a fireball streak over their heads and crash into the ground.
    Hisashi: I'm guessing you saw it, too.
    Inko: Uh huh.
    Hisashi: Man, not every day you see a shooting star crash into the planet.
    Inko: Uh huh.
    Hisashi: I think I'm gonna turn into a walrus and start living on the moon.
    Inko: Uh huh.
  • Hisashi was looking forward to finding some kind of new metal in the "meteor", planning on calling it "Hisashium".
  • While prying open the lid to the spaceship, Hisashi pulls with "all of his might". The narration then goes on to explain, "It wasn't much might."
  • Hisashi has a Freak Out after realizing that he has just taken an alien child, panicking in a manner not unlike his soon-to-be adoptive son. He also does an impression of his own father, slipping into the Japanese version of a Southern accent.
    Hisashi: We took an alien. We took an alien. Oh my god! We took an alien! I can't believe we did something so stupid and dangerous! I've never even gotten a speeding ticket before, and now I'm stealing little alien babies! What the hell is wrong with us?! If my father was alive to see this, he'd go 'Hisashi, I didn't fight in no Lantern War for you to just go'n pick up some li'l spaceman off the street!' We should've just gone straight to the authorities when we got the thing out, no, when we saw the ship, but this makes everything so much worse! Why did we take that baby? Why didn't we tell anyone? Why am I the only one freaking out about this? Inko, freak out about this with me!
  • Inko is busy tickling the baby as Hisashi rants, only for her to reveal that she was in fact listening, making him pause.
    Hisashi: This is serious, and you're not even paying attention.
    Inko: No, I heard you just fine. You were rambling on and on about how we shouldn't have taken an alien with us and how we're going to get into a ton of trouble for doing this, right?
    Hisashi: Well, yes, that more or less sums it up.
  • Soon afterward, Hisashi descends into conspiracy theories as he tries to convince his wife to not take the baby in, including one about the babies using their cuteness to destroy the world they've invaded from the inside.
    Inko: So what if he's an alien? It's not like all aliens are evil. The Martian Manhunter certainly wasn't evil. Besides, he's just a baby, and babies can't hurt people.
    Hisashi: Yeah, but the people they grow up to be can! Besides, how do we even know he's even actually a baby? [steps over to Inko and peers at the baby] For all we know, he comes from a planet of beings that just look like babies, and they all try to use their overwhelming cuteness to infiltrate societies and destroy them from the inside! [baby giggles and squeezes Hisashi's nose] That doesn't disprove the theory. [removes baby's hand from his nose]

    Chapter 2 - Izuku Midoriya: Birthright (2) 
  • Izuku's response to Bakugou flipping out in class? A Head Desk.
  • Even with full knowledge of his powers, Bakugou still antagonizes Izuku, which ends with Izuku effortlessly lifting Bakugou and throwing him against a wall after the latter blew up Izuku's Hero Analysis notebook. This gets mercilessly lampshaded by their classmates.
    Unnamed Student #1: Man, sometimes it seems like you're asking him to kick your ass.
    Unnamed Student #2: Why do you keep antagonizing him, anyway? You know the guy can punch a hole straight through your skull.
    Bakugou: Fuck off.
  • When Izuku discovers his powers, his parents are dumbstruck. Hisashi has to do a Double Take since he thought he heard it wrong over the phone, with the only response he can come up with afterward being a flat "huh..."
    Inko: [over the phone] I-I-Izuku just broke something.
    Hisashi: What'd he break? A plate? A lamp?
    Inko: The door.
    Hisashi: [Awkward Silence] I'm sorry, Inko, I think I'm getting bad reception over here. For a moment there, it sounded like you said that Izuku broke the door.
    Inko: He did. Right off its hinges. There's big, jagged holes around the parts it was torn from the wall. Torn from the wall by our son.
    Hisashi: [Stunned Silence] ...Huh.
  • Four-year-old Izuku is so happy about finding his "Quirk" that he literally launches himself into the ceiling, only to continue frolicking like nothing happened. His parents are totally at a loss about what to do with their newly super-strong son.
    Inko: You heard all of that, right?
    Hisashi: Yep.
    Inko: Do you think we should be worried?
    Hisashi: I have no idea.
  • As a child, Izuku attempts a cool Three-Point Landing to place himself between Bakugou and the one he was bullying. Predictably, a four-year-old doesn't have the coordination for this, and little Izuku just lands flat on his face and looks like an idiot, his only saving grace being his invulnerability.
  • The fact that All Might fought a villain with a name as Narmy as "Lord Death Man", who happens to be an actual (if obscure) DC character.
  • Izuku realizes how painfully contrived his meeting with All Might is after learning that the can he kicked in frustration had hit All Might in the head from across town.
    All Might: Sorry you had to get involved in this, kid. That guy robbed a bank earlier, and I took it upon myself to take him down. I almost had him, but then a can fell out of the sky and hit me in the face, giving him an opening. Seriously, a can falling out of the sky! How does that even happen?!
    Izuku: [sheepishly] I-I-I wouldn't know.

    Chapter 3 - Izuku Midoriya: Birthright (3) 
  • This gem of a line when Izuku grabs onto All Might's leg.
    All Might: I'm sure you have a million questions for me, but now isn't the time! You need to let me be!
    Izuku: But if I let go now, I'll fall and, well, I don't know if I'd die from this height, but-
  • Izuku's Squees so hard that his bows of gratitude are literally carving away at the pavement.
  • The aforementioned line about Izuku mentioning how he's not actually sure if he'd die if he released All Might's leg at that point.

    Sidestory - S.T.A.R. Labs Interlude - And We Just Fixed the Security 
  • For the founder(s) of S.T.A.R. Labs, Harrison Wells, Harry Wells, and H.R. Wells are very quirky individuals, especially H.R.
    H.R. [holding a six-pack can of beer] I got your text. You said it was urgent, so let's rock!
    Harry: Can't believe I included you in the group text, by mistake.
    Wells: H.R., when Harry said it was urgent, he meant 'Danger to Central City' urgent, not 'Emergency game night' urgent.
    H.R. Aw, man! So I brought beer and Secret Hitler for nothing? [Wells and Harry glare at him as he steps back] Sorry, sorry, not cool. Switching to serious mode, now! Hello there, fellow Councilmen! I heard there was an emergency. What happened?
  • H.R. wants to make a Godzilla.
    Barry: There is some good news, though. I was able to find Rudy, no problem. Didn't put up much of a fight, though not from lack of trying, and CCPD took him in. It didn't take much to get him to talk, either. He didn't give me the name of his partner, but he did say that he was planning on heading to Japan?
    Harry: Why Japan?
    H.R.: Maybe he's gonna make a Godzilla? [everyone gives him a look] What? It's what I'd do.

    Chapter 4 - The Übermenschen 
  • All Might's car is a dingy, beat up piece of junk that's falling apart at the seams. He tries to show it off and calls it a a "real beaut", but ultimately he's forced to admit that "Batmobile it was not" when the mirrors fall off and the doors won't shut correctly. It takes him five tries to finally get the door to close.
    All Might: Okay, Midoriya, my boy. Let's get started! [door doesn't shut, forcing him to try five times] Now, let's get started!
  • Izuku's and All Might's positions from Chapter 3 are reversed, with All Might clinging to Izuku for dear life as they leap over the crash site.
  • Izuku Squees again while meeting Firestorm, forcing the Pro Hero to cut in after the boy began reciting Firestorm's entire backstory from memory.
    Firestorm: Oh, you know who I am?
    Izuku: How could I not?! Seven years ago, an explosion at the Hudson University Nuclear Plant in New Carthage, New York caused two scientists to gain the ability to fuse together into a single person: the Nuclear Man, Firestorm! With the powers of pyrokinesis, energy manipulation, and transmutation, you're a super powerful Hero who wins basically every fight he goes in! Like the time you stopped Multiplex from stealing a nuclear warhead! Or the time you took down the first Killer Frost after she froze downtown Brooklyn because you wouldn't marry her! Or the time when-
    Firestorm: Okay, I get it… kid! I've done a lot of impressive stuff, just settle down!
  • Izuku almost spills All Might's Secret Identity while accidentally speaking badly about him to Firestorm.
    Izuku: S-Sorry! I'm just a really big fan, especially since there aren't that many Japanese Heroes who work internationally. Not even All Might goes out of the country, that often. [glances over at All Might as he realizes what he said] N-Not that there's anything wrong with that! It doesn't make y-him less of a Hero, in any way!
    All Might: [as Toshinori] I'm sure it doesn't. And I'm sure that if All Might could fly, he'd be fighting crime around the world, nonstop. No need to bring up stuff that I... am sure he already knows!
  • Firestorm lampshades Izuku's Hero-Worshipper tendencies.
    Izuku: Th-Thank you very much, Firestorm! Please, follow me! [rapidly bows in gratitude before leaping off into the distance]
    All Might: [as Toshinori] Sorry about him. The kid gets really excited about Heroes.
    Firestorm: [grinning] I know the type.
  • All Might comments on how hot Firestorm's body is.
    All Might: [as Toshinori] Wow, you're toasty!
    Firestorm: They don't call me 'Coldstorm,' you know.
  • As robots begin to attack, All Might breaks into his Gratuitous English again.
    All Might: OH MY GOODNESS!

