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Funny / Muhammad Hassan

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  • This exchange between Hassan's manager Daivari (who rarely spoke English while managing Hassan, and preferred instead to yell in Farsi) and Chris Jericho:
    Daivari: (yells something in Farsi at Jericho)
    Jericho: First of all, you just had about 15,000 Canadians calling you two an asshole. Second of all, I understand what you've been saying. No, seriously, I've been studying really hard to figure out your language, I want you to feel welcome. So let's see, carry the 'T' okay. He said Chris Jericho, your band Fozzy has a new record entitled All That Remains that's coming out worldwide tomorrow, and you want an autographed copy of the CD, right?
    (Hassan and Daivari's expressions change to surprised, and Daivari says 'That's not what I said!' without a microphone)
    Jericho: Well, you know what? You didn't say "please," so sorry (imitates buzzer noise) thanks for coming out, Junior!
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  • I'm gonna propagandas your face with my fist!

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