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  • Unintentional (probably), when it's casually mentioned that Dalamar is sipping tea in the garden with Jenna, Link, and Princess Zelda, in the middle of him talking about the evil overlord of his land.
    • Heck, just the gryphons in general are a huge source of hilarious Narm
  • During the Manwithoutabody Dramatic Reading, when he played Closer by Nine Inch Nails to the sexual bonding scene.
  • The "tiger" sexual metaphors. ALL OF THEM.
  • The birth of Link Jr. Especially Jenna's screaming "URAGH!", which is even better in Manwithoutabody's Dramatic Reading.
    • "Grumble. Go back to sleep."
  • The last chapter, where Link and Jenna flee to Hyrule Castle from the first major foe the Big Bad sends their way. Even better because they're shrieking like cowards the whole time. So much for the Triforce of Courage.
    • It's even funnier if you consider two things: First, that Jenna has already set fire to much bigger, stronger enemies, while traveling the dangerous journey to the land of the gryphons, so there should be nothing stopping her from doing the same to the thing that attacks them. Second, even though their house doesn't seem to be particularly large, they somehow have time for a dramatic scene of Jenna outrunning the monster to get Link Jr. It appears that the thing moves at the speed of plot.
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  • In his Dramatic Reading, Manwithoutabody decides to voice ALL of Link's lines to sound like the voice used for him in the CD-i games.
  • Manwithoutabody replacing random words with clips of other characters saying the word:
  • The ridiculously extensive warnings that the story is "a real Lemon" and that "THIS STORY CONTAINS HEAVY SEX, ABULT LANGUAGE AND TALKS ABOUT MY PERSONAL ENCOUNTER WITH LINK."
  • Jenna and Link "whipping the cake off [their] faces".
  • The unintentional double Shout-Out Link drops to both Destiny's Child and Gloria Gaynor.


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