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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Bo'Rai Cho's second Fatality:
    "Oooohhh, that was a stinky one... hohohoho!"
  • Trigger the Sky Temple Death Trap on Havik and knock him off the temple. What does a cleric of Chaosrealm contemplate as he plummets to his doom?
    "AAAAAAAAh, man, this is gonna suck! Guaaaaa-[SPLAT]
    • In that same vein, knocking Ermac off the Sky Temple. The one thing the entire legion of souls that comprise his being agree on saying as they face death, and it's...
  • Shao Kahn's Hara-Kiri. He throws his hammer up into the air, and it bounces off his head.
    • Most of the Hara-Kiris are absolutely hilarious. Special note goes to Sindel, who botches a backflip and breaks her own neck; and Dairou, who somehow bends backwards and snaps himself in half like folding a piece of paper.
    • Scorpion has a good one in that it defies all expectations; rather than doing something like setting himself on fire or using his spear to rip his head off, he simply just kneels down... and snaps his own neck.
  • Liu Kang's second fatality, when performed against himself or any of the female characters, can be absolutely hilarious.
  • The Kollector's Edition contains a trading card video for Johnny Cage. His enemies are listed as "Shang Tsung, Goro, Movie Critics".
  • In Konquest, Havik wants Shujinko's help to convert three Orderrealm soldiers to Chaos, under the guise that he will teach him the ways of Chaos as a reward. Once Shujinko actually does the quest and returns to Havik, he admits to lying and intends to kill Shujinko. When Shujinko wins their fight, Havik proudly proclaims that Shujinko has learned the ways of Chaos. Shujinko, obviously ticked, asks how is that possible if he tried to kill him, and Havik explains that Chaos is basically learning through experience to defend himself rather than being told how to do so. Shujinko thanks him for the mock battle, but Havik tells him that he would have killed him if given the chance.
    • Ironically, Havik is one of the few characters in Shujinko's journey who was completely helpful, even in his betrayal, he helped him.
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  • In Konquest, before an optional fight with Scorpion, a yes/no prompt pops up saying ""GET OVER HERE!!" Will you go over there?"
  • Perform a Fatality and a Hara-Kiri at the same time.
  • "Would you care to come back later for some Nikko stew?" Explanation 
  • There's something amazing about how Konquest has a dedicated button for punching people. You can just walk up to anyone you like, and flat-out deck them. Some NPCs go down in one punch, others simply whine and complain about you hitting them for no good reason ("Are you insane?! I am not the enemy, Shao Kahn is!") or threaten you if it's someone like Shao Kahn himself. And other times they'll block it, then complain or even hit Shujinko right back and leave him flat on his ass. The funniest goes to Sektor, who is just standing around in Edenia minding his own business, glitching out due to damaged parts. Punch him and he complains as such:
    Sektor: ERROR! ERROR!
    • It gets better. See what happens when you punch Mokap.
    Mokap: Ohhh, my balls!
  • One sidequest in Konquest involves a teenage boy who hires Shujinko to scare his grandfather. You accomplish this by slowly walking up behind him and talking to the old man. The boy pays you and offers to pay double if Shujinko does it again, but the second time you do it, the old man dies from a heart attack in shock.
  • In Konquest, Mokap's goofy walk in Orderrealm. And you get something for punching him!
    • One sidequest in the Earthrealm village has Shujinko looking for proof that oni exist for a brother and sister. When night falls, an oni appears in the village, doing the same goofy walk down the street. And you have to punch him out to get a tooth to show the siblings!
  • Raiden's first Fatality, where he blows himself up alongside with his enemy. Note that this is the ruthless Dark Raiden, and this isn't even a case of Taking You with Me, he just makes a mistake that costs him dearly.
  • Triggering a Death Trap in the first round is this, in and of itself. You get to send your opponent falling to their death, crushed by machines/rocks/etcetera, or horribly killed otherwise, and they're up and fighting again the next round.
  • When you fail Kenshi's basic low attack training in Konquest, he says this:
    Kenshi: I could do this when I was 10! Repeat your training!
  • Puzzle Kombat, the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo-style minigame where the characters take on a Super-Deformed appearance and engage in more slapstick violence with each other, such as uppercutting an opponent and sending them flying offscreen for a few seconds, or giving a present to your opponent, which then explodes in their face.
    • And then there's the end screen and its upbeat acapella song.
  • Some Citizens of Choasrealm and Netherrealm have their speech reversed. Returned forward provides lore and forshadowing, but also funny messages:
    Rain is purple. [[Music/Prince Get it?]]
    I am speaking backwards. Spooky, isn't it?
    Drink milk. Get plenty of sleep. Listen to your parents. Do your homework.
    Ed Boon 490. Ed Boon 490. Ed Boon 490.
    Parents of the world: There is no Satanic content hidden in the backwards speech of Mortal Kombat
    It is said the John Vogel is a genius.
    Mortal Kombat. Toasty. Frosty. Finish him. Fatality. Flawless Victory.
    If you have decoded this, you have way too much time on your hands, my friend.

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