    Chapter 5 - The Übermenschen (2) 
  • Izuku has this exchange with the Ultra-Humanite about the Villain's identity causes the latter assume that his new appearance is what's startling Izuku. In reality, Izuku is freaking out over the fact that he's being held hostage by an insane Villain with a proclivity for Brain Transplants and Body Surfing.
    Izuku: A-A-Are you really the Ultra-Humanite?
    Ultra-Humanite: Who did you think I was, Kite Man? [chuckles] It’s the gorilla body, isn’t it? My last one was getting rather rank, so I got this one from an old associate of mine in Africa. Haven’t gone public with it, though, that’s probably why you didn’t recognize me.
    Izuku: [internally] No, that’s wrong. I just needed to be sure that I really was in that crazy a situation. I just needed to be sure that I was really being held hostage by someone who’s been a Villain since the days of the Justice Society, something he’s done by being crazy enough to cut out people’s brains and put his own in their bodies!
  • When the Ultra-Humanite asks how much Izuku knows about Endeavor, he quickly learns that the answer is a lot.
    Izuku: What do I know about Endeavor? Well, he's the Number Two Hero in the world, one spot below All Might, and one spot above Wonder Woman. He has a really powerful fire Quirk and has the world record for most crimes solved by a single person. You'd think that everyone would love him, but he has a really bad attitude, often getting angry with people he works with or too violent with Villains he's apprehending. Because of that, his fans are mostly men between their twenties and forties, so women and people outside of that age group tend to be more critical of him. He's basically the Dark Hero of the Trinity, kind of like the first Batman when he was compared to Wonder Woman and Jay Garrick when the Justice Society was still around. Some other interesting stuff about Endeavor is that his favorite food is kuzumochi, his blood type has a Cis AB mutation, he graduated from U.A. in the same year as Snatch and Misteltei-
    Ultra-Humanite: Okay, so you know a lot about him. In retrospect, I should have specified that I wanted Cliff Notes, not a Wikipedia entry. Do you always ramble on and on like that?
    Izuku: N-No...
  • The Ultra-Humanite is annoyed when Izuku is mostly nonchalant about the Tokyo National Museum's art exhibit being replaced with an indefinite exhibit showcasing Endeavor, only for Izuku to gently snark back.
    Ultra-Humanite: Your country's cultural heritage is being superseded by someone like Endeavor, and all you can do is shrug your shoulders?
    Izuku: [pinned underneath a robot T-rex] Well, I don't really have any room for shrugging-
  • Firestorm squees after "Mr. Yagi" reveals himself to be All Might in a bit of Irony given Firestorm's nonchalant reaction to Izuku squeeing over him. All Might is taken aback at the fact that he was called "old" and Firestorm struggles to articulate himself while also dealing with Professor Stein's criticism.
    All Might: Are you alright, Firestorm?
    Firestorm: Yeah, relatively speaking. [gets to his feet] More importantly, you're All Might! You're really All Might! I can't believe that sickly old man was All Might, the whole time!
    All Might: Well, I had my reasons for-wait, old? I understand sickly, but old?
    Firestorm: Ah, no, sorry! I didn't mean to upset you. I'm just really surprised and really excited, that's all! [to Professor Stein] Shut up, it's All Might! I'm allowed to be happy about this!
    All Might: Excuse me?
    Firestorm: Wasn't talking to you, it was just-oh, goddammit!
  • Izuku realizes he can fly, to the surprise of everyone present.
    All Might: He can fly?
    Firestorm: He can fly?
    Ultra-Humanite: He can fly?
    Izuku: [blinking as he realizes what he's doing] I can fly?!
    Firestorm: [cheering] You better believe you can fly!
    Ultra-Humanite: You really didn't know, then? Here I thought you were just trying to be dramatic.
  • After giving Izuku a heartwarming speech about how it doesn't matter how many powers you have as long as you have the will and drive to control it, it's implied that Professor Stein is giving him a lecture about corny speeches.
    Firestorm: Shut up, I'm allowed to be corny, if I want to!

    Chapter 6 - The Übermenschen (3) 
  • Jor-El mistakes Izuku's knowledge of dogs, cats, and monkeys for knowledge of Kryptonian species, leading to a hilariously awkward silence between the two before they agree to Change the Uncomfortable Subject.
    Jor-El: What, are you telling me that you have dogs on Earth? [Izuku nods] Heh. Next you’ll tell me that you have cats and monkeys, too. [Izuku just stares at him] Really? Even monkeys?
    Izuku: I really feel like this should be reversed.
  • Jor-El is happy to show all of his favorite places on Krypton to Izuku, including the Gold Volcano, a shining mountain made entirely of precious metals that shone like the rainbow when Rao hit it just right, the memorial dedicated to all of the Kryptonian Houses that fought in the war to free Krypton from the Vrangs, and the butcher shop where he got good deals on sandwiches.
  • For as loving and matronly as Lara Lor-Van is, she doesn't hesitate to call bullshit on her husband's complaints about how the Kryptonian Science Council might have listened to him if they were Kryptonian mainlanders.
  • While watching the holograms Jor-El and K.E.L.E.X. are presenting to him, Izuku realizes that he's observing his own birth. He understandably turns away in both embarrassment and disgust.
    Narration: He really didn't need to see that.
  • Jor-El seriously underestimates Earth technology and takes the time to explain what a video montage is to Izuku, who just rolls with it to be polite.
  • After exiting the simulation and finishing his hysterical sobbing, Izuku's story brings All Might to Manly Tears. But Firestorm isn't having any of it and yells at him to stop crying.
    Firestorm: Come on, All Might, stop crying! It's fine if the kid wants to cry, but you're just a third-party observer; you don't need to react that badly!
    All Might: [between sobs] How can a man who burns so hot have a heart so cold?!
    Firestorm: It's a lot easier than you might think.
    Izuku: Um, I honestly would like it if you stopped crying, All Might.
    All Might: I'll see what I can do. [abruptly stops crying]
  • Inko and Hisashi's playful married couple banter.
    Inko: Those flowers wouldn't be for me, would they?
    Hisashi: What, these? No, they're for Izuku, too. Mind handing them to him? [Inko laughs and gives him a kiss]

    Super Magical Fun Time Interlude Go! Go! Go! 
  • The title of the chapter alone is a spoof of spoofs of anime titles.
  • Tsukauchi's sarcasm when dealing with Most Excellent Wonder Bat. The latter happens to be Sarcasm-Blind.
    Tsukauchi: [reads Wonder Bat's business card, which reads "Most Excellent Wonder Bat: The Richest, Most Fabulous Hero Who Will Ever Save Your Life"] You're quite humble, when it comes down to it.
    Most Excellent Wonder Bat: It's a gift, I know. I'm done here, so just tell all of that to the stone lady and the old guy, assuming the old guy doesn't have an aneurysm, of course. See you the next time I save the day!
  • Shitsugen, a Cowboy Cop, doesn't expect Tsukauchi and Nokogiri to talk back to him. They do.
    Shitsugen: That's the problem with your generation: no one wants to do anything on their own. You kids don't care about getting the short end of the stick 'cause you're always thinkin' "Oh, some guy in spandex is gonna clean everything up, so who gives a shit?" Don't try to tell me I'm wrong.
    Tsukauchi and Nokogiri: You're wrong.
  • The fact that Most Excellent Wonder Bat's Quirk is apparently being rich enough to do whatever he wants. Someone is taking pointers from Bruce Wayne...
    • He apparently has people record his adventures to be sold on Blu-Ray.

