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    In General 
  • Every New Year, the guys are realeasing a video full of hilarious bloopers and other bonus material from all of their content.
  • They turned Incredible Lame Puns into art - especially notable in Basses Rätt i Skafferiet.
  • Whenever there's nudity in a movie reviewed in Felix Recenserar, an image of Bamse will be used to censor said nudity. If the nudity in question is specifically a penis, an image of Vargen may be used instead.

Poesiklubbens Poetiska Diktarafton - Tema: Ångest
  • The whole video, seriously. The guys are reading out loud several texts, among others the lyrics of "Macarena" and the Batman Theme Song, as if they are serious works of poetry.
    Na na na na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na na... Batman!

Felix Recenserar - Hip Hip Hora

  • Just the fact that this is one of their first reviews and somewhat considered as an Old Shame.
  • Felix calling the scene where the girls create a drink from Sofie's father's alcohol collection a "witch-brewing-montage".
  • When they taste test their creation:
    Emma: Alcohol is supposed to be disgusting, that's why you get drunk!
    Felix: Was that Gandhi who said that, or so?
  • Felix overanalysing Sebastan's room.
  • "You loose more brain cells watching Big Brother than getting a lobotomy."
  • When Sofie attacks her teacher, there's a zoom on her angry face with Ominous Latin Chanting in the background.

Felix Recenserar - Angel
  • Felix' rage at Helena Bergström in general.
  • When someone comments how hard Angel's song is:
    Felix: I've heard children's songs that were harder that this!
  • "This is inception of bad acting: A character played by Helena Bergström is bad at acting!"
  • Felix demonstrating Bergström's bad English:
    Angel: [holding a child] Hee's scäred of mi!
    Felix: This child will be scarred for life. By the way, very good English!
    [cut to another scene]
    Angel: Aj äm wörking with...compjuters..
    Felix: Please stop talking.
    [cut to another scene]
    Angel: Eet's for yoo!
    Felix: Even Tommy Wiseau is better!

Felix Recenserar - Goldie

  • When Goldie is sitting in front of a fly agaric and sniffs on it:
    Felix: Goldie, please, eat it. So we can avoid more suffering.
  • The magic trees is telling stories about humans.
    Tree: Sometimes, evil hunters come to the forest and shoot at the animals so that they die.
    Felix: But sometimes they shoot at the animals so that they live!
  • After Goldie's mother disappears, everybody in the forest gets sad and the sun starts shining less bright.
    Felix: Scheiße! It's as if the whole forest got a fucking Emo epidemic!
  • Felix points out the poor animation.
    Felix: I do not know if you have noticed it, but every time an animal talks, they blink constantly. So in the three frames of animation they had, they put both blinking and talking simultaneously. It did not go too well. [Starts blinking] How fun had it been if I did this entire review, blinking as I move my mouth? Not particularly fun, huh? [Cue a poorly drawn and animated Felix] Or even worse, if I were to animate it as poorly as they did in this movie? [Poorly drawn and animated Felix laughs to a snippet of the soundtrack]
  • A bear recognises Goldie's mother by the white spot on her leg. Cue a montage of the bear and Goldie'a mother doing poses while "Sexy Undercover" by Barry White is played in the background.
  • When the animals return to the forest after saving the deer, the bear is carrying one of the deer over his shoulders.
    Felix: So the bear was allowed to kill one of the deer as long as it wasn't Goldie's mother!

Felix Recenserar - Rosa The Movie

  • When Galadriel gives Rosa something:
    Felix: (as Galadriel) Here, some LSD!
    [cue LSD montage]
  • When Rosa talks to herself in the bathroom:
    Felix: It's maybe not a good idea to become mentally ill at a toilet where anybody can go anytime!
  • When the interviewer in Rosa's Imagine Spot suddenly becomes a giant rat:
    Felix: What..what is that, take it away! [cue "Psycho" Strings]
  • During the horror-themed night at the camp, when a man dressed up totally in black enters the girl's room:
    Rosa: Who are you?
    Man: I am death.
  • Galadriel is angry at Rosa:
    Galadriel: I don't want you to feed Bilbo!
    Felix: (as Galadriel) I want him to die!

