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Season One

  • In "Raggedy Android", Nora refuses to allow Jenny to go to the fair. This causes her to throw the mother of all temper tantrums. The clincher:
    Jenny: (lasers are about to fire) If you don't let me go, I'll...I'll...
    Nora: Don't you raise your lasers at me, young lady.
    Jenny: (cue Ocular Gushers)
    • Almost as funny as when Jenny starts simmering, this exchange between Brad and Tuck happens.
    Brad: Tuck, we'd better go.
    Tuck: Aw, but I wanna see the fight!
  • In "The Boy Who Cried Robot," Brad attempts to educate Jenny on Tuck's antics by taking her to a bookmobile. The various customers of the bookmobile are all children, save for an extremely shabby gentleman who suspiciously asks for The Catcher in the Rye. The driver simply glares at him and says, "Not today, Ed."
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  • In "Dressed To Kill, "Smytus, an insectoid robot, puts on a wig and pretends to be "Smytlana", a Ukrainian fashion model (and DESTROYER OF WORLDS!). And everyone buys it. Including Smytus himself.
  • The She Cleans Up Nicely sequence from "The Great Unwashed", which is also quite adorable. See it here. From the end of it:
    Brad: Jenny, I don't know what to say, you look —
    Tuck: You look great, Jenny!
    Jenny: I don't know. Maybe if I just tone it down a little.
    (a car driving by stops and makes a honk-like whistle at hernote )
    (Jenny blushes)
  • In "Party Machine", Tuck blackmails Jenny and Brad into letting him come to their secret party when Ms. Wakeman's away by calling her on the phone and threatening to spill the beans.
    Nora Wakeman: "Hello?"
    Jenny: "Alright, Tuck, you win."
    Nora Wakeman: "Who is this?!"
    Tuck: "I just called to say... I love you."
    Nora Wakeman: Excuse me? (Dial tone) Hello? Hello?
    • The simple fact that, despite everyone in the party being High-school aged, Tuck's game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey is an absolute success.
    • Then the ending: end of the episode when Jenny, Brad and Tuck have finished cleaning up the party just as Mrs. Wakeman arrives...
    Mrs. Wakeman: This house better not be a mess...Wow! XJ-9! I can't believe you made this house so completely spotless! You have no idea how proud I am of you, young lady. To show my appreciation, I think I'll allow you to throw that party you've been wanting to have!
    Jenny & Brad: Ah... (both faint)
    Tuck: I'll set up Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey!
    (Donkey braying sound effect as the episode ends)
  • The entirety of "Grid Iron Glory". Here some examples:
    • In her cheerleading demonstration, Jenny accidentally tosses a cheerleader so high in the sky that she vanishes for the rest of the episode....until after the episode ends.
    Cheerleader: What did I miss?
    • How Tremorton High selects its football players:
    Coach: Here you go Brad. (he tosses a football helmet at him, hitting Brad in the face with it by accident)
    Brad: Ow! (stumbles in pain, and trips over the helmet, landing on his back) I guess I didn't make the cut.
    Coach: Did you black out?
    Brad: No.
    Coach: Great. You're on the team.
  • In the episode that gives us Jenny's sisters, after the flood goes down we see Nora in her car with the windshield wipers on. She asks "Can't I even go to Radio Shed without pandemonium breaking out?"
  • "Brad wears makeup."
    • *sing song* "Someone's having mood swings."
    • "Great, now I'll have to wear this bag on my head forever! And it smells like fish tacos!"
  • "But I am the ro-bot!"
  • In "The Wonderful World of Wizzly", Jenny tries to help integrate an amusement park's robots into regular life. Unfortunately, the robots are clearly not capable of acting outside their intended purposes, despite Jenny's hopes. Her friends confront her on this and Jenny responds they just need a chance to change and that no one will give it to them because they think they're better than them. Tuck's rebuttal is less than considerate.
    Tuck: "Well, DUH!...they're just stupid robots...
    Jenny: (Withering Death Glare)