    Chapter 7 - For All Seasons 
  • Lexi is far more interested in anime than her own company.
    Suit #1: What are your thoughts on this, Miss?
    Lexi: [internally] Oh, Suit #1 is talking to me. Gotta be professional. [out loud] I wanna go home and watch anime. [internally] Whoops.
    Suit #1: E-Excuse me? What did you say, Miss-
    Lexi: I mean, the fansub of Burn the Witch: The Movie is probably out now, and that's all everyone's going to be talking about for the next two weeks. The quality of the story will probably just be that of an average anime movie, but you just know that there'll be a ton of sakuga moments and great insert songs-
  • The members of her board yell at Lexi to stop talking about her Chinese cartoons.
  • Izuku has to come up with an excuse to explain what he's doing after Bakugou confronts him in the library. Izuku ends up using his super speed to make it look like he was watching YouTube videos. He doesn't bother looking at what video he's selected and pulls up a video of La Brava and Gentle Criminal. Bakugou gives an appropriate response.
    Bakugou: Your taste is garbage.
    • The video itself is Gentle and La Brava going through their fan (read: hate) mail on La Brava's birthday, which include: "Turn yourself in.", "Make a woman out of that oppai loli.", and "You two should get married... so La Brava can divorce you." Gentle and La Brava's responses are a mix of joy and disappointment.
    • It's also worth bringing up that they only have tens of followers, who are likely all there just to mock them, despite their overblown image.
  • K.E.L.E.X. manages to provide copious amounts of snark despite being a Literal-Minded Artificial Intelligence.
    Izuku: Y-Yeah.
    Izuku: [tiny laugh] Probably not.
    • Immediately following this, K.E.L.E.X. is exasperated with Quirk control laws and Izuku's insistence on following them.
      Izuku: Civilians aren’t allowed to use their powers in public, especially in a big city like Musutafu. I could try going to a forest somewhere, but I could run into hikers or a park ranger and get in trouble. You wouldn’t happen to have any ideas, would you?
      Izuku: I was really thinking more along the lines of somewhere I can get to by train.
    • K.E.L.E.X. is far from impressed with Izuku's control of his Heat Vision, as he can't even cut a straight line with it.
  • The narration notes that aside from the rotting flesh, decaying brain matter, and shards of bone scattered about the place (and the deadly poisonous gas that would kill any Earthly lifeform in seconds and melts all known Earth metals equally fast), the interior of Korusan Island isn't all that bad. Izuku quickly echoes the sentiment.
    Narration: For a decaying Kaiju head, it wasn’t all that bad.
    Izuku: Wow! For a decaying Kaiju head, this isn’t all that bad.
  • The creatures inside Korusan Island make a cackling sound akin to that of "a hyena, a humpback whale, and a smaller hyena".
  • Izuku runs away screaming in terror from the creatures he encounters inside Korusan Island and asks K.E.L.E.X. why he didn't inform him of them.
    Izuku: Why didn’t you tell me there was some kind of monster in here, K.E.L.E.X.?!
    Izuku: Shouldn’t I be the one to decide that?!
  • After seeing that they're not so different, Izuku tries to reassure the Korusan Island creatures that he's leaving but he promises to do something fun with them if they'd like to. He initially hopes that they'd respond with some kind of expression of joy, but they just snarl at him in contempt as they slink away.
  • Lexi tells her companion Mercy that she'll be back in a few minutes. Mercy gives her an "OK" while stuffing finger food into her purse. Lexi wonders if she's paying Mercy enough.
  • While trying to cool his instant ramen, Izuku comes up with the idea of using his Super Breath to generate ice. Sure enough, it works. He's so happy about it that he starts jumping for joy while forgetting that his power was still on. When he finally realizes what he's doing, he's frozen his ramen in a block of ice.
  • Izuku is still a huge Hero Otaku and it shows when he can fanboy over Princess Shazam just as easily as he fanboys over Firestorm.
    Momo: Most impressive. I've never seen someone use so many different powers at once. It was like I was watching a live performance from Princess Shazam, herself!
    Izuku: I don't know about-wait, Princess Shazam?! You're a fan of Princess Shazam?!
    Momo: Of course! She's been my inspiration since I was a child.
    Izuku: Oh, wait! That shirt's based off of the white outfit Princess Shazam started wearing after she joined the Super Buddies! I can't believe it took me so long to recognize it, even if it was one of her less famous team ups.
    Momo: Even still, she had some truly magnificent battles while working with them. Like when the Super Buddies were fighting against the Monster Society of Evil-
    Izuku: And Chain Lightning tried to depower her with a lightning bolt-
    Momo: -but it was a trick because Elongated Man had transformed into Princess Shazam-
    Izuku: [shouting excitedly] with a karate chop] -so the attack did nothing, and she had an opening to take them all out in one fell swoop! [sheepishly] That was too much, wasn't it?
  • Momo and Izuku head to a hole-in-the-wall to eat. The restaurant's owner, Jomu, asks if Momo had finally gotten a boyfriend, turning Izuku into a sputtering mess. Momo flatly refutes this. Izuku feels like he should be happier about her swift rebuke than he actually was.
    Jomu: Oh, and you got company, too. Little Momo finally manage to snag herself a boyfriend?
    Izuku: H-Huh?! [feels like his brain is doing somersaults] Y-Y-Y-Y-You've g-g-g-got-
    Momo: Hardly. We met on the street, bonded over a shared love for Princess Shazam, and now we're getting lunch. That's all.
  • When Izuku starts criticizing Momo's proposed Hero Costume, he starts rambling out an apology when he feels like he insulted her. He's stunned when he realizes that he's been holding an extended conversation with a girl without turning it into a total train wreck.
    Izuku: I-I'm sorry! I shouldn't be criticizing you when we barely know each other! [removes his hand from his mouth] Even if I disagree with you, it's rude to be so blunt with my opinions so soon after getting to know you. That being said, the only reason I said what I said is because I admire Heroes so much, and a true Hero, to me, needs to be able to save as many people as they can. It's not like you wouldn't be able to do that if you had to spend time repairing your outfit, but I couldn't stop myself from thinking that that would be a waste of time, and I think you're a really nice person, so I want you to succeed at being a Hero-
    Momo: M-Midoriya-san, please. It's fine, you don't need to apologize for speaking your mind. You especially don't need to apologize for being right.
    Izuku: [surprised] I don't? And I am?
    Momo: Yes to both. Like you said, a true Hero shouldn't go out of their way to delay themselves when there are people who need protecting. If a costume such as this would impede my process even a little, then I can't allow myself to use it. I can't help but thank you for the advice.
    Izuku: Um, no problem?
  • While attending the U.A. Culture Festival with his family, Hisashi talks about his foolish lab assistant Ronnie Raymond, who somehow got dunked in a lake and returned the lab equipment whose reservation had just been renewed. Ronnie then sobbed on the floor and begged not to get dunked in the lake again.
  • Izuku is barely paying attention to the above conversation because he's too busy clearing out the game stalls of their All Might merchandise and other prizes with his Super Strength, Super Speed, and Super Senses. Inko and Hisashi pity the poor students who have to face their son's fanboying wrath every year.
    Hisashi: Oh, sorry. Didn't realize you were in the middle of your annual scamming.
    Izuku: I'm not scamming anyone. It's all completely legitimate.
    Inko: That's true, but you don't really try to go easy on the poor students, do you? [looks over at the despondent U.A. students]
  • Izuku then hones in on a rare Lord Beebo doll and goes to win it, only to bump into Kendo Rappa, a hulking man in a plague mask, who also wanted it. Izuku was more than happy to let the man have it, but the stand owner, "Pitch-Black", egged the two into some unfriendly competition to Izuku's chagrin.
    Rappa: Forget it, kid! I was here first, so you're gonna have to look somewhere else.
    Izuku: I-I mean, I think I was here first, but I really don't mind-
    "Pitch-Black": Actually, from how I saw it, you both got here at the same time.
    Izuku: [shouting internally] You're not helping!
    "Pitch-Black": How about this? Both of you have a go at the machine, and whoever gets the best score gets the Beebo doll. That sound good?
    Izuku: I don't-
    Rappa: Alright! Now you're talking my language! Let's do this, kid!
  • Izuku pleads with his parents for a way out, but Inko is too terrified of Rappa to do anything while Hisashi just shrugs with a blank look on his face.
  • Izuku tries to lose quickly by giving the punching machine a love tap, only to find that even this was far stronger than Rappa's punch. When they go in for a second round, Rappa demands that Izuku give it all he's got. Izuku ends up breaking the machine by accident.
    Machine: [sputtering and glitching] Your punch ruptured the spacetime continuum and rewrote history!
    "Pitch-Black": I didn't even know you could get that.
    Izuku: [screaming internally] What the hell?!
    Rappa: What the hell?!
  • Rappa, refusing to take his loss sitting down, forces Izuku to arm wrestle him. Izuku, predictably, crushes him, sending Rappa flying into the air and twisting his arm 180 degrees. Izuku starts screaming and apologizing as Rappa chastises him for causing his injury... only to reveal that he could easily reset his shoulder with his Quirk and was in fact perfectly fine, laughing at Izuku's distress.
    Izuku: Ahhh! I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-are you okay?!
    Rappa: [arm twisted 180 degrees] "Okay"? "Okay"? "Okay"?! You think this is okay?!
    Izuku: Ahhhh!
    Rappa: You think this is okay, kid?! 'Cause if you do… then you're totally right to do so. [spins his shoulder back into place]
    Izuku: Wh-What?
    Rappa: Ha! Got you good, kid! Ah, if I had 100 yen every time I got someone to have that look on your face.
    Izuku: [under his breath] Yeah, real funny.
  • After letting Rappa have the doll, Inko and Hisashi rush over to Izuku to check on him. Inko is just as terrified as her son. Hisashi is nonchalant about it.
    Izuku: [as soon as Rappa is out of earshot] Oh my God, that was terrifying.
    Inko: Oh my God, that was terrifying! [runs over to Izuku] I kept standing there thinking that guy was going to go crazy and try to hurt you!
    Hisashi: I'm pretty sure "try" would have been the key word there, honey.
  • Inko nearly faints after learning that Rappa was a member of the Yakuza and Izuku had accidentally befriended him. The Midoriyas leave before she falls into a coma by hearing anything else.
  • When winter comes, Izuku is perfectly comfortable in his fall clothes. He still can't pass up an opportunity to wear his limited-edition All Might beanie.
  • Izuku is baffled when he realizes that the incredibly wealthy and powerful Alexis Lois Luthor is a Japanophile.
    Izuku: What do you want, Alexis-san?
    Lexi: That is the question, isn't it? You see, I came to your fine little country with my parents on a business meeting with some of your tech companies-
    Izuku: [points at the anime store bags on the floor] Then why are there a bunch of shopping bags on the floor?
    Lexi: I'm not allowed to do two things?
    Izuku: Just… Just continue.
  • When Lexi declares that she wants to enter U.A., Izuku is so stunned that he reflexively punches out one of the windows of her limousine.
    Lexi: I'm going to enter U.A.
    Izuku: [punches a window after several seconds of Stunned Silence] Wh-Wh-What?! Y-Y-Y-You're going to try and be a Hero?!
    • Lexi then proceeds to deny any thought of becoming a Hero, telling Izuku that she plans on enrolling in the Support Course to live the life of a "good little JK", even invoking the old anime cliche of students running out of the house with toast in their mouth.
      Lexi: I might even eat toast while running to school, if the opportunity might arise. Mercy might do it, too.
      Mercy: I'm not running around with toast in my mouth.
      Lexi: Suit yourself.
  • Izuku is surprised to hear that the incredibly tall Mercy is the same age as him, only to take back his statements when he remembers that she's American. She just tells him that she drinks a lot of milk.
  • As soon as Izuku leaves Lexi's limo and watches it drive off, he passes out in the snow. Just imagine Superman doing this.
  • Lexi writes off Izuku as someone that her grandfather would have never bothered with based on first impressions. Anyone who has picked up a Superman comic in the past 80 years knows that this statement is dripping with Dramatic Irony.

    Chapter 8 - The Conqueror 
  • At the start of the chapter, All Might runs into Izuku, and has something important to tell him... about Lexi Luthor signing up for the U.A. Entrance Exam, and possibly knowing he's an alien. Of course, All Might had no way to know Izuku had already run into her. All Might's Jaw Drop is priceless.
    All Might: I'm doing a lot less than I thought I'd be.
  • Poor Present Mic keeps getting disrespected and compared unfavorably to Music Meister/Neil Patrick Harris. He even at one point goes "Fucking Neil Patrick Harris" in English during the Entrance Exam explanation.
    Random Student #1: What? It's just Present Mic?
    Random Student #2: I thought Music Meister always did this part. I got excited for nothing!
    Present Mic: Yeah, well that asshole doesn't work here anymore, so just deal with it! [in English] Fucking Neil Patrick Harris.
    • When Izuku is busy saving everyone, the teachers start wondering if Present Mic blabbed about the Rescue Points portion of the exam.
      Present Mic: Don't look at me! I didn't say anything about it! I wouldn't do that a third time! I bet you wouldn't get on the Music Meister's case like this.
      Aizawa: Of course not. The Music Meister's an international treasure who never would have done it a single time, let alone three.
      Present Mic: HEY!
      Nedzu: Okay, that's enough teasing.
  • Like in canon, Iida calls Izuku out on his muttering about nonsense distracting everyone during Present Mic's explanation. Izuku didn't mean to, but his response causes everyone to laugh at Iida:
    Izuku: [without thinking] You're the one interrupting the lecture, you know?
    Tenya: [scowls at Izuku as the crowd roars with laughter] What?!
    Present Mic: Okay, that's enough people, no need to worsen the burn.
  • Unlike in canon, Izuku actually manages to score a few Villain Points thanks to his Kryptonian powers. Unfortunately, his Chronic Hero Syndrome kicks in and he ends up spending more time helping the other applicants (read: setting the robots for the others to finish them off) than scoring points for himself.
    • At one point, he tried to help Iida with one, but goes overboard and destroys it. He even apologizes for stealing his kill.
    • After helping Kirishima, Izuku finally stops and realizes what he's doing.
      Izuku: What is wrong with me?! The exam's more than halfway done, and I've only gotten fifteen points! I should have been able to get hundreds of points by now, but I keep spending all of my time helping other people get their own points! At this rate, I'm going to completely fail! Why can't I stop myself from being a good person?!
  • Izuku hears people screaming about an alien and instantly starts panicking. He's baffled when those fleeing people start running past him, an actual alien.
    Random Student: Alien!
    Izuku: Wh-What?! What are you-I don't know what you're- [they run past him]
  • The story's replacement for the zero-pointer robot is none other than Starro. Of course, it's a fake, but its introduction is priceless.
    Starro: I'm back, bitches! Bet you thought Starro was done for good. Idiots. Can't keep a good extraterrestrial telepathic starfish down! AHAHAHAHAHA!
    • Then it's revealed that Present Mic is doing Starro's voice. The faculty's reactions are mixed as Mic reveals to the reader that this is a yearly affair and he decided to add flavor to it with his voice.
      Present Mic: [away from the microphone] Hey, if we're going to pit them against Starro, we gotta go all out! The Starro we had to fight never talked, and it was totally lame! If I can give these kids a better experience than the one I had, then I'm gonna do it!
      Aizawa: It's still dumb, though.
      Present Mic: You just don't get art, man! Now, where was I? [Starro voice] Yes, yes, die, die, die! I have everything, and you have nothing!
  • Ochaco gets so worked up that she slips into her native Kansai accent. Everyone present, including the Starro Drones, ends up staring blankly at her with a Flat "What". She tries to ask them to forget, but they all say that it'll be a hard thing to do.
    Ochaco: N-N-N-Now don't y'all go thinkin' that ah'm sum sorta-please ignore all of that!
    Tenya and Itsuka: That's going to be hard.
  • Present Mic eventually runs out of insults for Izuku, descending into Buffy Speak.
    Starro: You, you, you! Still buzzing around like… like… some kind of buzzing, flying, dumb dumb thing! I'm gonna put you in your place-six feet underground-and then this whole planet of dorks will belong to me!
  • K.E.L.E.X. can't help but take another opportunity to rub his technological superiority in the face of Earth tech.
  • While he's happy for Izuku, All Might is somewhat miffed to learn that Izuku had beaten out the record he set during his time at U.A.
    All Might: Not only did you pass with flying colors, not only did you get the highest score in the practical exam, but you set a new school record for most points gained during the exam! Beating out my old score by ten points, I might add, you lucky little-