Felix Recenserar - Wabuu

  • "It's not a horror movie - I promise!"
  • Felix is happy to read that Wuschel the squirrel is going to be in the movie - after his name was changed to "Putte" in Goldie, only to find out that his name got changed to "Pjuske".
    Felix: "Putte", that is at least a name, there are people who are called so, but "Pjuske", that is a fucking noise, it sounds like someone's sneezing!
  • The movie starts extremely abrupt with Wabuu's theme song, with no introduction at all - cue Felix unsuccessfully trying to ask Wabuu to stop for a moment.
  • "Wabuu is a raccoon - and as far as I know they don't jump around like rabbits!"
  • On one piece of the "soundtrack":
    Felix: The music reminds me a little of Jaws - only awfully bad!
  • After some strange sounding lines, Felix assumes that the movie got translated via Google Translate. It's funny because it's probably true.
  • "The owl is my favourite character! He's there in only one scene, doesn't do a single thing and shuts his mouth all the time!"

Felix Recenserar - Death Academy

  • One of the characters in the prologue runs into the murderer, but incapacitates him by pushing him.
    Felix: (As the murderer) Oh no, a gentle push! My only weakness!
  • Elin and Linda start talking about the murder that happened in the prologue.
    Elin: I think that Niklas was innocent.
    Linda: Why?
    Elin: Well, we're supposed to make a group project on a Swedish crime. I want to make one about this.
    Felix: This is the kind of bad acting that's said to only exist in fairy tales and legends. And here we've got it, right in front of our eyes. [Picks up a spoon] Let's all take a spoon and pick out those eyes.
  • After the teacher is shown eating an apple, but then promptly spits it out.
    Felix: (As the teacher) Who put rat poison in my apple, huh?
  • When Niklas is released from prison at the beginning, Elin asks him who he thinks the murderer was.
  • After the gang throws acid in the principal's face.
    Felix: Check this out, kids! If you do your homework, you get to kill your principal in creative ways!
  • After Jimmy's brother is killed.
    Linda: That does not look like the principal, he's a lot more-
    Felix: Handsome!
  • When the gang is hiding in a room.
    Jimmy: I think he left!
    Felix: I'm betting one million he hasn't left yet.
    [The murderer opens the door and barges in]
    Felix: [Cash register noise] I'm rich!
  • When two burglars break into the school to steal the school's computers.
    Felix: Why'd you want to do that? They suck dick! They can't even run Paint without crashing!
    • When they turn out to actually only be stealing the graphics cards, not the computers themselves.
    Felix: So they're taking the graphics cards... from a school computer? "Yeah, I'm gonna go home and play Crysis on a graphics card that can't even show Windows 95's start menu!"
  • When Niklas and Elin are alone and the only remaining survivors.
    Felix: (As Niklas) I think we've got to repopulate the planet.
    Felix: (As Elin) But we aren't the last people left on Earth...
    Felix: (As Niklas) No, but that doesn't matter!
  • "The characters are kinda like the Scooby-Doo gang: a bimbo who's completely worthless, a smart but not as attractive girl, two dumb dudes and a hairy dog... or well, a mass murderer."

