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Funny / Nareto: The Scret of Shiobi

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

  • But Dye kill the leotard with his lasser.
  • Menwhale in other cowtree, the acutesushi wear planning to kill Emraldia!111!

Chapter Three

  • Emeradlia threw a FUR ball at Socora and shi fell ito the pit, defeted.
  • Sokera dres her katoona and attack ed Emeradlia with it! But Emeraldia was fastered than Sokir, so shi dodged it easiness. Sokera was so made at Emeradlai tat she use Punch Jushu on the gtround.. It created a whole in the flour and Emeralida fell in because she was tired (AN: Emeraldia isnot week, she just had to fihgt six hundread seventy ate joenine on her weigh to shool.) Sacurry said, "Who do you lick this?"" ad throw a loin into the pit! The loin tryed to eat Emeradlia but she dogged it.
  • They wet into the ship to got remen. Emeradlia orded Prok Needle Ramen, and she gott it for fee because the oner loved hear. Emeradlia was aboot to take suum ramen when sudeadly Sausori come out of her noodles!111!111!

Chapter Four

  • "The tim is right!11!" yeilled Emeraldia and kocked Soso ito the oven. Den she use exploud no jutsu and destiy him.
  • Suddually on the nows it said, "Maito Gay found dead." That's horribull" say Emeradlia, I wooder whom did it.
  • Nareto and Emeradiant arrided at the Hidig Band Village. "This dessert is hoetter than the Beef Village" say Emberald.

Chapter Five

  • Sheo kick Klank out of the trombone room. "Wow shin, you stronge!" Emeraldia. "Bite yoai are strongerest!" say Shint. "Yow bet Gario!" "I deed bet Mario boat ypou bet Klank!"

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

  • Suttenley Sasuck perpaired his CHEATORI!5! """Lock behid u!' attasi shooted! Sasuuke did. Ottoch kocked hime inn teh heir!132!12!4! 'mi farther is Darth Valer u cunnot qin" ottachi expaned... "Nomun wil effer defood me!" i am uchina sask!1! sadsuke sayed at his rother i em rowerfull!z! "bite I hev Mango Sharkingan!me! attach till saske. add i half tre moist powrful tacknick evver!
  • Emeraliad pilled out a gun and shot Attachi in the feces.
  • "Thank ewe," Sosken sayAD. i loaf u Cow can prepay u? Wasuke assed.
  • "Tock toa the polise att teh polish staton. Yell them Sasokie set yu." Emeradlia wiz sooo! hippy thate shi creed add her tires wer rainbows! "Beuty is you," Sasick telled her ass he kossed her perfuct lips. "Butt now I mist go" Sansak xplaned . y doe u have too go Sokka? assed Emeraldia
  • 'Emerad-kunt you lok KAWAII!' somone shouted loudly like a noise. IT wad har best fiend Silvette! (Boom-kun tis is u! Sirry it took so lung to git you in)
  • "I thick sumbuddy turred Inno eville bi fedding her EVIL NOODLES!" scremed Kaiba.
  • Konon walked at the vilger etrance. Thin a bear aticked her! 'Oh no a HoBear!"" she gansted. With a rawr like a volcano erection, Konon runned aweigh to th Satonic Laundromat wear everone was a Stanist. She goateed into a washing mashine and turned it onn.

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

  • And sum gai namd Tiv Tropes made a moovie orr sumthing about this with Shane Dawnsun as Thanatos butt i shud nut be saying about thantos becos hee isint in it yet. but yu cann make luts of theries abot Thenatos... . end mi story is god so i rite it fore u
  • Emradlia neji ad me cryed ass my bestest fiend died. Neji had abdorbed to muche Chakrios sew he gruw wangs and flied off ito the sunset.
  • a evil gy in a cloak of evil ad wearing a mosque put ot sum ramen bowl.
  • 'No the whorld sux I dont wsant to have to runn it!' paced madrio. "I gatored the five most evilest bad dudes in mine plantet! Wii will get the five seels used lung ago by the Stage of Sick Paths tpo stop Ninja God Empror Mike!1 Win we no-seal Mike the mike will shoe his gratitud and ed the word!1! violins will win beost heroes did unwin!1!
  • Xemnas ad his mother Shuzune woked inn,. 'Tune Emraxk ito Rame becost Xemnas is a hugry boi!' Shizun suigetsued
  • Emeraldia growed oldered ad morr powful Emratlo was twenti ad relly prettifyl

Chapter Ten


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