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Funny / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 04 E 22 The Day The Earth Froze

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  • The Mads' invention exchange consists of Dr. Forrester stealing Frank's money and putting it into Unhappy Meals. There's something funny about how Frank tries to stand up to him at the end, in that he isn't all that convincing.
    Dr. Forrester: Push the button, Frank.
    TV's Frank: No, I want my money back.
    Dr. Forrester: Forceps, Frank. Pain.
    TV's Frank: I don't care; I want my money!
    Dr. Forrester: Electro-shock, Frank.
    TV's Frank: No!
    Dr. Forrester: Push the button!
    TV's Frank: No!
    Dr. Forrester: The box, Frank!
    TV's Frank: Pushing the button.

Here Comes the Circus:

  • Joel's constant chiding of the bots for their dark senses of humor, especially when he starts doing the same.
  • The infamous scene where two clowns perform a trapeze act that involves spanking each other.
    Tom: Whuh... oh no, no, no, they're doing it clown style, no!
    Crow: And Madonna thinks she's innovative!
    Joel: Oh, please tell me this isn't happening!
    Crow: "More, more; I'm a bad clown"!
    Tom: Yes, children's windows of perception are open for only a second only to take in the horror that is the circus!
    • Along this track, their constant fear of clowns.
    Tom: [As a clown] Hoo-hoo, let the nightmare begin!

The Day the Earth Froze:

  • Crow's hilarious impression of Bullwinkle.
    "Will somebody please put me out? I seem to be on fire!"
  • The "failure celebration" after Lemminkäinen destroys the Sampo, especially Tom's delivery on this line:
    "Let us be gay, for he is a dickweed!"
  • Joel's reaction to seeing the bags of wind:
    Joel: "The Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man in chains?!"
  • The wedding scene is cited by some fans as the most hysterically funny moment in the entire series, from the "He's a failure" song to "Hurry up, they're gonna consummate!"
    Crow. Are you with the bride, or the failure?

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