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  • When Izuku gushes about his extensive knowledge of I-Island:
    All Might: That's WAY too many details, but I should have expected that!
  • Not long after getting through customs, All Might is swamped by fans, with Izuku getting knocked around by them. The scene then cuts to an up-close of All Might's face covered in lipstick kisses after the crowd finally disperses.
    All Might: I didn't think we'd get stopped for so long.
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  • When Melissa first appears, Izuku (only knowing that All Might is meeting "an old friend") starts internally monologuing as he tries to figure out how someone as young as Melissa fits into that. When it's mentioned that the "old friend" is her father, he exclaims how that makes so much more sense, which only confuses the other two.
  • The very fact that there's a Pro Hero called Godzillo. His quirk is exactly what his name would suggest.
  • Izuku getting extremely flustered when Melissa inspects his hero costume:
    Izuku: (internally) SHE'S SO CLOSE TO ME!!
  • All Might's hammy greeting to his old friend:
    • All Might swinging Dave around into a hug is both this and heartwarming.
    • Followed by this:
      All Might: How long has it been?
      David: Ugh, don't make me say it! I feel old enough as it is, you jerk!
      All Might: HA HA HA! You do have a point!
  • Izuku fanboying over David Shield
    • And fanboying even more in the museum:
      Izuku: [towards a dual flying/deep sea diving aircraft] So COOL!
      Izuku: [towards an advanced dive suit] So DEEP!
      Izuku: [towards a headset that lets you see from all directions] That's SO MUCH!
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  • Uraraka and the girls' sudden introduction when they catch Midoriya chatting amiably with Melissa Shield:
    Uraraka: [out of nowhere] You look like you're having fun, Deku.
    Izuku: U-Uraraka?! What're you doing here?
    Uraraka: You look like you're having fun.
    Izuku: You said it again?!
    Yaoyorozu: Ahem.
    Izuku: Yaoyorozu!?
    Yaoyorozu: You looked like you were having a lot of fun.
    Jiro: [with her earphone jacks hovering] Midoriya. I heard everything.
    Izuku: [to himself] Jiro's Earphone Jacks is something to be feared!
  • Izuku nearly loses his mind when Melissa almost reveals he was All Might's plus one:
    Izuku: (flailing his arms and cutting her off) AHHHHHHH!! (whispering) They don't know I came here as All Might's guest and it's kind of a big secret!
    Melissa: ...But why is that?
    Izuku: Because REASONS!
    • Izuku's utter relief towards Melissa being able to change the subject off of him as she engages in a conversation on a different subject with the girls over something to eat.
      Izuku: (internally) I'm SAVED. They don't suspect anything!!!
  • The girls playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets Momo's extra tickets. Ashido is devastated to lose, and Toru has to hold a sign to show her move.
  • Kaminari and Mineta show up working as waiters, and the instant they see Melissa they demand to know how Izuku knows her and to introduce them to her.
    • Likewise, Kaminari and Mineta later get to see Ochaco, Momo, Kyoka and Melissa dolled up in their formal dresses for the expo, and react about how you would expect.
      Kyoka: Giving those two tickets was a mistake.
  • Iida's robot dance arm movements as he explains his reasons for being on I-Island.
  • There's a contest going on for people to test their skills by rushing through a hilly area and seeing how fast they can take out a bunch of robots. Bakugo is found there just as he makes his run, getting the best time with 15 seconds. After Kirishima alerts him that Izuku and the others are on the island too, Bakugo angrily grills Izuku on why he's there. When Iida tries to mitigate things, Bakugo just starts yelling at him.
    • Izuku ends up unwittingly participating in the competition. He falls just short of beating Bakugo's time, finishing in 16 seconds, much to Bakugo's ire.
    • Then Todoroki shows up and just freezes the entire field in 14 seconds, causing Bakugo to fly into a rage.
      Bakugo: HEY, YOU HALF-AND-HALF (Icy-Hot in the dub) BASTARD!!
      Todoroki: (calmly) Bakugo.
      Todoroki: (unfazed) I see Midoriya and the others are here as well.
      Bakugo: DON'T IGNORE ME!!! What the hell are you doing here anyway?!
      Todoroki: My father received an invitation. I'm representing him.
      Announcer Girl: Um, the next competitor is waiting-
      Bakugo: SHUT UP! I'M GOING AGAIN!!
      Iida: (sprinting onto the scene) Bakugo, STOP! Or else everyone here will think U.A. is a bunch of degenerates!