    Chapter 9 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou 
  • Just how Entertainingly Wrong Bakugou is for believing that he has the highest score on the exam with his 77 Villain Points, placing him at the bottom of the Top 10 rankings because of his complete lack of Rescue Points.
    Bakugou: I, Katsuki Bakugou, have arrived. After years of training and putting up with pissants who thought they could stand on my level, I’ve finally managed to get into U.A. They’re the best Hero School in the entire country, and I kicked their entrance exam’s ass as hard as I knew I would. All Might said I got seventy-seven points. That’s gotta be more than all those other losers, combined!
  • All Might invites Izuku to his office again to fill him in on some things. Even a year of preparation doesn't stop Izuku from nearly blowing All Might's Secret Identity again.
  • All Might congratulates Izuku on getting into U.A. Izuku also points out that he beat All Might's record. All Might shuts him down immediately before trying to brush it off as a joke.
    All Might: I know I already said it in the video, but let me say it person: Young Midoriya, congratulations on your acceptance into U.A.
    Izuku: And on beating your record, right?
    All Might: Don’t get ahead of yourself.
    Izuku: [eyes locked to the table] Sorry.
    All Might: Hey, come on, that was a joke! Of course I’m proud of you for doing that. Super, duper proud and everything.
    Izuku: [not thoroughly convinced] O-Oh, duh! Thanks.
  • Now that they're classmates, Mercy can't be chauffeuring Lexi all the time. The task is relegated to an old butler named Woodhouse, who Mercy is quick to scold over every bad move while on the road.
    Lexi: [flipping through a manga magazine] So Mercy, how does it feel to not have to drive me around, anymore? Does it feel liberating? Like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders?
    Mercy: You’d think it would, but it honestly just feels kind of empty. Guess that’s what happens when you spend so many years chauffeuring someone around.
    Lexi: It sure was fun having you take me everywhere, whether it was by car, by bike, or by wagon when we were kids. I’ll miss those days.
    Mercy: It’d be easier to miss them if Woodhouse knew how to drive! Goddammit, would it kill you to seize the gap?!
  • While busy Squeeing over being a part of the U.A. experience, Izuku notices that Shouto Todoroki is staring at him. His first thought is that there's something on his face or that his fly is down.
    Izuku: [internally] I-I’ve seen his face on TV, before. That Shouto Todoroki, the youngest child of the Number Two Hero, Endeavor! W-Why is he staring at me? Is my fly down? Do I have something on my face?
  • After spending the last week before attending U.A. thoroughly convinced that he had the highest score on the exam, Bakugou is livid that he lost to Izuku and eight random nobodies he's never met. Present Mic doesn't even get to finish congratulating him as he storms out the door.
  • Izuku is stunned when he's called up to make a speech as the top incoming freshman. Spotting All Might in the crowd, he drops and kicks his phone underneath All Might's seat and delivers a hilariously bad lie. All Might follows up with an equally terrible lie.
    Izuku: [conspicuously kicks his phone away] Oh no! I, um, accidentally dropped my phone to the floor, completely by accident! I really should get it back before I give my big speech that I’m really excited to give! Could you help me out, random citizen? This will only take a minute!
    All Might: Yes! I would be more than happy to assist you, kid I don’t know!
  • To kill time while Izuku and All Might "search" for Izuku's "dropped" cell phone, Nedzu takes the opportunity to reminisce about his past in ridiculously specific detail. He manages to drone on long enough for Izuku and All Might to hold an entire conversation.
  • Izuku confronts All Might on why he wasn't informed of having to give a speech, but All Might insists that he did before remembering that he was too miffed by Izuku's score to remember. When Izuku asks for advice, All Might says that his old speech about fighting communism probably wouldn't be relevant in the modern day.
    Izuku: ["whispering calmly"] Why didn’t you tell me I had to give a speech?!
    All Might: [whispering "equally calmly"] I definitely told you about that!
    Izuku: No, you didn’t! All you did was lead me on into thinking I failed before talking about how great I actually did!
    All Might: That’s not-wait, hold on. Hold on. Okay, now I remember, and, okay, I definitely dropped the ball on that one. In my defense, I had to do a ton of videos that day, and by the time I got to you, I was just really tired.
    Izuku: That doesn’t help me! What am I supposed to do?!
    All Might: I… don’t know. I’d pull up my old speech on my phone, but I don’t think today’s audience would find it very relevant for you to talk about how we need to stand up against Communism.
    Izuku: I’m dead. I’m so, so dead.
    • Their conversation is interrupted... by a talking mushroom who helpfully hands Izuku his phone before vanishing and leaving a bag of gummies behind. Izuku and All Might are both completely dumbfounded by this.
    • All Might tells Izuku that public speaking isn't that hard. All he needs to do is tell the crowd that they're the real winners, say a few things about justice, and end it with a Plus Ultra. Izuku's resulting speech is unbelievably cheesy and awkward, going so far as to ask the crowd to "justice harder". It works.
    • Near the end of his speech, a "random citizen" shouts that he loves it. Izuku's response?
      Izuku: [internally] I love it too, random citizen!
  • Izuku runs off and ends up bumping into the school janitor. Before she runs off, she proclaims that she has some literally explosive diarrhea to clean up on the third floor. Izuku wishes he didn't hear this.
  • As he heads for the homeroom class along with his friends, Izuku thinks to himself he'll just slink into a faraway corner and avoid drawing more attention to himself. Cue the mob of students who swarm him before he gets his foot in the door and heap even more praise on him for his feats in the entrance exam.
    • To top it off, he realizes his worst fear has come true: he's in the same class as Bakugou and Todoroki.
  • Class 1-A has Tatsu Yamashiro, AKA Katana, assigned as their Teacher Assistant. A badass female Hero for anyone who knows about her, but clearly has no clue what to do in front of a bunch of students.
    Yamashiro: Good morning, class. [everybody stares but nobody answers] I said good morning. Did-Did you all not hear me?
  • Katana then awkwardly requests everyone to stand up so they can start the seat assignation, and also to take a blank sheet of paper for everyone to write their names as well as their favorite heroes.
    Izuku: Um, why do we have to do that last thing?
    Yamashiro: [after a few seconds of silence] Icebreakers.
    • Said hero list includes many interesting choices. There are rather obvious ones, such as Iida's favorite hero being Jay Garrick, the first Flash, and Kaminari's being Static. Other rather odd ones, such as Jirou's being Solovar, and Kouda's being the fourth Batman. But the biggest one is Aoyama, who chose Crimson Fox and added an extra note saying "All three are fabulous".
  • When Katana finally gives up, she begs Aizawa to take over for her, and he comes out of the sleeping bag she entered with. His appearance causes the class to mistake him for a zombie. He's too lazy to even drink his own coffee, forcing Yamashiro to pour it down his throat.
    Ochaco: I-It's a zombie!
    Tenya: Teacher! What is the proper procedure for handling a zombie attack at U.A.?!
    Aizawa: I'm not a zombie… just slept too much… Coffee…
    Yamashiro: Yes, sir. [grabs a mug and thermos from the drawer and forces the coffee down his mouth]
  • We get started with the Quirk Apprehension Test. Aizawa quickly picks Izuku since he got the highest score in the entry exam and wants to find out how powerful he really is.
    Aizawa: As I'm sure we all know, you scored first place in the exam. What was your record in the ball throw back in junior high?
    Izuku: 520 meters.
    Aizawa: [not happy] I meant without your Quirk.
    Izuku: 520 meters.
    Aizawa: [even less happy] It's the first day of school, so you know nothing about me, but I'm going to tell you right here and now that it's not a good idea to be the smartass in my class.
    Izuku: N-No! That's not what I'm doing! Really, it's not! It's just that my Quirk isn't the kind of Quirk I can just turn on and off on command. If I want to use less power, I have to consciously put in the effort to put out less power, but that's not the easiest thing to do, especially when I'm doing physical activities. Even though I'd always try and restrain myself, I'd always end up using too much power, and then the teacher would get mad at me because, like you said, we aren't supposed to use Quirks or other abilities for this kind of stuff-
    Aizawa: Okay, that's enough. I get it, you're a bad example. Yamashiro, take a note: never call on Midoriya for anything.
  • The physical tests can only go as well as expected for Izuku:
    • 50-meter dash: Aizawa pits Izuku against Tenya. The latter clears the 50 meters in 3.04 seconds. The former does so in less than a half-second.
    • Grip strength: Much to Aizawa's shock, Izuku breaks the device.
      Izuku: C-Can I get another one?
      Yamashiro: Can he?
    • Standing long jump: He makes it to the other side of the field and actually has to stop himself in midair by flying.
    • Sidesteps: He's so fast Aizawa can barely follow him. Even faster than Mineta, who doesn't do bad on this one with his sticky balls.
    • Ball throw: For once, Izuku doesn't get the top score, losing to Ochaco's infinity. His score was "less than or equal to infinity".
      • Special mention to Tokoyami, whose Dark Shadow now has a different name (Tskymi) and personality. Namely, he acts like Aladdin's Genie:
        Dark Shadow: [appears in a comical poof and yawns] Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck!
        Tokoyami: Must you do that every time I go a few days without summoning you?
        Dark Shadow: I'll stop when it stops being funny, Fumi.
  • At the end of the test, Aizawa is clearly miffed that his Power Nullifier Quirk doesn't work on aliens, even though he didn't expect it would.
  • During the afternoon period, the class has had it with Bakugou's attitude, and Ochaco asks him if there's something he likes. Izuku then blurts out that he actually owns a cat. The girls beg him for pictures. When Bakugou refuses, guess who appears next to him?
    • Bakugou finally relents and shows the pictures. Turns out the cat (who is blue and named Dexter) appears in all of the photos trying to attack Izuku, while the latter is in denial and brushes it off as just a funny game.
  • Kirishima ends up calling Izuku a "buff plant" because of how his Kryptonian powers work. Izuku isn't sure whether to take it as a compliment or an accidental insult.
    Kirishima: So if sunlight makes you stronger and gives you all of those other abilities, then you're what, a buff plant? Not that there's anything wrong with that! Who doesn't like Kamui Woods, Swamp Thing, or hell, even Poison Ivy when she isn't being an ecoterrorist?
    Izuku: Thanks?
  • The class continue to talk about themselves, and we get some funny bits as to how each of them got their powers:
    • Ojiro had just won a karate tournament at age six when his tail just popped out from his body.
    • Kaminari, at age five, was being picked on for being Quirkless and the frustration caused his Metagene to trigger. Problem was, he was in the bath at the time. Jirou laughs at him for that, and he gets angry because he could have died. Jirou points out that he didn't die, so it's funny, and he admits she got him there.
    • Tsuyu's family apparently aren't frogs in this story. Their Quirks give them scorpion-like bodies instead.
    • Tokoyami's Dark Shadow continues with his antics, and even gets a little too up close with Izuku, causing him to go uncomfortable. Crosses into Fridge Brilliance because his powers are magic-based, so he's one of the few there who could possibly hurt him.
  • At the end of the class, Izuku and Bakugou run into Lexi and Mercy. The Luthor girl cheerfully strikes a talk with Izuku while ignoring Bakugou, causing him to go even angrier than before. The banter exchange that ensues is priceless:
    Bakugou: You got somethin' you want to say to me, bitch?!
    Lexi: Hm? Izuku, has there been someone standing next to you, this entire time?
    Mercy: [not bothering to look at Bakugou in the eye] I'm sorry I didn't mention it; I honestly didn't think it was important.
    Bakugou: Why don't you try saying that to my face, Beanpole?!
    • Lexi realizes Bakugou fancies himself as Izuku's rival, and starts to compare him with other Stock Shonen Rivals.
      Lexi: I figured you'd want nothing to do with Izuku, but you… you fancy yourself a rival, don't you? You see yourself as his Kaiba, his Tetsuo, his Kurei, his Glomgold, his Sasuke-actually, scratch that last one, I don't think that one's a good comparison.
    • Bakugou tries to get a rise out of Lexi, and decides to call her "Baldy" of all things. She finally stops talking, and Izuku becomes terrified at the though he might have finally struck a nerve... only for her to burst into laughter:
      Lexi: I can't-I can't believe you-of all things-Baldy!
      Bakugou: [angry] Stop laughing.
      Lexi: It's just-That's insane! I've-I've been called so many names because of who my grandfather is, but this! This-This is a first!
      Bakugou: [angrier] Stop laughing.
      Lexi: Baldy! Baldy! Mercy, he-he-he called me Baldy! It's-It's amazing! It's so stupid that it loops around to being brilliant!
      Bakugou: [even angrier] Stop laughing!
    • Lexi ends up literally rolling on the floor with laughter, and has to beg Mercy to take her away because she can't stop. All the while, Bakugou doesn't know if she's still laughing at him, or her laughter just got drilled into his mind. Or both.
  • Just as they're gone through with Lexi and Mercy, Todoroki shows up to declare himself Izuku's rival too, all the while trying to ignore Bakugou's outbursts. As much of Jerkass as he is, at this point it's almost impossible not to feel some degree of pity for the guy.
  • Izuku laments how crazy his first day of school is throughout the chapter, dryly remarking, "Today was just one of those days."

