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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Several male NPCs flirt on Momohime if you talk to them. Little do they know, Jinkuro is currently controlling her body and will occasionally reply with a snark. Some of them get even turned on more from this act. One of which is the Drunkard in Musashi.
    Drunkard: Oh, is this some new style? An innocent face and a powerful blade? Let's take a look...
    Momohime Jinkuro: Don't you ogle at me. You'd be better suited to mate with a Radish!
    Drunkard: Ooh, very nice. I find proud, spirited women irresistible. Say some more...
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  • In contrast, Jinkuro mocks Momohime's appearance in some instances, such as saying this line after visiting a hot spring for the first time.
    Stop whining that it's embarrassing to be seen naked. Who's interested in you?
  • If you play as Kisuke and encounter Momohime in the hot springs, he will subtly mock the girl for being too skinny. To add insult to injury, Kisuke mentions that she's not his type.
    • Like Jinkuro's case in the first hot spring scene with Momohime, Kisuke never runs out of ways to (unknowingly) insult the girl in their subsequent encounters, especially if you're playing as her.
    (First encounter)
    Kisuke: And I'm here with these Monkeys. So even if you're here, it doesn't matter to me.
    Momohime: You're comparing me to a Monkey?
    (Second encounter)
    Momohime: You again? Now you've seen twice what I haven't even shown my lord... You must be stalking me!
    Kisuke: I'm trying to relax here, you windbag! How could I be stalking you when I was here first? Could you keep quiet like that Monkey?
  • Jinkuro possessing Momohime's body to get drunk, and Momohime complaining about the resulting hangover.
  • The incredible nonchalance of the goal of Momohime's Act 7:
    Sneak into Takamagahara via the entrance in Ise Province and become an evil demigod.
  • Okoi-Miike the nekomata in the hot springs, panicking so much it causes a comical expression.
  • Otae showing up in front of Gonbe during the night, as a spirit. Gonbe quickly thinks she's there to send him to the afterlife.
    Gonbe: Oh no! I pay homage to the Infinite Light! I pay homage, I pay homage, I pay homage...
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  • Due to massive under-staffing in Hell, the demons are unable to properly torture the souls of the dead. It gets to the point where Gonbe and everyone else willingly go to Lord Enma to increase the workforce taking pity on the overworked demons.
  • On areas with multiple-storey buildings, the rooms are lit in a way that you are able to see what's going on the inside due to the silhouettes. If you take the time to watch them, you can see things which include dancing women, kneeling men, or skulls flying across the room.

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