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  • Crustacean Resurrection Redemption
    • "I've got a hot date with a little lady and her name is Mr. TORTELLINIIIIIIIII"
    • A BOMB? That's nonense. Bring it here Sponge BOMB
    • Resetti playing a part in this poop. His lips use Synchro-Vox to match up with his sentence mixing (which use the creator's lips no less). It's jarring, yet funny as hell.
    • This part:
    French Narrator: Two meanwhiles later. (beat) ...Hhhuhhh...
    • Dumb Ways to Die LIKE A BOSS.
      • Chop your balls off and DIE (LIKE A BOSS)
    • Earlier, when Squidward wants to buy one of the pie bombs.
      • Squidward: "So what flavor is it?"
      • "CHOCOLATE!"
      • "Pie flavor!"
      • "They're bombs."
  • Five Nights at Foster's
    • The lampshading of the poop's title.
    Michael Rosen: But what's it got to do with Five Nights at Freddy's?
    Robotnik: NOTHING
    • This part:
    Mac: His name is Terrence.
    Bloo: Well, who's fault is that?
    • Later, it shifts to The Trap Door, with Berk having Bloo's voice and Boni having Mr. Herriman's voice.
    Berk: Sheesh! Calm down! I'm just gonna open the door.
    Boni: OPEN THE DOOR!? Stay away, meaning do not enter! Do not enter, meanng stay away!
    Boni: Do not approach THE DOOR!
    Berk: Doors are made for opening.
    Boni: And they are also made for shitting. Shitting away deep, dark, Mysterious Mr. Enter!
    Mr. Enter: What the actual fuck?
  • Mashed Bandicoot Part 1 and Part 2
    • This exclamation from Dr. Cortex about the Doominator:
    Dr. Cortex: ...and I shall totally call this robot... the HORSE VIENNA MOOSE!
    Dr. Robotnik: No no no, you've got it reversed!
    Dr. Cortex: I'm just trolling- (very loudly) DOOMINATOR!!!
    Aku Aku: *Drops his controller* This game is gay! I'm not going to play, I'm going to rage-quit like a little SKUNK! This game stinks! I'm not gonna play no more!
    N. Tropy: You little SKAAANK!!
    Skunk: F*** you!
    N. Tropy: Give me the crystals! *Pushes the crate away* No, I don't want that.
    Markiplier: Are you selling drugs, mister?
    • After setting up another "I'm The Boss" joke, NPCarlsson instead cuts to intermission stating he's not in the mood to do it right now and maybe he'll do it in a separate video, all while Uka Uka rants over stock music.
    • The hilarious exchange between Mario Head and Dr. Robotnik afterwards takes the cake:
    Mario Head: Hey, Mario got a good joke for you!
    Dr. Robotnik: What?
    Mario Head: You're fat, you know why?
    Dr. Robotnik: No!
    Mario Head: ...Pizza pie! *Mario Pwn Counter goes up to 6*
    Dr. Robotnik: *Punches him* SILENCE!!
  • A Cozy Hot Cup of Sugar Honey Iced Tea
    • The mock dental appointment:
      Alex: I got something stuck in my teeth.
      Marty: Let's have a look. Open that hatch.
      (Alex opens his mouth)
      (Alex bites down on Marty's head)
      Alex: This is better than steak!
      Marty: (from inside Alex's mouth) Don't talk with your mouth full!"
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    • Alex's epic hurn:
      Marty: Doesn't it bother you guys that you don't know anything?
      (they don't respond; Marty sighs and walks away)
      Melman: What's eating him?
      Alex: Me, 'cause I'm a lion!
    • "I don't even know if I'm black or white."
      King Julien: Whatever happened to the separation of the classes?
    • Alex being Literal-Minded:
      Marty: Bite me!
      Alex: Okay. (bites Marty)
      Marty: Why'd you bite me?!
    • Alex tearing apart a phone booth, only for it to suddenly reappear. Cue The X-Files theme music.
    • "I awoke several hours later in a daze."
    • The penguins' attempt to drive a car turns into a scene from The Simpsons: Hit & Run.
    • Alex encountering a giant version of himself on the beach.
    • "Do you hear that? Don't you hear that?" "Aye-aye, captain!"
      Painty the Pirate: "Who's making that noise?"
    • Alex devouring Mort.
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    • King Julien explains his plan:
      King Julien: My genius plan is this. We will make the New York Giants cookies! Then, we will keep them and eat them! AHAHAHAHAHA!
      Maurice: What if Mr. Alex is a furry?
      King Julien: That's a bunch of bullshit, Maurice.
      King Julien: You did not raise your penis cock, so shut up! Does anyone else have a cookie?
      (one lemur raises his cookie)
      King Julien: No-on? Good. When the New York Giants wake up, we will make sure that they wake up. AHAHAHAHAHA!
    • "I wish for a thick, juicy dick."
      Melman: Why'd you tell us your wish?! You're not supposed to do that!
    • "I feel like a magical pixie horse!"
    • The ending, where Private notices that everyone has become a waving Skipper.
      Private: Well, this sucks.
    • Private turning on StickyKeys
  • "Steamed Hams Inc."
    • For those who can't check the link, he managed to turn the "Steamed Hams" scene from The Simpsons into a full music video in the tune of "Feels Good Inc.". It works surprisingly well. Many comments refer this song as the peak of the "Steamed Hams" meme. Also a Moment of Awesome.
  • The N. Sane Collab
    • Cortex introduces the collab:
      Cortex: Activision presents...
      Aku-Aku: Fuck Activision.
      Cortex: A smashing blast from my ass!
    • The killer polar bear falling into a pit.
    Polar Bear: Ahh, the pain! It's unBEARable!
  • "Prix Mature"
    Chick: "Welcome, internet fascists! I'm Dick Lips and this is Mike!"
    Stew: "That's right, and I cannot wait to get graham crackers!"
    Chick: "Today we cook an egg on UR ANUS, an event where dicks will compete for jizz!"
    Stew: "Chick, my friend, I'm so HIGH!"
    Chick: "That's right, Stew! Because WERE. ON. CRACK!"
    • And later on:
    Stew: *Glitchy laugh* "I'm absolutely FUCKED!"
    Chick: "He's challenged!"

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