    Great Teacher Yagi 
  • Mirio arrives in class by jumping in through the wall while completely naked and declaring that he made it. When he's informed that he's late, he simply goes, "Oh no!" with his ever present smile. Then his two friends run in after him and hand him his clothes. Mirio is completely unfazed and perfectly comfortable throughout all of this.
  • Nejire buzzes around the classroom saying hi to everyone she knows. It takes her ten seconds to realize that All Might is her homeroom teacher.
    Nejire: Oh, hey! All Might’s our homeroom teacher! Hey guys, look, look! It’s All Might!
    Tamaki: How are you only now noticing that?
  • Mirio apologizes for being late and says that he and his friends missed their train because someone decided to sleep in. Nejire and Tamaki point out that the "someone" is Mirio.
    Mirio: I’m really sorry we’re late. We missed the first train to school because someone thought it’d be a good idea to sleep in.
    Nejire and Tamaki: That was you.
    Mirio: Hey, you don’t have to tell him that. Anyway, I’m really sorry you had to see all of that. Eraserhead or Power Loader would be one thing, but I didn’t want All Might of all people to take a gander at Little Mirio, first thing in the morning!
  • All Might is horrified when he realizes that this blonde-haired goofball is the most worthy successor to One For All at U.A.
    All Might: [internally] SHIT!
  • The very fact that these three oddballs who All Might initially admonished as delinquents are U.A.'s top students.

    The Daily Struggles of U.A. High School Janitor Hana Aoi, Age 32, Blood Type O, Three Sizes Moderately Satisfying, Part 1 
  • The interlude's title itself, nuff said.
  • Aoi runs into Katana, who is still a Fish out of Water in the UA.
    Aoi: Um, you're the new teaching assistant, Tatsu Yamashiro-san, yes? Nice to meet you. What seems to be the problem?
    Yamashiro: I'm supposed to be giving snacks to my students, but I can't seem to find them.
    Aoi: Well, they wouldn't be in the teachers lounge. Any and all food items not being eaten in the cafeteria are stored in the kitchen until a teacher comes to pick them up.
    Yamashiro: I see. Thank you.
    Aoi: [walks away and then notices Yamashiro isn't moving] You don't know where the kitchen is, do you? [Yamashiro nods] Alright, follow me. It's just a quick walk from here, and this way, you'll know for next time.
    Yamashiro: Thank you. Sorry for the trouble.
  • As soon as they reach the kitchen, the door explodes, and Lunch Rush screams for help. Katana is more than ready to jump into the action, and drag Aoi into it.
    Yamashiro: Let's go.
    Aoi: What?! Me, too?!
    Yamashiro: I still need help with the snacks. ...No, that's stupid. Forget I said anything and-
    Aoi: No way! This is the kind of stuff a girl like me looks forward to!
  • The source of the madness turns out to be one of Mei Hatsume's babies: a creature part robot, part octopus, part gorilla, armed with lasers on top of it.
  • From her current position, Aoi realizes she could have seen Mei's panties, but she isn't wearing any, because her legs are metallic and give her Barbie Doll Anatomy. Aoi wonders whether she should feel more comfortable about that.
  • Turns out the reason why the Robo-Octo-Ape is rampaging on the kitchen is because Mei tried to program its combat protocols with cooking videos from Fatgum, it's little wonder that it tries to eat everything in sight.
  • When they finally realize how to stop the thing, Aoi quickly tosses out a plan:
    Aoi: Yamashiro-san, cut off its tentacles and toss them towards me!
    Yamashiro: Okay.
    Mei: What should I do?
    Aoi: Absolutely nothing.
    Mei: [saluting] Roger roger!
  • When it seems they've finally stopped it, one of the parts reassembles itself... into a humanoid robot.
    Aoi: What the hell?!
    Mei: Oh, right, I forgot to mention that my baby is a combining mecha.
    Aoi: Seriously?!
    Mei: I know, right?! Part robot octopus, part robot gorilla, part robot… robot! Pretty cool, right?!
    Aoi: No! Not cool! And that last part is just redundant!
  • Luckily for everyone, a remote hacking from Lexi Luthor finally shuts the thing down. She has this to say about it:
    Lexi: When ten minutes had gone by without Mei coming back from the lab, Misutah Power Loader got concerned for the safety of the school and decided to have someone go look for her. Still doesn't make sense that he chose me, though. He said it was because I was goofing off on my phone, but I clearly explained to him that I was typing out an essay on Reddit detailing how the Danganronpa franchise turned to utter horseshit after Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. If that's goofing off, then I don't want to know what counts as being serious.

    The Mysterious Mister Mxyzptlk 
  • Given the title and the character involved, it's obvious this one is full of this all over the place. To wit:
  • The story starts with Izuku thinking that today is going to be a good day. Tempting Fate indeed.
  • Izuku tries to make some eggs for breakfast, but they're replaced by a snake with a clown nose on its face and a trumpet in place of a tail.
    Inko: Izuku, is everything alright?
    Izuku: Y-Yeah! Everything's- [The snake makes a trumpet noise]
    Inko: What was that?
    Izuku: N-N-Nothing! I'm just watching something on my phone while I cook, that's all!
    Inko: Really? You don't usually do that. [trumpet goes off again] And something about the quality of the sound seems off for something on your phone.
    Izuku: O-Oh, that? Th-That's something K.E.L.E.X. did, yeah! He messed around with my phone a bit to improve the sound quality! I think he got inspired to do it after seeing the stuff you did with my costume-
  • When Mxyzptlk unzips a hole in space, Izuku prepares to fight whatever comes out of it, only to get some friendly advice from an unlikely place.
    Mxyzptlk: [from behind Izuku] My friends' arms are a little crooked. Straighten them up for a tighter defense.
    Izuku: Really? Thanks for the adviYAAAAAAAH! [flies into the ceiling hard enough to crack it]
    Mxyzptlk: Geez, Louise! My friends doesn't have any guts, at all! It's so pathetic! Not so pathetic that it can't be fun, however.
  • Mxyzptlk clearly delights in trolling this young Kryptonian however and whenever possible, replacing himself with a cheap dummy when Izuku grabs him and offering him a hot dog snake to eat.
  • K.E.L.E.X. calls to tell Izuku some very important information.
    Izuku: I'm well aware of that.
  • Our hero obviously struggles to get Mxyzptlk's name right:
    Izuku: Why are you here, Mister… Miikepokuli?
    Mxyzptlk: Mxyzptlk.
    Izuku: Machupikachu?
    Mxyzptlk: Mxyzptlk.
    Izuku: Mobusaikoko?
    Mxyzptlk: No! It ain't that hard, kid! 'Mix'- [turns his head into a blender] 'Yes' [turns his head back to normal and plays a few chords of Roundabout], 'Spit-' [spits on Izuku], 'Lick'! [cleans the the spit with a floating tongue]
  • Izuku tries to insult Mxyzptlk, but he can't come up with anything other than an angry "you", which only gives the imp even more fodder to work with.
    Izuku: I'm going to ask you again: what are you doing here… you!
    Mxyzptlk: Okay, brains clearly aren't my friends' specialty.
    Izuku: Sh-Shut up! Just tell me what you're doing here!
  • Mxyzptlk finally agrees to cut Izuku some slack and promises to leave him alone for three months if Izuku can get him to say his name backwards. This can only end one way:
    Izuku: That's still not fair!
    Mxyzptlk: [eyes on fire] What do my friends mean?! I just told my friends my ultimate weakness! That's plenty fair!
    Izuku: No, no it isn't! I can't even say your name forwards, so how am I supposed to say it backwards?!
    Mxyzptlk: How stupid are my friends?! My friends don't have to say it, I have to say it!
    Izuku: Say what?
    Mxyzptlk: 'Kltpzyxm'! Now stop messing around and… [trails off in a series of stammers, and then snaps his fingers] Aw, nuts! [vanishes in a puff of smoke]
    Izuku: H-He's gone?
  • After the madness is over, Izuku decides to run off to school without having breakfast and meets with Itsuka. On the way he apparently saw Mineta running (or at least trying to run) with a bunch of muscular guys. Itsuka comments they're probably from the Body Improvement Club, and that Mineta took Aizawa's prank a little too seriously.
  • Their chat is interrupted by Izuku's stomach rumbling, cluing her in that he skipped breakfast.

