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  • The Legend of The Black Blues Player. Just... You have to watch it to believe it.
  • In this Tryhard Tuesday video, Muselk backstabs a Sniper repeatedly and eventually comments, while heading towards the enemy spawn, how the Sniper has to be very paranoid when turning the corner. Cue the Sniper showing up with a Razorback. Made even better by Muselk getting headshot by that same Sniper at the very end of the video.
  • Worst Admins Ever is filled to the brim with this.
    • The ambulance heavy, an ambulance truck with the abilities of a heavy and Super Speed.
      • The Ambulance heavy starts going back and forth while attacking a Demoman, and it looks like it's ramming him to death.
    • "The emus have gained intelligence."
    • Muselk turning into a medkit and trying to camouflage into another medkit.
    • Homing crit Direct Hit rockets
    Muselk: No-no I'm fucking- I'm done. I'm done.
  • "TF2 Zombies! The Undead Return! Trainsaw Laser Arena!": Muselk having way too much fun with the Zombie Fortress Game Mod. Highlights include:
  • All three videos on the TF2x10 Game Mod. It starts with him jumping across the entirety of Lakeside using the Detonator and gets crazier from there.
    • Trying out the x10 Conniver's Kunai:
    Muselk: So people always seem to go on about the Kunai when going on about this mode, so I guess- (backstabs a Soldier and gets 2000 HP) Oh. Okay, now I see why.
    • The entire part when he bring the x10 Beggar's Bazooka to the enemy spawn, with a help of a Medic with a x10 Quick Fix:
    Muselk (after killing everyone inside the enemy spawn): Thank you very much! (noticing the kill feed is filled with just him blasting the enemy team inside the spawn) I just wiped the entire team! Look at the Quick-Fix! Look at the kill feed! What in the situation isn't completely insane! It's all going wrong, ladies and gentlemen! Nothing can save you now!
    Muselk: And now I got this guy trying to chase me- (gets airblasted out of the map) WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?
    (after respawning)
    Muselk: Uh... What did I just get hit by, and where can I get one?
    Muselk: Apparently, it has a slightly increased attack speed.
    • In his fourth video, he tries out the Holiday Punch and meets another Heavy with the Holiday Punch. What ensues is a laugh battle that takes place over a minute, where each shot ends with both members attacking.
  • In the Extreme Rancho Relaxo series, for one video he visits some of the more obscure maps in the game (having ostensibly been banned from the main-line maps for his antics). One of the maps he visits in this video is...Trainsawlaser. It goes just about how you'd expect it to go.
  • Video #4 on the x10 mod. All of it.
    (to the tune of "Ride of the Valkyries") "Dun-dun-dun-duuuun-dun that Scout's dea-ad, now is that Snipernote , who else is neeeeeext?"
    • He then tries the same with the Scotsman's Skullcutter, only to realize that he literally cannot move due to the Skullcutter's downside.
    • Muselk gets an entire server to go Demoman with the stock Grenade Launcher, then Spy with the stock Knife, followed by Medic with the stock Syringe Gun. The ensuing Grenade Spam / Blade Spam / Needle Spam must be seen to be believed.
    Muselk: This is just like an old England street knife fight. I mean, this should be what it's like to live in Britain, right?
    • He then gets an entire team to equip the Scottish Resistance and lay down a full 64 sticky bombs apiece in the spawn room and detonate them all at once. The ensuing lag spike drops a player from the server.
  • Muselk experimenting with bots. Artificial Stupidity ensues.
    "Let's see if [this army of BLU Spies] can make any plays on the cart... Looks like, uh, no one is recognizing anyone because they all think they're on the same team... (breaks down laughing)"
    • When he makes every bot a Scout, he comments on how they're finally learning to go for the objective (the previous attempts were all Spies and Snipers) and decides they need a few more carts to push. One cut later...
    "I think we've found the answer to 'How many tanks is too many'."
  • The Strange Inhabitants of CTF Servers, guest starring Tommy_Longbow, the F2P heavy with the Ghostly Gibus and the Provision Goggles.
  • Muselk meets jakepenhall, the king of the Free2Plays. Seeing Muselk slowly break down as jake repeatedly blows himself up is priceless.
    Muselk: How many times, jake? How many times till you learn!? Three is too many!
  • As showcased here, Overwatch has a glitch that allows Tracer to get inside the payload, preventing the enemy from pushing it. Hilarity Ensues as the enemy team tries to figure out what's going on. The crowning moment, however, comes when an enemy Roadhog comes to investigate and Muselk decides to throw a Pulse Bomb at him...
