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Funny / My Little Pony (Gameloft)

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  • A preview shows Big Macintosh dancing while surrounded by Bon Bon, Zecora, Cheerilee, and Mrs. Cup Cake.
  • This gem from when the mine opens:
    Twilight Sparkle: Of course, we'd love to help! Ponyville's got the best mine in the whole world! If you want bling, we've got your thing! ...That sounded better in my head.
  • The fact that events can happen out of order can be simply hilarious, such as Luna having speaking roles when Nightmare Moon is out and about, or any mention of Flurry Heart before her own parents' wedding. However, the Changeling Kingdom event takes the cake; if you manage to activate this mission before everything else is finished, this means you can defeat Nightmare Moon, save the Crystal Empire, have Changeling!Twilight ascend to alicorndom, stop the Everfree Forest infestation, defeat Tirek and go to the human world as a changeling. And yes, this even extends to thwarting Queen Chrysalis!
  • The Changeling Kingdom event:
    • The changeling impersonating Spike is a veritable fountain of these, from trying to direct you away from Chrysalis to getting annoyed at your successful progression. In fact, just about the whole event is littered with funny moments.
    • When going over Discord's potential tricks, Starlight, Trixie and Thorax all have the option of "criticizing Discord's tricks".
    • When Discord is led astray from the group and the fake Fluttershys all guilt trip him, his reaction is simply "Oh come on!"
    • The changeling that impersonates Discord during that point does such a terrible job that it doesn't even take a code word for Starlight and Trixie to tell it's a fake.
  • From "The Crowning Achievement" limited time story, there's Lyra Heartstring's terrible aliases for herself and Bon Bon: Harpy McCardio and Treatsy Realpony.
  • In the "Doctor-Shy" group quest, if you choose to give the Queen Bee an injection and fail:
    Fluttershy: So… When you give a bee a shot, it sometimes tries to sting you back… That's what I learned today.