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All spoilers are unmarked.

The games

  • Furcorn's little dance in Dawn of Fire's Party Island.
    • Also, Furcorn's description. Furcorns are special. Protect them.
  • Punkleton's description, however this can also classify as Tear Jerker. They attempt to spook the other monsters with its boisterous song. It apparently works since it's impossible to breed them with any other monster.
    • As of Seasonal Shanty's release, because Punkleton can breed in Seasonal Shanty the description has been updated to "It apparently works, and easily-startled neighbors would do well to give it a wide berth."
  • Admit it, you messed with the Time Machine. It literally makes monsters that have vocals such as the Pompom or the Sugaband and the Werdos sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. And when you slow them down, it can be pretty funny as well.

Trailers and YouTube videos

  • This video shows off the participants in the first "Monstrorchestra", an event where people send in videos of them singing the songs that monsters sing. One part of the video shows a rock band, complete with an added sequence showing a Furcorn, Mammott, Toejammer, Entbrat, and Maw jaw-dropping and rocking out.
  • In the Spooktacle 2018 trailer, Punkleton has a lot of fun scaring off a few Rare Noggins and Ghazt by jumping up and shouting "Hooga booga!" until he himself gets scared away by one of the Spooktacle decorations.
  • In the Season of Love 2019 trailer, Smoochle is preparing a Season of Love party for their monster friends, only to catch someone eating the chocolate from the chocolate fountain. That monster, Epic Smoochle, not only has heads that are completely covered in chocolate, but they're also made out of chocolate as well.
  • In the second part of the Following the Trail duology, the Monster Handlers are searching for a mysterious monster and find some clues on what that monster looks like. It has brown fur and large antlers. The Handlers contact an artist to draw a picture based on the evidence, but it ends up looking like Rare Yool, who takes offense with a few angry "ho"s.
    • As the Monster Handlers investigate the area where the monster was lurking about, the Dipsters suddenly pop out of their holes at the same time, shaking and letting out a "DIiIiIiIiIiIP!" before going back into their holes. According to the Handlers, the Dipsters felt vibrations as if something was jumping up and down. Which was exactly what the monster was doing.
  • The SummerSong 2019 trailer has quite a few scenes that, even though they somewhat fall into the Totally Radical category, they're still worth a few chuckles.
    • Deedge tries to get into Club Box, but Tring doesn't allow him to because of his DJ set. He still manages to arrive undercover, though.
      • Of course, this is made funnier because they seemed to have already hired a DJ to perform. It's none other than Hoola.
    • Who would expect to see the adorable little Glaishur, out of all monsters, pulling off a "dab" move? Judging by the comment section of the video, fans of the game were pretty shocked.
    • If you thought seeing a Celestial monster dab wasn't shocking enough, Epic Hoola, who was introduced in the trailer, wasn't the DJ. Instead, it was Common Hoola. Didn't expect to see that, did you?
  • The Feast-Ember 2019 trailer starts off with the monsters singing their Fire Haven song when they hear a strange sound and notice that something about Fire Haven seems different. When they see where the sound's coming from, they look up and see what looks like a majestic bird, until it tries to fly. Then it tumbles and crashes to the ground. This, MSM fans, is the introduction of Gobbleygourd.
  • Running Gag: Gobbleygourd crashing on the ground in the Feast-Ember 2019 trailer, the Summersong 2021 trailer, and the Anniversary Month 2021 trailer.