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  • His cameo on The Simpsons as a Cloudcuckoolander is absolutely hilarious. Bart and Homer rope him into a teen-lit bookwriting crew, and Neil's job is... to get lunch.
    • Also to lose the British accent.
    Neil Gaiman: Cheeseburgers! French fries! I'm all over that, pal!
    • The Reveal at the end of the episode showing that he was the mastermind all along!.
    Neil Gaiman: I've heisted my way to the bestseller list again! And the most brilliant part is... I don't even know how to read!
    • And then he does an Evil Laugh. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Neil Gaiman gives advice on how to become a writer.
  • Neil's guest appearance on "Creepy Doll," alongside Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm.
    Jonathan: Hey Neil... I feel like that second verse—I feel like it was a little too creepy with you reading it.
    Paul: I peed a little.

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