  • What we learn from this video: Don't give Muselk a rocket launcher minigun. And ESPECIALLY DON'T give him a rocket launcher minigun with bouncing ammo. Those weapons are so ridiculous, it managed to crashed his computer twice.
  • "I GOT HIM! HOLY FUCKING SHI- (pause) Okay. Okay. I just killed... a freaking disguised Spy... with a steering wheel. Can we let that sink in for a moment?"
  • During Muselk's race against Zylbrad to get a Play of the Game with Hanzo, Tyrodin remarks about getting killed by a Genji named "SirRetard." The group continues to make fun of this unfortunate name throughout the video. At one point, Muselk attempts to go for a cheeky ultimate from outside spawn, complete with a "Well Played" spray and a laughing emote, but he gets killed mid-taunt. Take a wild guess as to who could have possibly killed him. And who used that kill to climb to the Play of the Game. (Complete with three different perspectives!)
  • Overwatch: Reinhardt Boss Fight (One Reinhardt and his Torbjorn minion VS 6 other Torbjorns, hammers only and increased HP and ultimate charge rate bonus for everybody). As if that alone wasn't hilarious, there's this part earlier in the video: Muselk, as Mercy is sitting AFK, contemplating on why things are so weird with him and his friends, when a Roadhog tries to pull a Suicide Attack on him by jumping off a cliff and using his hook to pull Muselk down with him. He gets the jump correctly, but misses the hook, resulting in the Roadhog dying. Again, Muselk is standing still. Then later, he tries this again. Muselk is still standing still and surrounded by allies, but he misses everybody. Then he tries this a third time, and manages to hit Muselk. However, Muselk gets stuck on a rock, and while the Roadhog dies, Muselk doesn't even go over the edge.
  • During his Tequila Worm High Stakes video, where he tries his darndest to stay alive as he has to eat one every time he dies (not helped by his team's Medics deliberately trolling him), Muselk randomly decides to check out his Professional Killstreak effects by taunting and then rotating the camera. Cue the enemy Pyro. He manages to survive, but then decides to do so again. With the Escape Plan. Which wasn't even a Professional Killstreak weapon.
  • Zylbrad learns how to play TF2. Two amusing things happened:
    • One: Despite Muselk having more than 4,000 hours of experience in TF2, turns out he still didn't know that he can't teleport while bringing the intelligence briefcase in CTF.
    • Two: True to Zylbrad's affection to Bastion in Overwatch, he only became good when he used Heavy in the game.
    Muselk: The one class you can actually play, we finally found: it's Bastion.
  • While it's actually in one of Zylbrad's videos, listening to Muselk completely loose his cool when he can't put people to sleep with Ana and then do the "throw candy" emote over their sleeping forms is hilarious.
    Muselk: "Don't wake her up! Don't wake her—Oh my god! How hard is this to understand?! Stop waking up my fucking candy victims!"
  • In "The Teabag Apocalypse, Muselk, Tyrodin, and Brad choose Bazza to lead them to victory at the start of a match... only for Bazza to immediately die to a Junkrat.
  • Just listening to the introduction to his Grand Theft Auto V video with Bazza tells you what kind of wild ride you're in for, especially because you can hear how hard he's trying to keep from laughing the entire time.
    Muselk: "So within ten minutes of us trying to mix it up from Overwatch and play GTA, Bazza's just gone ham on the bong, and I'm trying to drink myself to death with red wine because a stripper has trapped us inside our own apartment. How did this happen?"
  • Easiest loot box ever? Not quite. Muselk does 3 V 3 deathmatches with randoms and only needs one win for a free lootbox. First match has him paired with someone trying to join Faze clan, and the second match has him paired with someone who's smoking a bong as he's playing. "After that (the stoner), it can't possibly get any worse!" -Muselk, 2016, right before someone else's rage quit leads to him getting kicked out of the game.
  • "The Support Dream Team". After coming out of a comp match wherein the enemy team was 500 SR above him, Muselk, by sheer Contrived Coincidence, ends up solo queuing into the same game as Zylbrad. Hilarity does, in fact, ensue as the two make a running gag of being "surprised" to see each other in their game.
  • The first part of "How to Beat a Hacker". Bazza just lost 3 competetive games in a row due to enemy D.Vas countering his Soldier: 76, then decided to try out D.Va himself... and ended up going mildly insane.
    Bazza: I'm gonna change my name to D.Va Main. Main is gonna be my last name.
    • When Tyrodin enters the chat, he doesn't take the whole "D.Va Main" talk seriously... Until Bazza changed his player portrait to a D.Va one, from the Soldier 76 one he had for months. Tyrodin's attitude changes very quickly.
