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  • Everything in the second half of Episode 2. Specifically, concerning the main quartet's reasons for incarceration and their subsequent escape.
    "These details were somewhat hard to put on paper."
    "First, Inmate no. 25. Nationality: American. Arrested and charged with buying drugs in the slums. He himself did not know he was dealing with drugs, but was simply used as a courier, which resulted in a lighter sentence. But when he was examined for symptoms of drug abuse, the doctors found multiple food allergies and unknown illnesses, so he was sent to a medical reform school...It seems he escaped because he hated needles and taking medicine..."
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  • As for the rest of the inmates?
    Inmate no. 69: "The food tasted bad." [...] Inmate no. 11: "He had a date." [...] Inmate no. 15: "It's a hobby."

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