  • Iida is very put out calling Izuku over the phone for being late. Izuku's Oh, Crap! expression is what sells it.
    • As it turns out, he's not the only one who's late, much to Iida's annoyance:
      Iida: (angrily hand chopping) Does a proper meeting time mean nothing to you people!?
  • In the flashback of how Dave and Toshinori/All Might met, the latter rescues the former from a burning building. After Dave thanks him and the two properly introduce themselves to each other, All Might's shirt (just a plain dark muscle shirt) falls apart, and the two just stare at All Might’s bare chest for a few seconds. This leads Dave to design All Might's first iconic hero costume in the scene following immediately after.
  • Kirishima and Bakugo getting ridiculously lost in the tower:
    Bakugo: Moron! You sure you know where we're going?
    Kirishima: I think so. I'm pretty sure this is the right way.
    Bakugo: (angrily) You're "pretty sure"!?
    Kirishima: (sheepish) Hey, I kinda left my phone back in the room so we're going on instinct here.
    • They somehow make it to the 80th floor without even hearing about the hostage situation. The reception is on the 2nd floor:
      Mineta: How the hell did they get to the 80th floor looking for the reception!?
  • Due to the villains hacking the island's security system, all TV, phone and Internet services are down, much to the chagrin of Ashido and Tsuyu. Tooru chirpily replies that they'll be "roughing it" to entertain themselves and holds up a deck of UNO cards.
  • At one point, the group making their way up the tower need someone who can both crawl through a maintenance shaft and climb up the outside in order to open the way for the rest. Everyone immediately looks at Mineta, who freaks out at the thought until Kaminari points out that if he pulls it off, a lot of women would probably think it was cool and heroic.
    • Kaminari's words continue to serve as Mineta's resolve to fight thereafter, such as when Kaminari is briefly captured by the security drones:
      Mineta: Don't hurt Kaminari! He's got a harem to get home to!
    • And while fighting the security drones in the server room:
      Mineta: I won't let you hurt my harem/ladies!
  • Kaminari exceeding his wattage limit and going into "stupid mode". His antics while short-circuited serve as a Funny Background Event for the remainder of the movie.
  • All Might saying he should be disappointed about the students ignoring his orders to stay away from the fight is this when you consider that not staying away from the fight is what made him pick Izuku as his successor in the first place. And funnier still is that at another time, he lauded the inability to stay uninvolved as a heroic trait.
    • The bit just before this is also incredibly amusing. Right after giving his orders through the transmission of Jiro’s earphone jacks and the group rallies to instead take initiative to retake the tower from the villains, Izuku gives one last look at All Might over the upper floor. And All Might IMMEDIATELY knows exactly what’s going to happen.
      All Might: (thinking) Wait…oh no, you have that LOOK in your eyes!
    • The “eye conversation” between All Might and Izuku with the former reiterating to his student and the others escape while the latter holds his resolve to rescue his mentor and the other hostages ending with All Might uttering “Young Midoriya/Midoriya Shounen!” The way he says it is exactly akin to the tone of a parent scolding their child.
  • This:
    Wolfram: Cut the chatter. One of them may have a quirk to spy on us.
    (Gilligan cut to Jiro listening in on their conversation via her ear-phone jacks)
  • Just about all of Bakugo’s snarky retorts both to whoever he’s teamed up with battling the villain grunts (usually Todoroki and yelling at the latter to not order him around) and the insults directed at said villains.
  • After defeating a pair of grunts, Bakugo and Todoroki go to check on Kirishima:
    Kirishima: (wedged into the wall from taking a blow for Bakugo early on in the fight) I'm stuck. Can’t…move! Can you guys help get me out of here?
    Bakugo: Are you really that stupid? Just turn your damn quirk off, you moron!
    Kirishima: ...Oh, right. Gee, why didn't I think of that?
  • Izuku revealing he wore the gauntlet Melissa gave him wasn't so much he brought it in the event of an emergency so much as he couldn't figure out how to take it off.
  • Bakugo smiling after All Might and Izuku deal the final blow to the villain. When Todoroki catches sight of it, Bakugo immediately looks away with his his usual scowl.
  • In the dub after the climatic battle, Izuku and Melissa reassure the others that they, All Might and Professor Shield are all okay, which is followed by this exchange:
    Melissa: How about you guys?
    Uraraka: We're fine!
    Iida: Alive, anyway!


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