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  • On one episode, security guard Jeff Addis dialed the last digit into the locked safe containing all of the $100,000 Mystery Tunes, however when he tried to open the safe it wouldn't budge.
    Tom Kennedy (realizing what happened): He forgot the combination!
  • One Lange episode had two incidents within just Melody Roulette; firstly, a $500 tune is suddenly worth $500,000. Then, in a more infamous blooper, a player correctly guessing "Please Help Me I'm Falling"... ends up doing just that.
  • When they introduced a home viewer game segment in 1977, one of the contestants Tom Kennedy spoke to on the phone was Mary Harkins of Chicago. At least, that's what he thought at first; it turned out that the producers played a prank on him and the caller was actually Ado Narz — his mother! The segment was apparently not aired, but it was taped and is on YouTube­.