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  • Thanks to commentator Tim Kitzrow, the 2010-11 version in particular gets some laughs:
    • "Drops it through the pantyhose for tw—I mean, drops it through the nylon for two!"
    • "How many balls could a ballchucker chuck if a ballchucker could chuck balls?" [beat] "Who knows?"
    • "Not cool, dude, you shot-blocked me!"
    • "All that shake 'n' bake, and no dinner!"
    • "It takes skill to miss 10 in a row..."
    • "Just like my wife's top drawer, all nylon!"
    • "I got my degree from Dunkin-on U"
    • "Somebody get the baking soda!...Or is it baking powder - I can't remember! What do you throw on someone who's on fire?!"
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    • "Since when is a goaltending call made by a 'wah-wah' noise? Where's the ref?!" [beat] "What? We have no ref in this game? That's great. Real professional."
  • Shoot a prayer from half-court and it won't go unnoticed:
  • Air-balling in particular will garner some stingers:
    • "That's an air-ball. And your fly's open too. And you have something hanging outta your nose."
    • "Dear Rim, I miss you. Hope to see you soon. Love, Chuck."
    • "Did the basket move?"
    • "This guy needs a seeing-eye dog!"
  • Beware the Kitzrow on a blocked shot: