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Funny / My Singing Monsters

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  • Furcorn's little dance in Dawn of Fire's Party Island.
    • Also, Furcorn's description. Furcorns are special. Protect them.

  • Punkleton's description, however this can also classify as Tear Jerker. They attempt to spook the other monsters with its boisterous song. It apparently works since it's impossible to breed them with any other monster.

  • Not in the game itself, but this video from the creator's Youtube page, shows off the participants in the first "Monstrorchestra", an event where people send in videos of them singing the songs that monsters sing. One point in the video shows a rock band, complete with an added sequence showing a Furcorn, Mammot, Toejammer, Entbrat, and Maw jaw-dropping and rocking out.

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  • Admit it, you messed with the Time Machine. It literally makes monsters that have vocals such as the Pompom or the Sugaband and the Weirdos sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. And when you slow them down, it can be pretty funny as well.

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