    • One of the funniest parts of this video is when Muselk, Baz, Tyrodin and Brad decide to queue up in groups of two, with Muselk and Baz being together and Tyrodin and Brad being together. The very first match they queue in, they end up on the same team of the same match through sheer dumb luck. Cue screams of bewilderment from Brad and Tyrodin.
  • "The Extreme Rancho Relaxo Massacre." One person trying to follow Muselk to a difficult spot, only to end up falling off a cliff, is funny. A whole bunch of people jumping off cliffs repeatedly is absolutely hilarious, as are Muselk's increasingly baffled reactions.
  • The Genji King starts with Muselk and Tyrodin arguing over Genji's Blackwatch design... In-character as Genji and Gabriel Reyes/Reaper. Meanwhile, Bazza is playing McCree in his Blackwatch skin as well...
    Genji!Muselk: It's not even a real sword! Like, look at the handle of my-it's not-it's been put together with just random shit! Just, this entire outfit has been put together from random shit! Why are you going all cheapass on me?!
    Gabriel!Tyrodin: Look, look, we raided Winston's science lab, alright? He had a lot of crap-
    Genji!Muselk: You didn't even give me a shoulder pad for the other arm!
    Gabriel!Tyrodin: You said you wanted to be, you know, "fleshy"! You wanted some flesh, and we left it.
    Bazzagazza: I'm so immersed in the RP right now. It's ridiculous.
    Quick cut to the game starting
    Bazzagazza: This is really the full Blackwatch experience right now.
    Tyrodin: This is. This is Blackwatch. (Laughs) This is what caused the fall of Overwatch, Blackwatch couldn't get their shit together, no budget.
    Genji!Muselk: Shaun, we need to talk about all the shotguns you've been wasting.
    Gabriel!Tyrodin: I'm the fucking leader, I can do what I want!
    Genji!Muselk: Look, this is the reason why I've got half an armor body because you keep wasting our money on this shit!
    Gabriel!Tyrodin: What do you mean?! We gave you a kickass-looking razor sword, it's, you know...
    Genji!Muselk: I've got wires hanging out of the back of my head! You didn't even finish it!
    Gabriel!Tyrodin: Yeah, it's a work in progress, we'll fix it later.
    Later, in Eichenwalde, the trio hide in the corner of a music shop on top of a couple of speakers and a trombone
    Muselk: This is the elite task force also known as Blackwatch.
    Tyrodin and Gazza turn towards each other and are so close that Reyes and McCree look like they're about to kiss, everyone starts laughing
    Muselk: You two look like you're about to make out, oh my God!
    McCree!Bazzagazza: Stare into my eyes!
  • In "The World's Worst Widowmaker", Oasis manages to convince stubborn players with her cute voice and gender to change their characters and managed to convince to multiple players, both friends and enemies to die for her; but when Muselk asks someone to change character, they ignore him. When Muselk tries to prolong the game, one player stunned him then taunted him.
    Oasis: (innocently talking to a player who is currently selecting Roadhog) Do you, do you mind healing with me, is that OK?
    Said player pauses for a moment then switches to Lucio, causing Muselk to angrily jump around while the other guest (Mr. Fruit) is shocked.
    Muselk: (angrily) No!, I'm fucking done, I'm fucking done! This is bullshit! Next thing, next thing you know she's gonna tell people to play the objective and they'll actually do it. Unbelievable.
    • They then experiment with how much they can get away with Oasis's voice. This culminates in getting some of the enemy team to help Muselk get The Floor is Lava.
  • Muselk repeatedly playing the song "Respect" by Aretha Franklin in "Respect Your Supports". much to the annoyance of Bazza and Tyrodin
    Muselk: You know what I said, you know what I've been saying everybody, it's that...
    Starts playing "Respect" by Aretha Franklin.
    Tyrodin: Shut up.
    Bazzagazza: (groans) Oh my god.
    Muselk: What am I asking for boys?
    Tyrodin: What do we, what do we do?...
    Bazzagazza: You're asking for new friends is what you're asking for!
  • Muselk and Bazza try out the Horizon Lunar Colony map. Much delighted randomness and distractions ensue.
    Muselk: I love how, like, "we're gonna go tryhard for a round!", then we're like "SPINNING POT PLANTS!"
  • When Muselk was playing capture the flag with Bazza and Tyrodin, a Reinhardt charged at him causing him to fall off of the map. Fortunately Muselk was playing as Winston and he frantically and successfully used his ultimate to jump back the platform. When he reached the point and had reassured himself of his success, he was devastated to discover that he had actually lost the flag during the leaps to safety.

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