    Chapter 10 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou (2) 
  • Mineta approves of the alterations Inko made to Momo's costume.
    Mineta: Wait, you’re the one who made it like that, Midoriya? Man, just when I thought you couldn’t be any cooler! [Izuku cringes at Mineta's obvious delight]
    Momo: Please don’t do that.
    Mineta: I-I didn’t mean anything by it! I was just, you know-hey, Midoriya, cool costume!
    Izuku: You already said that, but thanks.
  • Itsuka makes note of the "S" on Izuku's chest. He insists that it isn't an "S", but it falls on deaf ears.
    Itsuka: Right. [thoroughly unconvinced] What’s it stand for, anyway? "Sensational"? "Spectacular"? Or maybe-
    Izuku: I-It actually doesn’t stand for anything because it’s not an "S". My dad… and I, we came up with, um, a secret language when I was a kid! Yeah, and this symbol means ‘Hope’ in that language. That we made up together. When I was a kid.
    Itsuka: It looks like an "S", though. That’s a sweet story and all, but I’m just saying that it does look like an "S". [gets nods of agreement from everyone present]
  • Itsuka has fun getting a rise out of Izuku for his cheesy All Might-style hoodie. The teasing soon spreads to Ochaco.
    Izuku: W-What about it?
    Itsuka: [laughs] Just… you really do love All Might, don’t you?
    Izuku: T-There’s nothing wrong with that!
    Itsuka: Yeah, but there are less cheesy ways of showing it. I mean, Ochaco loves Wonder Woman, but you don’t see her with a sword and a lasso. Though that’s probably because she couldn’t find any extra room.
    Ochaco: Why am I getting dragged into this?
  • Dark Shadow jumps at Izuku out of nowhere before bickering with Tokoyami about personal space.
    Tokoyami: Don’t just jump out at people, like that! I apologize for his behavior, Midoriya.
    Dark Shadow: Come on, Fumi, don’t treat me like a dog.
    Tokoyami: Oh, how I wish you were even at that level.
  • Dark Shadow discreetly asks Izuku how much fun he had with Mxyzptlk, telling him to blink once if it's a "Yes" and twice if it's "Hell yes!" Izuku refuses to give anything other than a wide-eyed stare.
  • All Might gives away the Beebo plushies used for picking teams for the Heroes vs. Villains exercise. Bakugou insists that he doesn't care... while carefully stuffing away his plush in a safe place.
    All Might said they could keep their Beebos after they were done, and while most of the class loved that, it was definitely, without a doubt, something Bakugou would never care about.
  • Tsuyu & Ochaco vs. Tenya & Mineta:
    • As soon as the training exercise begins, this exchange ensues:
      Mineta: Man, this really bites!
      Tenya: I couldn't agree more. To think that I would get forced into the role of a Villain. It's quite upsetting, if I'm being honest.
      Mineta: Who cares about that?! I'm talking about this whole team! I could have been partnered with one of the girls, but instead I got stuck with you. Man, why'd there have to be a two to one ratio of guys to girls in our class?
      Tenya: Actually, with thirteen men and seven women, the ratio is actuallywait, why is that even a problem?!
    • Tenya decides to get into the role as the villain, by channeling Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash:
      "Foolish child. I am nothing like Tenya Iida, at all. In fact, some would say I'm the reverse!"
    • When he's got her right where he wants, Tenya decides to take the Reverse-Flash imitation to it's logical conclusion. Poor Ochaco becomes so scared she ends up slipping into her Kansai accent, again:
      Tenya: Forgive me, Uraraka-kun, but to me, you've been dead for centuries.
      Ochaco: (thinking) W-Wait, what? What is he— [Tenya begins making helicopter whirring noises, and Ochaco freaks out and jumps towards a support beam]
      Ochaco: No no no no no no no no no! Stay away frum me, ya here?! Oh ma God, oh ma God, Ahm gunna die! Ahm sorry Ma, Ahm sorry Pa, Ahm sorry Lady Hokusai, Ahm sorry—
    • Tenya apologizes for scaring her, confessing that he can't vibrate his molecules like the Flashes. Ochaco quickly relaxes in relief... only for Tenya to pull a sneak attack on her.
      Tenya: I-I was just making those noises with my mouth. I, unfortunately, lack the ability to vibrate my molecules and phase through solid matter. I apologize for frightening you! Please forgive me!
      Ochaco: O-Oh. [lets go of the support beam] N-Nah—No, it's fine. I should have already—
      Tenya: Sneak attack! [suddenly launches himself at Ochaco and kicks her into the wall] Mwahahaha! Bold of you to let your guard down like that, Hero!
    • Whenever something happens that Tenya doesn't expect, he shouts "Inconceivable!" It loses its impact after the third time.
    • When the boys assume they won, Tsuyu shows up and uses her tongue to grab the bomb. Tenya yells "Curses! Foiled again, for the first time!" Ochaco can finally get herself to laugh at his behavior.
  • After they're done, All Might and the students begin commenting on their performances. Mineta asks Tsuyu how she managed to slip away from his sticky balls, since with the poop he took in the morning they should have lasted for hours. Momo and Itsuka are understandably grossed out.
    • And then he becomes aroused when Tsuyu gives her answer: her metagene allows her to secrete poisonous fluid from her body. Even Kaminari doesn't find that exciting at all.
    • Izuku comments that Mineta could have been the MVP had he paid a little more attention. The little pervert tries to go for a slobbery hug, which Izuku does his best to avoid, but "can only do so much".
    • All Might points out that Tenya got too in-character with his Large Ham behavior, which led to copious amounts of Bond Villain Stupidity. He tells him to take that enthusiasm to drama club, which Tenya agrees to. Ochaco thinks he's actually going to sign up for drama club after this.
      All Might: Seriously, though, the drama club is low on new members this year, and it's a shame that such a talented group of people has so little help.
    • Ochaco reveals that her hero costume is made out of Feminum (the same material as Wonder Woman's bracelets). All Might asks to take a picture, and when she agrees, what ensues is, in her own words, the worst and the best thing that could happen to her:
      All Might: THANK YOU! Wonder Woman's gonna love this!
      Ochaco: Wait, you're sending it to— [camera flash goes off] No! All Might, please please please delete that!
      Itsuka: Thought you'd be excited to have Wonder Woman know you exist.
      Ochaco: Not like this! My hair's all messed up, I've got dirt on my face, and I'm super sweaty—
      Itsuka: You don't look that bad. Besides, it's not like Wonder Woman doesn't sweat.
      Ochaco: Of course she doesn't; she's Wonder Woman.
      All Might: Uraraka, my girl, I've worked with her dozens of times, and I can say with utmost certainty that Wonder Woman does, in fact, sweat. Sometimes like a pig.
      Ochaco: Stop spreading your lies!
  • Tokoyami & Shouji vs Jirou & Hagakure:
    • The girls spend the whole time discussing their plan, it comes up how the latter's powers and costume work:
      Jirou: "Hagakure, what the hell?! W-W-What happened to your clothes?!
      Hagakure: What? Nothing happened. (makes her chest area visible for a second) See, my power is actually light refraction, but I'm not very good at it, so I can only refract light in an area about the size of my hands, put together. The suit my mom made me works around that problem by amplifying my light refraction and spreading it across my entire body. Thanks to that, I'm totally invisible and one hundred percent ready for sneaking around!
      Jirou: Okay, but next time, give a little warning, will you? I mean, if someone knows that you're invisible, but they don't know about how your suit works, they're gonna think you're running around naked!
      Hagakure: Oh, is that a problem, Jirou-chan? Or maybe the problem is that it's not a problem, hm?
      Narration: Jirou knew Hagakure had to be wearing a massive grin on her face, and she wanted nothing more in the world than to be able to smack it off of her.
    • Before the girls can do a thing, Tokoyami has Dark Shadow stretch out a hand and touch the bomb with a finger. And the game is over. To add insult to injury, Dark Shadow goes "boop" as he does this.
    • At the evaluation, Hagakure is understandably upset that she didn't get to show off anything of the cool stuff she could do with her costume. Her thoughts are anger, disappointment, and a third word equally appropriate.
    • Dark Shadow celebrates that Tokoyami is named MVP of the exercise:
      Dark Shadow: [summons a giant donut behind Tokoyami] For he's a jolly good rookie! For he's a jolly good rookie! For he's a jolly good rookie~!
      Tokoyami: If you throw me into the air, I refuse to summon you for three days, regardless of how it might affect my education.
      Dark Shadow: Party pooper.
  • Momo & Mina vs Ojiro & Sero:
    • The narration at first implies that Momo is trying to sneak into the villain's lair by herself, but then gets spotted and get's tail-smacked into a wall by Ojiro. Turns out it was just a drone she created to control with a laptop.
    • Mina calls the drone the Yaoyo-Robot. Momo is confused at first, but ends up liking the name.
    • During the climax, Mina manages to break free of Sero's tape while Momo distracts Ojiro, and makes a dive for the bomb. Unfortunately, she jumps with too much force and ends up hitting it face first, leaving a deep imprint on it.
    • During the evaluation, Ojiro's performance is ranked as "plainly average". Obviously he's unsure as to whether that's a compliment or an insult.
    • Mina then reveals that her appearance and acid abilities aren't part of her Quirk, but of a mutation. She then pulls out a phone to show a picture of herself before that:
      Izuku: Ashido-san, is this you? Your eyes are normal, you don't have horns, and your skin is… brown?
      Mineta & Kaminari: It's a real gyaru!
  • And we get to the most awaited confrontation: Itsuka & Bakugou vs Izuku & Todoroki:
    • While discussing their plan, Itsuka realizes there's no way they can win in a direct fight and suggests they find a way to capture them or secure the bomb. Bakugou, of course, is having none of that.
      Itsuka: We don't know what Todoroki's Quirk is, so we should stay on our guard around him until he uses it. Midoriya, on the other hand, he's just really, really strong. I don't think we can beat him in a fight, so we should try to either capture him or avoid him and get to the bomb.
      Bakugou: Fuck that. I'm not running away from Deku. As soon as I see that nerd, I'm blasting his ass off the face of the planet!
      Itsuka: Okay, but how do you plan to do that? Does he have some kind of weakness we can exploit?
      Bakugou: Hell if I know, but I'm gonna kill him until I find one!
      Itsuka: That is a terrible plan, I hope you know that. Also, if you actually do kill him, wouldn't finding his weakness after the fact be kind of meaningless?
      Bakugou: It's metaphorical, bitch, and I'm just riffing. I'm the leader here, so can I just riff? Can I riff?!
      Itsuka: I don't remember putting you in charge, but okay.
    • When Todoroki shows up to attack them first, Bakugou tells Itsuka to scram off and leave it to him. Itsuka is annoyed at first, but then realizes she'd be better off trying to find the bomb, since she'd be useless against Todoroki's ice powers anyway.
      Itsuka: Alright, you're clearly still mad about yesterday. Why don't we all just calm down and—
      Bakugou: If you don't want to fight, then just get the hell out of here, Karate Kid!
      Itsuka: Hey, don't tell me to—actually, yeah, that's a good idea. If he has an ice Quirk, someone like me who fights with her hands might not be very helpful. You can destroy his ice with ease, so it'd make sense to split up here. Good idea!
      Bakugou: Just go, already!

