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  • If you enjoy some good old fashioned Tom and Jerry-esque slapstick, this movie will not disappoint.
  • After dragging Caesar through the house by his van's tow cable the mouse decides to add insult to injury by defecating on his chin before going back into the house.
  • This scene when Ernie sees a bum on the street.
    Ernie: Look at that, sleeping on the street. Pitiful.
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  • The entire sequence where Ernie and Lars get blown up, sending Ernie rocketing out of the chimney and crashing into the lake and the subsequent conversation the brothers have comprised entirely of Angrish.
  • Lars criticizing Ernie's attempts to shoot the mouse.
    Lars: What, are you crazy? You're blowing the whole house up. The only thing you haven't hit so far is the mouse. Why don't you give someone else a chance with that gun.(Ernie points the gun at him.)You're doing a wonderful job.
    • This:
    Lars: What are you doing!?
    Ernie (grabs shotgun off all): I'm gonna kill that unspeakable thing once and for all.
    Lars: Nonono-
    Ernie: STAY BACK! I'm a man on a mission!
    Lars: This is crazy. Put the gun down, calm down, calm down. Your gonna blow a hole in the wall! Think of the money Erni- (sees the mouse) SHOOT! SHOOT HIM!!
  • This exchange when the brothers ask Maury for a vicious cat to hunt the mouse.
    Maury: You know I might just have one. I had given up hope on anyone wanting him. We were about to gas him again...
    Ernie and Lars (in unison): Again???
  • During the auction Lars ends up catching the mouse, who then promptly escapes down Lars's sleeve and pants. He and Ernie then have this exchange while trying to get the mouse out of Lars's pants.
    Lars (having caught the mouse in the crotch of his trousers): I've got you now my little friend!
    Ernie: Hold it there Lars! I'll get it out! (Goes to undo Lars's zipper)
    Lars: Can you find it???
    Ernie: (As he's got his hand down Lars's pants): I'm not sure!
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  • "What's that? HORSE? FIENDISH! I WON'T EAT IT!"

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