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Funny / Nea Marin Miliardar

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Being a comedy movie it is sure to have some.

  • All the times Mărin is confused by the gadgets in the hotel.
  • In one scene the Room service bring Mărin some food. However, Mărin decides to eat his leek instead.
  • The Scene were the mobsters try to beat up Mărin but come out beat up.
    Mob Boss: Oh Boy!
    Mărin: What Oxen? They're a bunch of cows!

  • All the scenes were the brifcase get switched.
  • All the scenes were characters get into the laundry
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  • All the chase scenes.
  • The scene were Mărin climbs into a car.
    Mărin: Fucking Car! Where's your snout?!

  • In one scene Mărin is interviewed by news reporters who mistake him for Juvett. At one point he get's this question:
    News Reporter: Is it true that you work with Mr Rockefeller?
    Mărin: Who? I don't even know him!

  • In one scene Mărin is in the water with a woman.Then he sees what appears to be his wife, Veta and starts to panic.
  • The scene were Mărin takes the briefcase out of it's hideout and the woman that was sitting on it starts to yell at him
    Mărin: Shut up! You have a mouth so loud that you can be a siren in the Seaport!

  • The climax were Veta sees Juvett with Samantha and starts beating him up believing that he is Mărin.
  • The end were Mărin defeats the mobsters in a Drinking Contest.
    Gogu: Does he need any medicine?
    Veta: What medicine? I'll give him some cabbage juice and he'll be good as new!


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