Felix Recenserar - Rudolf med Röda Mulen

  • Felix reacting to Santa's voice.
    Santa sounds like he's smoked three packs of cigarettes every day since the medieval ages.
  • When the adult reindeer and Santa's elves show up and make fun of baby Rudolph.
    Felix: Look at the newborn reindeer! He's so fucking ugly! His nose looks like a fucking tumor, hahahaha!
  • "Wow, anti gravity candy!"
  • Santa shows up and compliments Rudolph's nose, while winking.
    Felix: What was that wink about?
    Felix: (As Santa) No, Rudolph, nobody thinks you're hideous with that nose [wink]. I promise, I wasn't the one who came up with the name "Rudolph with the Chernobyl nose" [wink].
  • During Santa's song number.
    Santa: [Singing] Everyone has a place in Santa's family tree!
    Felix: How can Rudolph be a part of Santa's family tree? Does Santa have sex with reindeer?
  • When Rudolph runs away from home after he hears his father insulting him:
    Felix: [with sad violin music in the background] He doesn't look that sad, but inside him his heart is shattered. It was as if an icicle full of fear is crushed by a stream roller in autumn!
  • "And then they meet Indiana Bear, but that's boring, so we'll skip it"
  • "Did you hear that? It sounds like somebody's singing a bad ballad! Let's go strangle her!"
  • When Felix is commenting on some tidbits from the end credits.
    Felix: Wait a minute! It also says that all the characters are made up! Do they mean that... Santa isn't real?! My childhood... My life... Everything is in ruin...

Felix Recenserar - Santa Buddies

  • Felix exasperation about movies with talking animals in general:
    Three movies about a a talking chihuahua's adventures in Beverly Hill! Why isn't humanity ashamed!
  • While the movie features (mostly) real dogs with only animated mouths, the reindeers are completely CGI:
    Felix: They didn't find any real reindeers who would sign Disney's contract that said that Mickey Mouse would own their soul forever.
  • After Lilletass' first scene:
    Felix: I'm usually against animal abuse but...well...not in this case.
  • When the Golden Retriever pups are introduced:
    B-Dawg: I don't sing, I rap!
    Felix: [speechless] ...
    [Repeat of B-Dawg's line]
    Felix: Basse, shoot me, shoot me NOW! I don't have the strength to do it myself! A dog who is a wigger stereotype! Who thought that this was a good idea?! [...] Shoot me! Shoot me NOW!
    [Basse shoots him from behind the camera, the credits of Felix Recenserar are rolling]
  • Felix' breakdown after he realises that Christopher Lloyd is in this movie.
  • When a child goes to the Mall Santa:
    Santa: What do you wish?
    Child: [from Young Swift's "I Like"] Money and Bitches!
    Santa: Yeah, I'll give it a try.
  • Lilletass breaks Budderball's candy cane by stepping on it.
    Budderball: Who do you think you are that you break my candy cane just like that?
    Felix: Yeah, you have to treat my candy cane more gentle, if you know what I mean...
  • Mudbud destroys his owners' white furniture after playing in the mud.
    Child: Oj...
    Felix: [Holding a gun] Oj, now we have to kill him.
  • When the pups realise how they were treating Lilletass:
    Rosebud: We should be ashamed.
    Felix: Yes, everyone who is in this movie should be ashamed!
  • When Lilletass is in the shelter with another dog called Mimmi:
    Felix: It can't get any worse.
    Mimmi: [starts singing]
    Felix: This was the last thing we needed, a fucking song!
  • At the end the pups are pulling the sleigh instead of the reindeers, and B-Dawg's nose turns red.
    B-Dawg: My nose is shining more than my bling!
    Felix: I've lost all hope for humanity.
  • When Santa visits Mexico and a girl sees him flying away:
    Felix: (as the girl) Ay caramba!
  • And when he's flying to the USA:
    Postnisse: Farnsfield, Washington!
    Felix: (as Santa) Farnsfield! That's 'Murica!
  • At the end when Lilletass and the pups are talking farewell:
    Rosebud: You wanted to be a normal dog. That's impossible. You are too...note 
    Felix: ...stupid and you are the most ugly mutt I've ever met and I hope you'll die a painful death and that Santa kills himself!