Season Two

  • Tuck in the mall the day after Christmas:
    Tuck: Toys! Toys! Toys! (pauses, ponders thoughtfully) Although I could use some new socks and underwear. (suddenly excited again) Toys! Toys! Toys!
  • In "A Pain In My Sidekick", Tucker starts fighting crime as the Tin Can. His catchphrase? "Prepare to face the wrath of can!"
    • The entire episode really, especially the montage of Tuck trying to do superhero deeds but completely failing to even draw any attention.
    Tuck: This morning, I couldn't cross the street! Now, I can cross the universe!!!
  • In "Mind Over Matter", Jenny tries downloading some updates for herself via the internet.
    Ms Wakeman: "XJ-9, don't do that! You'll go blind!"
  • Killgore. Period. A ten-and-a-half-inch wind-up toy with delusions of world domination, voiced by Tara Strong, and a walking crowning moment of funny.
    • "Surrender!" "Surrender!" "Surrender!"
    • "I will eviscerate your bowels!"
    • "The universe is not enough to contain my bruuutaaaaliiiity...."
    • "Bah-nah!"
  • In "Crash Pad Crash", Sheldon stays in the bathroom and dances with a toaster, saying it'll never leave him right before it spits burning toast into his face. It also sets up a Brick Joke at the end, when Letta and the other space bikers are sitting on the couch next to him in Jenny's destroyed apartment.
    Sheldon: "I really should be getting home...."
    Letta: "Forget it, honeypants. The party's going to start up again any minute. I'm itchin' to dance, and you're my new partner."
    (iris out)
    Sheldon: "I want my toaster."
  • The Beethoven-lookalike announcer in "Robot Riot", who switches between acting like a distinguished gentleman and a crazed hooligan on a dime.
  • After the characters retrieve one of Jenny's parts from the nest of a blue-footed booby at the Galapagos Islands in "Around the World in 80 Pieces", we get this gem.
    Tuck: Hurry, Brad! [The blue-footed boobies] are flying faster!
    Brad: Blue-footed boobies can't fly, Tuck.note 
    (more boobies take flight)
    (marine iguanas and seals then begin take fly alongside the boobies)
    Brad: (as the boobies, iguanas, and seals chase them) What is this place?!
    Sheldon: It's evolution gone mad!
  • When Jenny is being overwhelmed by action figures of herself created by Krackus, Brad and Tuck find that they're controlled through an on/off switch. Brad refuses to believe that the switch controls them, so Tuck has to explain how Krackus's Ditzy Genius role would lead him to make such a poor design choice.
    • Later on Vexus scolds Krackus stating specifically not to use an on/off switch.
    • Sheldon gets an Action Jenny and takes it out on a date at his house. When he leans in for a kiss, it slaps him.
  • Although "Armagedroid" is a pretty serious episode, there were a couple funny moments. Here's from when they destroy the title giant robot using an incredibly powerful bomb
    Tuck: Yeah, Mrs. Wakeman, that was the bomb!
    Wakeman: Of course it was a bomb. That was my whole plan, silly.
    Tuck: No, I mean you're the man!
    Wakeman: Ohh, am I getting that mustache again?
    Tuck: No, I'm saying you're phat.
    Wakeman: Fat am I? At least my head's not the size of a watermelon!
    Tuck: I'm not dissing you. You're dope.
    Wakeman: A dope am I?! I don't think they put dopes on the cover of Hot Fusion magazine!
    Tuck: It's a compliment. Your moves out there were deaf!
    Wakeman: Look! I may be getting old, but I am certainly not deaf, young man, and I don't like what I'm hearing!
    Tuck: I'm just trying to point out that your fly—
    Wakeman: I'm not falling for that! I'm not even wearing pants today!
  • Escape from Cluster Prime has plenty
    • When Jenny kicks the Cluster rocket into the sky.
    Mrs. Wakeman: XJ-9, that was inexcusably reckless!
    Jenny: Hey, I trashed the thing, didn't I? Why get your bloomers in a bundle?
    Mrs. Wakeman: You wrecked the rocket, but did you disarm the warhead?
    Jenny: Did I what the what?
    Mrs. Wakeman: That's the part that goes BOOM!
    Jenny: Oops...
    • Then when Jenny accidentally destroys the celebration and people list all the damage she did.
    Sculptor: You destroyed me statue!
    Mayor: You ruined my stage!
    Bike Salesman: You wrecked my old timey bicycle!
    Brad: Uh, no, that was me.
    Bike Salesman: Oh, yeah. My mistake.
    • Mrs. Wakeman and Sheldon volleying insults toward each other
    Mrs. Wakeman: Where'd you get that idea, a gumball machine?
    Sheldon: I'll have you know gumball machines provide a wealth of valuable information!
    Mrs. Wakeman: You are an amateur!
    Sheldon: You are a know-it-all!
    Mrs. Wakeman: Bilge-rat!
    Sheldon: Bird-nose!
    Mrs. Wakeman: How DARE you?!
  • From "Mama Drama" "EVERYBODY BUNNY HOP!"
    • "I hate the bunny hop..."