    Chapter 11 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou (3): Katsuki Bakugou: Secret Origin 
  • Bakugou is prideful about everything he does right, from learning kanji when the rest of his peers were struggling with hiragana, to skipping stones farther than everyone else, to mastering the batusi in a a day.
  • When Bakugou sees Izuku beaming on his way into preschool, he decides to ask what was going on with all the grace he could muster.
    Bakugou: The fuck’s with that look on your face, Deku?
  • Even Death, who has Seen It All when it comes to people's reactions to dying, can't seem to wrap her head around Bakugou.
    • She begins by teasing him about his confusion. Naturally, being four-years-old, he only gives her more ammunition when he snaps at her.
      Bakugou: Who the fuck are—where did you—did you do this?!
      Death: I’ll answer that last question, since it was the only one you finished. Yes, I’m the one who brought you into this little realm of mine, but I didn’t kidnap you, or anything; that’d be, like, illegal and junk.
      Bakugou: I don’t know where the hell this is, so how is this not kidnapping?
      Death: Because the only thing I moved was your soul, not your body. I’m not a lawyer, though, so don’t hold me to that.
    • She's dumbstruck when Bakugou obsesses over losing to Izuku more than nearly dying and having his body mangled by him. He doesn't even understand what she's so confused about.
      Bakugou: What the hell? Deku, he—Deku really—
      Death: I know you’re probably mad at him—
      Bakugou: I’m furious! Goddammit! I can’t believe I lost to that fucking bastard!
      Death: [tilts her head in confusion] That’s what you’re getting mad about? Not him throwing you into a building and completely destroying your body?
      Bakugou: Of course I’m pissed about that, but I’m way more pissed that I lost! How could I not be?!
      Death: You have some weird priorities for a little kid, you know that? Reminds me of when I had to deal with David Hyde, and that was just a whole crazy thing.
      Bakugou: Screw you, you goth bitch!
    • Death playfully teases him over his Hair-Trigger Temper.
      Death: Keep this up, and you’re gonna have an aneurysm by the time you turn ten. Whose temper do you think got you here, in the first place?
    • Even Death is surprised when she looks up who Bakugou is going to be married to.
      Death: [reading from Destiny's book] Yes, here it is. You’ll have team-ups with All Might and Endeavor and the Bat Family and all sorts of other great Heroes, you’ll be an essential player in preventing a great tragedy when someone opens the door to the Graveyard of Gods, and among other things, you’ll have a long and happy marriage with… [looks up at Bakugou, then turned back to the book, then looks back at Bakugou five more times] Her?

    Heroes Out of Crisis 
  • The opening scene has Barry Allen and Wally West II hanging a sign on their entrance: "Flash & Flash Hero Agency".
    Barry: Okay, a little to the right.
    Wally: Like this?
    Barry: No, the other right?
    Wally: This?
    Barry: The other, other right.
    Wally: There is literally only one right, Barry.
    Barry: And you're doing it wrong, somehow.
    Wally: You do it. Better yet, have a sidekick do it.
    Barry: That's why you're doing it. Until the second that sign is perfect it's under your jurisdiction, so unless you don't want to do this...
  • Wally "Wallace" West III brings Doris/Giganta to intern with them. When he apologizes for being late, his older cousin quips that, as speedsters, it's mathematically impossible for them to be on time for anything.
  • When asked what skills she can bring to the table, Doris says "I've got big boobs!". Wally lets out "Very nice" and has to quickly clarify he meant what Wallace said, not Doris.
  • To get Doris to prove that she's a normal human girl, Barry asks her to eat a banana... with her hands.
  • Doris quickly realizes that she can't keep up with the Flashes, so she piggybacks on Barry. He finds it humiliating, but the Wallys find it amusing.

    Chapter 12 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou (4) 
  • Bakugou pulls out all the stops against Izuku, up to and including stuffing his hood full of Die Die Discuses and blasting him out the building with his grenade gauntlets. But the worst he's able to do is knock Izuku to the floor and make him go go "mawp" to relieve the ringing in his ears.
  • Kaminari's performance in his bout was so terrible that he would have preferred death to it. But since it took place off screen the level of humiliation is left to the reader's imagination.

    Time and Chance (1): How the old Ice-Cream Parlor will Change 
  • The crew of the Waverider think they're in the clear after fighting off Brainiac's Skull Ship. Their cheers are quickly cut short when the Waverider's systems all fail at once.
    We did it! [freefall begins] We're all gonna die!
  • Izuku initially thinks he's being saved by All Might or Endeavor when he sees someone big and burly burst in to rescue him. Then he sees it's a mini-Starro the Conqueror on a gorilla body and starts screaming. He doesn't stop screaming until Captain Selene arrives on the scene.
    Jarro: Something on my face? [Izuku squirms to get away] Oh, wait, it's the whole, 'evil alien overlord in a glass jar' thing, isn't it? Come on, man, no one likes having their Twitter history brought up!

    Chapter 13 - This is Not How a Bill Becomes a Law 
  • The chapter opens with the Monstars discussing about how Time Travel works. Then when it derails to Izuku's battle with Bakugou and they try to cheer him up, Yamashiro pops up with some wise words.
    Yamashiro: As your friends have said, there is no need to get caught up in your failure. After all, even monkeys fall from trees.
    Izuku: Huh. That's pretty profound, Ms. Yamashiro. [Beat, then everyone does a Double Take] M-Ms. Yamashiro? When did you get here?
    Yamashiro: Five minutes ago. I was concealing my presence from you so as not to interrupt your conversation… among other things.
  • The group then gets swarmed by a crowd of reporters:
    • One reporter tries to interview Izuku and Ochaco, who begin stammering nervously, so she turns to Momo while saying "Third time's the charm".
    • Another interviews Itsuka and Mineta, asking about their thoughts of All Might as their teacher. Itsuka gladly answers, but then Mineta tries to deviate to talk about Midnight, so the reporter quickly removes the microphone before he goes too far.
    • Then, Izuku gets boarded by a reporter who is a clear Expy of Leslie Willis/Livewire. Izuku is so nervous that just proceeds to dig himself (and the U.A.) deeper with every question:
      Taniguchi: You're a pretty big deal at U.A., aren't you? Top incoming freshman, the only person in decades to break All Might's record, able to pump up a crowd without even trying, the list goes on.
      Izuku: I'm just trying to get through each day.
      Taniguchi: Yeah, and I bet that's easy to do when you're at the—apparently—only school that matters.
      Izuku: Yeah, it really—what? N-No, I didn't mean—
      Taniguchi: I have, from a semi-reliable source, evidence of you applying to Shiketsu High, Ketsubutsu Academy, and Seijin High, but on the day that acceptance letters for U.A. went out, you pulled your applications for all of them. What, they suddenly weren't good enough for you after you got into the almighty U.A.? Did you decide to go with prestige over seeing what would actually be a good fit?
      Izuku: Th-That's not, I mean sort of, but not comple
      Taniguchi: Come to think of it, Endeavor's son is in your class, right? On a scale of one to two, how likely is it that he paid the board off to let you go here just to give his son a punching bag that won't get frostbite right off the bat?
  • Thankfully Aizawa intervenes, and Taniguchi then attacks him asking why he has Yamashiro, whom she describes as "a Japanophile's wet dream" teaching there. Mineta takes offense and defends her, saying Yamashiro's body appeals to everyone, regardless of their fetish, so Aizawa has to wrap his body to shut him up.
  • Once they're out of range, Ochaco reveals she's a bit of a fan of Taniguchi's podcast, even though she's a self-proclaimed Hero Hater who likes to take jabs at All Might and the U.A.
    Ochaco: Yeah! Holly Taniguchi runs a podcast where she rants about how damaging Heroes are to society, and she loves going after All Might, Endeavor, and U.A.
    Aizawa: [Death Glare]
    Ochaco: N-N-Not that I've ever really agreed with what she says, or anything! I just-I just sometimes listened to her during my Quirkless days whenever I was feeling really upset about stuff.
    Aizawa: [Death Glare]
    Ochaco: But it's not like it was the only thing that could make me feel better! I'd sometimes eat mochi, watch the Wonder Woman movies starring Kaitlin Olson, hang out with Inte—the point is I had other things going on outside of her, honest!
    Aizawa: [Death Glare]
    Ochaco: Okay, maybe she had really good choices in music—
    Aizawa: Inside! Now!
  • Back at the classroom, Itsuka suddenly grabs Bakugou by the leg and pulls him under the desk. Obviously he gets pissed, and she explains she wanted to show him how a proper ashi-hishigi is done, since he tried to pull it off sloppily on the Hero vs Villain exercise.
    Itsuka: You got the basic form right, but your hands were a little out of place, and your grip was way too soft. As a martial artist, I couldn't believe I was watching that move be performed so poorly; I've been wanting to take care of that since yesterday. Can't have my partner fighting with such sloppy technique, after all.
    Bakugou: Bitch, I am not thanking you for the advice! Don't expect me to appreciate getting pointers from you, Karate Kid!
    Sero: Wait, are you thanking her or not?
  • We get to the Class President election. Izuku hopes everything will turn out well. Nope.
    Narration: The results of the ballots were as follows: Izuku Midoriya: 3. Momo Yaoyorozu; Itsuka Kendou; Kyoka Jirou: 2. Koji Koda; Mashirao Ojiro; Denki Kaminari; Eijiro Kirishima; Fumikage Tokoyami; Mezou Shouji; Tsuyu Asui; Yuga Aoyama; Mina Ashido; Hanta Sero; Katsuki Bakugou: 1. Shouto Todoroki; Tooru Hagakure; Tenya Iida; Minoru Mineta; Ochaco Uraraka: 0. It did not—from Midoriya's perspective—work out well at all.
  • To break the tie for Vice-President, Itsuka, Momo and Kyoka decide to play rock-paper-scissors. Kyoka is quickly left out, so Momo and Itsuka have to continue the game... for the rest of the chapter.
  • The scene between Mina and Kirishima. Somehow it starts with Mina denying that she wasn't trying to eavesdrop on Kirishima's previous conversation with Bakugou, and that she heard nothing important, then him teasing her about liking her face when she lies, and ends with the two going for a fast food meal.
    Narration: Later that day, Ashido would force him into an O'Shaughnessy's on their way home from school. It would be at that time when Kirishima would be forced to admit the truth: between O'Shaughnessy's and Big Belly Burger, O'Shaughnessy's had the superior curly fries.
  • Izuku gets called to the Principal's office, and he's worried he's in trouble or something. Thankfully, Principal Nedzu just wants to give him some guidance, but then he starts to ramble about his life.
    Narration: Nedzu went on like that; a quick glance from All Might told Midoriya that this was actually normal for him. It seemed like there was nothing to do but follow All Might's lead and smile and nod until he was finished.
  • Nedzu decided to bring a third-year student with similar issues to be the one to give Izuku said guidance. Who did he choose? Amajiki, of course!
  • Izuku ends up getting dragged by the Big Three to the Mud Room, a simulation training arena for a sparring match with Mirio. Izuku gets ready... and then Mirio activates his Quirk.
    Izuku: Um…
    Mirio: Sorry, sorry! I always got trouble keeping my clothes on when I'm not wearing my Costume. Feel free to attack me while I put my pants on.
    Izuku: [thinking] That's a trap, right? Midoriya thought. It has to be a trap. It's definitely a trap… but I'm gonna take the bait, anyway!
  • Mirio gets a chance to punch Izuku, and it goes as well as you'd expect. His reaction is to continue acting his chipper self while blurting out a lot of curses in pain, and ask Tamaki to kiss his boo-boos away. To top it off, he gives Izuku a pat on the back, with his broken hand.
  • Nejire says she'd love to snatch Izuku in a heartbeat... if he didn't have a penis. He's not sure he'd be flattered about that.
  • Back with his friends, Momo and Itsuka continue to try and decide which of them becomes Class Vice-President. They just decide to do a coin toss... and the coin somehow lands on its side. Aizawa just gives up and decides to make them both Vice-Presidents and get it over with.
  • Ochaco had been spending the chapter counting the votes to figure out who voted for who, and guesses correctly Izuku voted for Itsuka. He's put on a tight spot because he doesn't want to admit he voted for her because of the advice she gave him, and also for giving him something to eat the previous day.
    • The kicker? The reason he gives ends up flustering Itsuka, and she doesn't notice until the others point out her face is all red. She tries to pass it off as just being a hot day, and Izuku agrees.
  • The contrast between Izuku's and All Might's opinion of the day. For Izuku, it was overall a good one. For All Might, it was definitely not, in no small part thanks to Principal Nedzu's rambling.