Felix Recenserar - Livet är en schlager
  • When Felix introduces Helena Bergström's character.
    Felix: Helena Bergström's character is a personal assistent to Jonas Karlsson, who is crippled. I mean, not Jonas Karlsson, but his character.
  • Felix spots a cross in Björn Kellman's character's apartment.
    Felix: Look in the background, a cross! Björn probably believes in the Trinity - Kikki, Bettan och Lotta!note 
  • When Helena Bergström's character gets disappointed over that she can't play the song she recorded with Jonas Karlsson to anyone.
    Helena: It's nuts, putting so much time into something that won't become anything anyway!
    Felix: Yeah, so much work! Ten minutes in your kitchen and ten minutes at most to record it. Twenty minutes is an eternity! Just ask Dingo Pictures!
  • When Helena Bergström's character meets the manager.
    Manager: You know, there are a lot of fake and false things going on in this industry...
    Felix: Like your mustache! Seriously, look at it, it looks like somebody's painted it on there with a paintbrush! But I have to give it some cred: the fake mustache does the most convincing role interpretation in this movie. I'd sooner believe that this poorly drawn mustache is a mustache than I'd believe that Helena Bergström is a human being.
  • Felix' reaction to when Helena Bergström's character's husband chats with an Internet stranger in Australia pretending to be a Swedish girl and later by chance meets up with the "Australian", tells him about how he pretends to be a Swedish girl online and gets recognised.
    Felix: Okay, two enormous errors here! First, why would he say [that he catfishes people online] to a person he never ever met before? Second, how big are the odds that he would meet exactly that one person he talked to on the Internet? The chance of winning one billion crowns in the lottery, and then buying lottery tickets for the money and winning a thousand billion on every ticket is bigger!
  • When Bergström's character is rehearsing the song.
    Felix: I don't get why Jonas wants credit for that. If I had made a song and then had it crapped on by Helena Bergström, I wouldn't even have wanted it every other weekend to take to the zoo!

Felix Recenserar - Hata Göteborg

  • Felix describing the movie as "a Scanian version of Stockholmsnatt, but with less kung fu kicks".
  • "The guys live in Helsingborg, and their main hobby is going to Denmark and beating up Danish people. They don't have to go to Denmark to beat up Danish people, they could just beat up each other instead! Am I right? Huh, huh?"
  • When Johan wakes up and starts philosophing.
    Johan: There's got to be something else to life than drinking and fighting...
    Felix: Nah!
  • When Micke is introduced.
    Felix: He's like every screaming soccer coach ever, mixed with Patrick Bateman and a potato!
  • When the gang is hanging out in Jonas' house.
    Jonas: Does anyone want to play CS with me?
    Girl: Shut up, Isak's trying to tell us about his vacation!
    Jonas: Rogge?
    Rogge: Do I have to?
    Felix: You don't have to do anything, Rogge, stand up for yourself!
    Rogge: Whatever... [Leaves the room to join Jonas]
    Felix: Or just chicken out, that works too!
  • When Johan is monologuing about his new friends.
    Johan: Nora and Elvi have lived in Helsingborg since they were kids. And we've never seen them before...
    Felix: That's not so strange considering you're spending all your time getting wasted in Denmark...
  • When the gang is at the gym.
    Johan: Rogge, for fuck's sake! Are you trying to kill me?
    Felix: I think he's considering doing that... [Cue zoom in on Rogge while fading to black and white, accompanied with "Psycho" Strings]
    • When Rogge isn't allowed to meet Y-Man.
    Jonas: Rogge, you don't seriously think that you can tag along to meet Y-Man and his buddies, do you?
    Rogge: Nah, of course [not].
    Felix: Rogge doesn't sound offended at all. When he's responding it doesn't at all sound like he's being insulted, it sounds more like he's making small talk on the job.
    Felix: (As Rogge) You know, I hope Pelle's gonna be sharing cookies on lunch break today...
    Felix: (As Jonas) He did that already last week, so he probably won't.
    Rogge: Nah, of course.

