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Funny / Mortal Kombat: Conquest

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  • The amount of fanservice can be pretty funny, as nearly every female character walks around with very little clothing on and most of the men are shirtless or with well-toned muscles.
  • The CGI special effects, while good for 90s television standards, look pretty hokey today.
  • The final episode has a funny moment when Raiden tries to zap Shao Kahn, only for his powers to fizzle out. He grunts and points at him and there's no lightning. So he tries it again, to the same effect. Even Shao Kahn laughs at him.
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  • Shao Kahn's final speech can be this as well, if not only because of the line delivery. As he shows items from the fallen warriors, he presents them to Raiden as if he's using them as a joke, as evidenced by his gleeful Ham and Cheese.
    Two sorcerers...(casually tosses robes away) dead. A queen...(looks over at Raiden with the biggest Troll expression possible) dead.~

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