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My Little Pony

  • From "The End of Flutter Valley":
    Reeka: Boy, you really are dumb, Draggle. There are too many ponies just to grab! We gotta be clever! We gotta...outsmart 'em!
    Draggle: You mean we have to get help?
    • Later, as Queen Bumble prepares to steal the Sunstone:
    Bumble: They but await my special signal!
    Draggle: A special signal?
    Bumble: Proceed after me, swarm!
    Draggle: That's the worst special signal I've ever heard!
    • The Furbobs never agree on anything, even directions, leading to two of them bonking heads.
    • Morning Glory and Sting are trying to find Megan in the hopes she can help them and the Little Ponies.
    Sting: I've never seen a Megan before. What's she look like?
    Morning Glory: Well, she's kinda big and has long hair, but only on her head! Well, you'll know her when you see her...
    [Morning Glory opens a door and finds an angry bull]
    Morning Glory: Uh oh...
    Sting: Is that Megan?
    • Bumble gets another pretty good comeback at the end:
    Sting: You're fat, greedy and selfish, Bumble! You only think of yourself!
    Bumble: (indignant) I am NOT fat!
  • From "Through The Door", as three of the pegasi fly over a barren mountainscape:
    North Star: I say, it's a lovely day for exploring, eh Lofty?
    Lofty: If you happen to like exploring solid rock.
    • Robin Hood introducing his "not-so-merry men".
    • Hercules making a throwaway reference to the time he cleaned the Augean stables.
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    • The genie driving Lickity-Split crazy when he won't grant her wish for a perfect day until she completely describes how a perfect day is supposed to be. Fed up, she wishes for ice cream, but then he wants her to completely describe that too.
  • From "The Glass Princess" comes this snarky line.
    Megan: Sorry. Danny is feeling a little rambunctious today.
    Magic Star: Today?
  • "The Magic Coins" has a surprising amount of snark, particularly from Spike.
    • Megan decides that singing a song would make them feel better as they trek through a desert. Upon its conclusion, she asks if it helped; Spike says it just made them more exhausted.
    • Then there's this.
    Heart Throb: Spike, I think these hedge animals are alive!
    Spike: Of course they're alive, Heart Throb. They're plants!
  • In "Crunch the Rockdog", Truly is about to be turned to stone by the titular villain. Wind Whistler (accused of lacking feelings by the other ponies due to her Spock-like personality) uses Reverse Psychology by pretending to be heartless to stop him and letting him do it. Especially funny is this line:
    Wind Whistler: I'm perfectly serious! I've been surrounded by these romantic idiots for so long, it is refreshing to find one such as yourself.
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  • More snark in "Flight to Cloud Castle", this time from Locket:
    Heart Throb: (while being chased threatened by an undine and a salamander) We've got to stop them so that Garth can awaken Ariel with a kiss!
    Locket: Oh really? I thought we had to stop them because they'll make Baked Alaska out of us if we don't!
  • When ponies try to say hello to the duchess in "The Prince and the Ponies":
    Cherries Jubilee: Good evening, duchess!
  • When Alonzo tries to kill Spike in "The Would Be Dragonslayer":
    Spike: HELP!
    Alonzo: No one helps dragons!
    Whizzer: Oh no! Well, you're absolutely wrong! We do! And this is how we do it! *knocks Alonzo off his camel*


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