Felix Recenserar - Beck: Mannen utan ansikte

  • The intro of the two robbers kidnapping Felix and forcing him to review the movie.
  • Beck finds a message on the kitchen table. When he lifts it to read it we see a letter saying "STOP MAKING BECK MOVIES!" Cue Beck chuckling in response.
  • When Jörgen's wife is getting interviewed.
    Beck: How was your relationship like, the one you had with Jörgen?
    Wife: It was stable.
    [Cut to the music video for Dr. Alban's Alla Vi, specifically the part where Alban says "it's stable"]
  • When Solveig gets a photocopy of Jörgen's cut off face, that looks a bit, well...
    Felix: (as Solveig) Now he has printed his ass and sent it me again. Wait, what kind of hole is that?! [cut to Solveig sitting on a bench crying] There's not supposed to be a hole there!
  • Hassan tries to destroy the dictaphone by hitting it.
  • When the wife admits to murdering Jörgen and tells Beck about her motivations.
    Murderer: And you know what the worst thing was? That asshole said that he was happy!
    Felix: And she hates happy people! She's almost a Disney villain!
  • At the end, the robbers blow up Felix' house because he was badmouthing the movie.
    Felix: Where am I supposed to live now?
    Random Macke: [pointing at a house] There!
    Felix: [shrugs]

Felix Recenserar - Ringaren från Notre Dame

  • The whole introduction that can be read here.
  • When the narrator is describing 14th century Paris:
    Narrator: And like in all other ages, there were also children.
    Felix: And like in all other ages, there were also stones and trees...and houses...
  • When Quasimodo is found as a baby:
    Nun. This is no child, dear sister. This is a deformed ape!
    Felix: Actually, every character in this movie looks like a deformed ape.
  • Felix' comment on Quasimodo's unintentional Silly Walk:
    How the fuck is he walking? It looks as if he's doing high knee skips…but downwards!
  • When the poet is reciting his poem:
    Piere: In the sea, there is a shark swimming every day! It swims 12 knots per hour!
    Felix: That is supposed to be a "poem", but it sounds more as if he's reeling off a Wikipedia article.
  • "Everyone is watching Esmeralda dancing on the square. If you can call a four-picture-animation "dancing"."
  • When Piere is sentenced to die:
    Man: You will be hanged on the gallows.
    Felix: Fuck yeah! Finally someone is dying in this movie!
    • And then Esmeralda comes to the rescue:
    Esmeralda: You hang him?
    Man: Yeah, unless you want to have him.
    Esmeralda: Yes, I'll take him.
    Felix: Why do they talk about him as if they want to throw away leftover food?
  • Esmeralda finds her mother who lost her as a child to the romani people and hated them since then:
    Mother: I, who was so full of hate...
    Felix: (as the mother, in a lovely voice) Aww, I thought you were disgusting and deserved to die! Aww, I hated you so much! Aww!
    • The goodbye between Esmeralda and her mother:
    Mother: (to Esmeralda) Go to your friends and travel far far Paris!
    Felix: Eeeeeh...YOU ARE ALREADY IN PARIS!
  • Felix' reaction to Dingo Pictures' infamous "head-bobbing guy":
    What the fuck?! What the hell is that, is that Barbapapa's missing son or what?!