Season Three

  • When Ms. Wakeman decides to throw a prom for Jenny in "No Place Like Home School", she sets Jenny up with XJ-8. Her sister. Cut to Jenny running out of the house to return to school.
  • In "Labor Day", Tucker wearing a pearl necklace and evening gown.
    Tuck: Can't a guy wear pearls and taffeta around here?
    Nora Wakeman: Strictly speaking, only after six.
    • Later, a Skyway Patrol official walks by and notices him.
    Official: Hm. Is it after six already?
  • "The Price of Love" has so, so many:
    • The cringing guy desperately shouting "I'm a boy! I'm a boy!" when Sheldon walks through the crowd after announcing he's looking for someone to date.
    • Jenny saying Sheldon isn't in his "usual place": a doggie bed right next to their lunch table, complete with bowl of dog chow and a leash.
    • Brad rebuking Jenny for implying he isn't mechanically inclined right after he tried to open a soda bottle by hammering on it with a can opener. He proceeds to jam it into his forehead and eye before finally getting it into his mouth. He then sucks on it like a baby bottle with a huge, self-satisfied grin.
    • Sheldon's continued pronunciation of Pteresa as "Puh-Teresa"note 
    • The ending, where after Pteresa says "Popular people always win in the end", cut to 20 years later, she, Brit, and Tiff are ugly, and they are going to bail Sebastian (Pteresa's husband) out of jail again.
    Pteresa: Come on Sebastian Jr., we've gotta bail your dad out of jail again.
    Brit: You should have married Sheldon.
    Tiff: You'd be a billionaire by now.
    • After Jenny's date gives her an upgraded component for her ear (that he bought from Sheldon):
    Jenny: "I can hear what's going on across the street."
    (adjusts dial)
    Jenny: "Way over at Mesmer's."
    (adjusts dial)
    Woman On Radio: "....but sir, wouldn't that be illegal?"
    Jenny: "Even on Air Force One!"
  • In "Girl of Steal", Brad is telling Jenny about everything the Musique can do.
    Brad: "It can even remind you to take a shower. I've got mine set on once a week, whether I need it or not."
    (Brad and Jenny walk past a houseplant which instantly dies)
  • The robot historical figures in "Histrionics" have some good one-liners.
    Ben Franklin: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man hungry...for vengeance!
    Einstein: Relatively speaking, you're doomed!
  • Tuck putting on a puppet show for Jenny and Brad in "Puppet Bride" and making a fart sounding noise. Jenny and Brad are unimpressed and Jenny states "Wow. Great sound effects." Tuck says "What sound effects?"
    • Also, "Well, what do you know? The song does end."
  • Brad's date with Melody in "No Harmony with Melody" ends with this gem:
    Brad: Of course, there are other things to do with your lips besides talk...
    (He...pulls out a trombone, which he begins to play very badly)
  • Nora comforting a frightened XJ-1 in the face of her mind-controlled siblings about to destroy everything.
    Nora: There there. It's okay. Somewhere. Just not here.

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