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Funny / Mulholland Dr.

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  • When Kesher asks the driver of a car if he's chauffeuring the Castigliane brothers. The driver tells him to "beat it", while Adam is holding a golf club. Guess what happens next.
  • The hitman's establishing scene. A visual guide in how not to kill somebody.
  • Most of the scenes that find Adam Kesher having a really bad day are quite hilarious.
    • Billy Ray Cyrus. Nuff said.
    • The mobster dealing with Kesher’s wife.
  • Coco's reaction to one of her tenants letting his dog take a dump in the courtyard. She also mentions a former tenant who brought in a kangaroo.
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  • Adam's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction to being told he has to meet the cowboy.
  • Betty and Rita rehearsing. Betty's acting is very hammy and the dialogue is very stilted. Eventually they both crack up laughing at how silly it is.
  • At the start of Betty's audition, the director gives her some advice that sounds incomprehensible. Cue everyone making a look that says "I've been hearing this same line 5 times now and I still don't know what he's talking about".
  • A meta-example: The hobo who appears behind the diner's dumpster gives a strange look before disappearing. The reason behind it is the actress who played the character gave David Lynch goo-goo eyes every time she looked at him. She was cast for the part because they met at a party and he liked the look of her face and wanted her for a role.

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