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NOT A HERO has so many oddball characters and moments in the game, that there's more than a few funny moments throughout the game.

  • On Day 16, Ninjery Time, there's a hidden area that requires you to blow up an explosive next to you to jump to the other side. Normally, the Secret Levels in this game are pretty brutal, but not too brutal, with their expectations, however, in this level, it's the exact opposite. In this level, you play as Henderson, a god who can instantly kill anyone he "rolls" into, infinite ammo lasers that shoot insanely fast with just holding the button, and can't take hits from anyone. It's a Joke Level's dream come true.
    • After that, the following dialogue comes up from Bunnylord:
    Bunnylord: Steve, sometimes...
    Bunnylord: Ok. I'll be honest with you. I don't really know what to say about that.
    Bunnylord: I think I just want to sit here for a while. Maybe try and find some way to tie that into the main narrative...
    Bunnylord: Yeah, I don't think I can. We're just going to have to deal with the splendid paranoia of not explaining that.
    • Henderson's appearance in the game is quite heartwarming if you get to know the context behind the whole story around him.
  • Unlike other shooters, pressing the fire button while out of ammo does not automatically have your character reload—which is good, considering there are some enemies you want to get distance from before you leave yourself vulnerable standing still. Also hilarious, as every single one of your characters yell at you, the player, to press the reload button.
    Kimmy: Reload, you prick!
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  • If you manage to fall from too great a height, your character starts screaming as they free-fall before hitting the ground with a sickening crunch. What mitigates the pain of restarting the level is the humorous lines they have about their legs being broken—despite their model always landing on their head.
    Samantha: *screams in terror, hits the ground, then keeps on screaming for an extended period of time, even after you've returned to the character select screen*
    Clive: (deadpan) Well, I've permanently lost the use of my legs.
  • Do poorly or die a lot, and your character will be near-death during the cafe debriefing/power-lunch. Bunnylord doesn't notice (or care).
    • Especially amusing is that they will all still be enjoying their beverages of choice, or in Mike's case, playing with his knife. Bleeding out to death and having the threats of your insides no longer being inside does not seem to stop your characters from wanting and having a drink.

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