    Lounging with Lexi 
  • Mercy is tempted to punch Mineta when he's talking with Lexi about Bloomers. Lexi waves her off, saying that he'd probably just enjoy it. He briefly protests before shying away.
  • Lexi is so proud of her incredibly stereotypical bento box that she wipes a tear from her eye while talking about how it's a perfect replication of a box she saw in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.
  • Lexi forces Izuku to "eat [her] wiener". He feels the need to ask if she meant the hot dog.
    Lexi: Izuku, eat my wiener. [Mineta, Kaminari, and several others look ready to pass out]
    Izuku: Please tell me you mean the hotdog.
  • Itsuka glares daggers at Izuku and Lexi the entire time as if she were the one with Heat Vision.
  • After being forced to sample Lexi's food to "judge the authenticity", Izuku immediately scarfs down some of her rice and declares that it's so average it's remarkable. Lexi is immensely proud of making perfectly average food, as she wanted to have a meal she could eat in any story, regardless of genre or plot.
    Bakugou: The hell are you on about, Deku? My mom makes better food than this crap.
    Izuku: That’s the whole thing, Kacchan! Alexis-san’s food isn’t great, nor is it terrible; it’s just average. Aggressively average, even. The flavor of the food tastes like anything I could eat on any given day, but as I was eating her rice and her wiener—I mean hot dog!—I could tell that it was constructed with the kind of expert craftsmanship that takes years of training to obtain. All of that is there, yet it still tastes like something you can buy at a train station or a convenience store! Alexis-san, did you go out of your way to have this food taste average?
    Lexi: [wearing the proudest look on her face] Of course! What part of ‘stereotypical box lunch of a Japanese student’ did you miss, Izuku? If I had it taste better or worse than that, then it would be reflective of a specific character type, and all I want to do is have the kind of meal that any sort of character can eat, regardless of the genre and plot.
  • Bakugou snidely calls Lexi an Otaku for her antics. She simply smiles back and tells him to call her a fucking weeb.
  • Lexi has another laughing fit when Bakugou calls her "Baldy" and is only shaken out of it by the meeting she has to attend.
    Lexi: [pounding the table with her fist] I can’t—I can’t believe you—Baldy! It’s still—It’s still—It’s still—Baldy! It’s just as stupidly funny the second time!
    Bakugou: It’s not supposed to be funny, bitch!
  • Mineta has his shipping priorities in order. The mere thought of that pairing kills Izuku's appetite.
    Mineta: [as Bakugou and Lexi storm off in opposite directions] So those two are totally gonna fuck, right?

    Speaking the Queen's Japanese 
  • It's revealed that the "Pitch-Black" girl from last year's Cultural Festival is none other than Emiko Queen, and she's friends with Itsuka. The last name quickly causes Izuku to go into his usual geek self as he quickly deduces she must be related to Oliver Queen.
    Shouji: Who's Oliver Queen?
    Izuku: You don't know?! He's the Green Arrow! He's a modern day Robin Hood who fights against the greedy upper class and gives everything back to the down and trodden. He's fought people like Malcolm Merlyn, Clock King, the Longbow Hunters and the Ninth Circle, and he does it all with just a bow and arrow! I mean, his arrows all have different effects built into them like tasers, explosions and boxing gloves, but that's all he uses and it's amazing!
    Emiko: Does he always do that?
    Itsuka: That one was actually short for him.

    Izuku and the Motley Crew 
  • At the start of the Alien Studies class, the teacher, Manegi Kanai, gives this opening speech:
    Kanai: Space: the final frontier, right? That's how it would have been, were it not for Alan Scott keeping us all locked up here like we're last year's D.W. boots that no one in their right mind would be caught wearing.
    • Also, Mina asking for another example because she can't afford D.W to save her life.
  • During lunch, Izuku and Mina seat with Yui Kodai and Pony Tsutonori from Class 1-B. Mina quickly acts her cheery self to try and make friends with them too, but they're too intimidated by Izuku to even try and talk.
    Mina: Well you two are just a barrel of laughs, aren't you?
  • When Pony finally musters the courage to try and talk to Izuku, she feels so awkward she breaks into her native tongue during her speech. Turns out she just wanted to know if Izuku was friends with Lexi, and he quickly clears up that no, he's definitely not.
  • Izuku wondering if "wang" means something in the good scale of things.

    From Up on Rumor Mill 
  • At the start of the chapter, Todoroki tells Endeavor that he figured out why he's so obsessed with Midoriya. Endeavor is worried, as he believes that Midoriya being an alien is the last secret he should figure out... And then on lunch break Kendo gets a mail from Todoroki:
  • By the time Class 1-B hears about it, Midoriya would be the result of a failed marriage. By the time people outside the Hero Course hear about it (and of Midoriya Izuku), he's the result of a Super Breeding Program that involved All Might. By the time Midoriya (who had been eating with Alexis) hears the rumor from Amajiki, it went wild:
    "Midoriya-kun, why didn't you tell me that you and All Might were refugees from the 853rd. century? Did we not have that level of trust between us? I guess not. I want to die," Amajiki said.
    "What?" was the only thing Midoriya managed to say.
    "Amajiki-senpai, for the hundredth time, that is not what happened! How did Midoriya-kun being All Might's child spiral into something like that?!" Iida asked.
    "What?" was still the only thing Midoriya managed to say.
    "Feel free to tell me how this all plays out," Alexis said as she walked away from the scene, giggling all the while. Barely a second after she was out of sight, Midoriya was pulled into the classroom—accidentally stepping on Amajiki in the process—and he was immediately bombarded with questions from everyone, all of which went back to the claim that he was All Might's illegitimate child.
    "What?!" was, for the third time in a row, the only thing Midoriya managed to say.
  • Endeavor was bodyguarding Koku Hanabata when Nedzu called him and told him what Todoroki did. He took it well:
    Endeavor hung up his phone and turned up to the clouds rolling by overhead.
    Then he started laughing the hardest he had in years.
    "Sorry about that, Endeavor, but the press just loves me and—what's so funny?" Hanabata asked when he came back to Endeavor's side.
    "You had-You had to be here! Hold on a second." Still laughing, Endeavor dialed a number on his phone. "Ultimon, it's me. You know that thing I called you about earlier? ...No, no, no, false alarm! Turns out my kid's not as smart as I thought he was! ...Yeah, so just—it's all good, no need to do anything. ...Yeah, see you at the Sports Festival." Endeavor hung up and immediately went back to laughing. Hanabata joined in, but it looked like he was doing it just because he felt left out.
    The day was just a rollercoaster of insanity.
  • "All Might breathed a sigh of relief. He left the faculty lounge for five minutes to get a cup of coffee, and the next thing he knows, Midnight is asking him why he never told her that he, Wonder Woman, and Oversoul performed a magic ritual to create a homunculus that was the combination of all of their DNA, i.e. Midoriya."

  • Endeavor and Best Jeanist on a mochi made to resemble the former:
    "Hey, Best Jeanist, do you think this looks enough like me to count as copyright infringement?"
    "No, the scowl isn't deep enough to be a genuine knockoff; despite the efforts you've been making lately, yours is still rather prominent. If you tried to sue, the best you could hope for is free mochi as compensation. If you want, we could look for something else that resembles you and see if that's worth a lawsuit."