Felix Recenserar - Jag Saknar Dig

  • When Tina asks Tobbe's ex about him, who pretty much hates him now:
    Ex: And he's reading so many books...
    Felix: Hold your horses right there! He's reading books?! What a mutherfucker!
  • When Cilla is hurting herself by sticking scrissors in her gums after their father hit her sister Tina:
    Felix: [hesitantly] That..showed him..
  • Felix remarking that "Ailu" sounds like a Finnish detergent. And that he's a bit like the movie's Edward Cullen because he's big, old and mystical.
    • Basically, throughout the review Felix calls him only either "The Finnish Detergent" or "The Norrlandish Emo-Edward".
  • Cilla announces that she'll visit a movie camp where a known director will be present:
    Felix: Wow! What kind of visionary director will come? Is it James Cameron? Steven Spielberg? Or Tommy Wiseau?...No, it's only Måns Herngren.
  • After killing Cilla with his car, Martin destroys his drivers license and hurts himself with the broken fragments.
    Ailu: No, Martin!
    Felix: What do you mean, "no"! Here you have so much material for a new emo rock song! [singing] Drivers license pain! Oh yeah!
  • When Ailu is about to give Cilla something:
    Ailu: It's yours.
    [Cilla looks down and you can hear the sound of a zipper]
    Felix: No, of course it wasn't his penis, but a CD with Ailu's music...
  • When Ailu performes an emo song at Cilla's funeral:
    Ailu: [singing] How can God kill a life like that?
    Felix: Ehh, it wasn't God who killed her, it was this guy. [cut to a picture of Martin]
    • And when Ailu's song gets a little bit out of hand:
    Ailu: [singing loudly] I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!
    Felix: Ailu, did you take your medication today?
    • After the scene we cut to the school theatre:
    Girl: We all knew what Cilla wanted...
    Felix: [still in shock] Yeah, and it definitely wasn't that. [cut to Ailu smashing his guitar at the funeral]
  • Tina meets her love interest at the film camp:
    Stefan: Your eyes are so blue...they are green sometimes!
    Felix: [pretending to read a sophisticated poem with piano music in the background] Your eyes are so blue...And so blue, kinda...And so, well, blue...Yeah you know what I mean!
    • And when Tina suddenly faints:
    Felix: [panicked, as Stefan] Tina, your face is totally blue! [thoughtful] Blue, just like your eyes!

Felix Recenserar - Pochahontas

  • "It starts with half a minute where the screen is totally black. If it continues like that it could be the best Dingo Pictures movie ever!"
  • Felix calls Dingo Pictures different names throughout the review, among others Diego Pictures and Dongo Pongo.
  • Mr Crunchbone is willing to do anything to get North America's gold:
    Felix: He surely has a crunchboner for gold!
  • When Goldie has a little cameo:
    Felix: They are screening Goldie in the forest! Shoot the projector!
  • "Then, Wabuu finally finds some place where he's home" [Wabuu looks into a trash can]
  • When Smith looks up to the roof:
    Felix: Apparently, it was too much work to draw him moving his head, so it looks like he's shitting himself instead.
  • When Wabuu is singing his theme song again:
    Felix: It can't be worse than last time in any case...[five seconds in the song]...forget what I just said!
    • After the song:
    Bird: You can see that!
    Felix: What can you see?! The only thing I see is an incredibly ugly cook! His arms are totally deformed, his hands are the wrong way around, he's holding the frying pan under his nail, his ass is at his front and he's smiling, but his eyes are telling another story.

Felix Recenserar - Tahkorerna

  • Felix commenting on Basse's excuses for his characters having to leave all the time, since he plays both one of the heroes and the Big Bad.
    Felix: "Ratos gets stung" By what? A knight with a super cool sword, or a snake with really sharp fangs? No, by a mosquito...
  • Felix talking about how he thought he would, in any sense of the word, become famous for his involvement with Tahkorerna.
    Felix: At the time, I had a mental disorder called self esteem. Fortunately, it went away later, in high school. [cut to a still of Felix smiling and doing thumbs-up with a flashing text reading "Yay for bullying!"]
  • Basse shows up in an outfit that's... uh...
    Felix: He's like a knight in boots... Literally! [cut to a close up of Basse's boots]
  • "When Basse is done pissing this poor rabbit in the face"
  • "I was wearing my best clothes: a t-shirt that looks like somebody ate a shit ton of limes and threw up, and a white shirt I'm sure my mom wouldn't allow me to wear."

Felix Recenserar - Strandvaskaren

  • During the introduction where the principal is holding a speech.
    Felix: (As the principal) In order to make this movie as much like Ondskan as possible, I'm going to be an asshole for this entire semester! Ha hahahaha!
  • The slasher film stereotype bingo.
  • In response to an exposition dump:
    Felix: Do you know what'd be even more exciting? If you didn't ramble exposition as if you were reading from the back of the DVD cover!
  • Felix' attachment and concern for Bengt the janitor.
  • "Oh, milk! I've always wanted to try that!"
  • "Fucking Mexicans, coming to take our lives."

