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My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean

  • Jessica (actually another passenger) manages to trick the murderer into exposing themselves by pretending to be drunk during the confrontation. It also crosses into a Moment of Awesome when her niece and another passenger manage to help her expose them.

A Fashionable Way to Die

  • Jessica asks the inspector if she can come when he interviews more suspects. She requests this in a totally professional tone, yet the inspector convinces himself she's captivated by him.

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly

  • Sheriff Tupper wanders in on Jessica and Seth's dinner together for the second time in the episode. On the doctor's offer, he samples the food. Seth says it's escargot. He and Jessica are both clearly expecting a horrified reaction when Amos finds out what meat escargot contains.note 

Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

  • Pretty much the entire episode.

Curse of the Daanav

  • The Running Gag of the police officer investigating the case continually mistaking Jessica for a federal agent of some kind. Just as it looks like she might iron it out at the end, Seth sets him off again.

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

  • The ambulance to take away the Victim of the Week is held up, so the body keeps getting stowed in different rooms and scaring the bejeebers out of wedding guests. It culminates in Donna getting thoroughly freaked out when she finds the body in her bathroom. Her mother is hilariously nonchalant about it at this point and only expresses relief because everyone was looking for the body, like Donna just found a lost wallet or something.

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