Felix Recenserar - House Of Orphans

  • Felix' exasperation about the movie's bad English:
    Felix: If they just avoided speaking English, maybe the movie would have reached up to Death Academy's level! Yeah, you heard right, reached up!
  • Bruce is annoyed when Jackson destroyed his door:
    Bruce: Oh shit, I must fix this now!
    Felix: (as Bruce) Oh shiit, I möst be äcting, nau!
  • When Jackson is leaving after first meeting the family:
    Jackson: If you need anything...anything at all...just come over to Jackson! Come over sometime! Come over!
    Felix: I wonder if he wants them to come over, he didn't make it quite clear...
  • Felix' theory what happened to Amanda's father, involving an underwater kangaroo that killed him to use his hacked body for kangaroo cancer research.
  • When Amanda faints after touching a door handle:
    Amanda: What happened?
    Denise: You just touched a door handle...I'm sure you'll be alright.
    Felix: Well that's a completely normal reply... She's saying that as if she has been stung by a wasp or something like that...
  • Amanda and Denise find out that there has been a torture chamber in the house. Denise is shocked, whereupon Amanda tells her "Wait, there's more!" Felix doesn't miss the chance and uses a commercial clip with Amanda's line.
  • The girls find a box with a small human-like skull in the basement:
    Felix: Oh my shit, someone lay Nils Karlsson Pyssling's skull in a box!
  • Felix' reaction of pure shock when Ashley is introduced for the first time.
    Felix: This scene is not comedy gold, it's comedy platinum!
  • When Bruce is warning the girls from the basement:
    Bruce: Stay away from the basement!
    Felix: Stop reminding me of better movies I could have watched!
    [cut to the intro of The Forgotten 1973]
  • When one of the orphans in the flashback gets murdered, there's a cut to the bird from Wabuu screaming "Child murder! Child murder!"
  • One of the random teenagers is walking around in the basement.
    Boy: I must be crazy!
    Felix: I must be crazy! I'm talking to myself in English... but I'm Swedish!
  • Amanda finds a mirror in the basement and remarks that her mother would like it:
    Felix: She finds an ugly, broken mirror in a disgusting basement and the first thing she's thinking is "Oi, this one would my mother like! Because she's ugly, broken and disgusting!"

Mystikhörnan - Ondskans Triumvirat

  • Kenneth runs into a unicorn who tells him that he's lost his way.
    Unicorn: You believe that your friends have lied to you for a long time, but instead of bringing it up with them, you're fleeing from your problems - literally.
    Kenneth: You're so right, unicorn! I've been so fucking cowardly!
    Unicorn: Exactly. You're a real fucking chicken.
    • When the unicorn gives Kenneth a gun.
    Unicorn: Take this, you'll need it.
    Kenneth: But... Why does a unicorn have a gun?
    Unicorn: Don't question the mystical, Kenneth, only question the logical. That's how you become a real truth sayer!
    Kenneth: Okay, unicorn. [Loads the gun]
  • When Konrad and Morgan are talking about their options, but Morgan is still shook by Kenneth's disappearance.
    Konrad: Morgan, wake up!
    Morgan: Sorry.
    Konrad: You've got to focus, for fuck's sake!
    Morgan: Yeah, I know. I'm trying, but, Kenneth... he's gone.
    Konrad: Kenneth is dead, Morgan!

Felix Recenserar - Sune i Grekland

  • "Once he gets home, he immediately picks up a box that was under his bed. I bet it's filled with porn."
  • When the family is on the plane to Greece.
    Rudolf: Do you remember the movie Sällskapsresan?
    Felix: Yeah, I do. And I wish I didn't just remember it, but that I was watching it instead of this!
  • Sune meets his love interest on the plane.
    Felix: That's exactly how my parents met the first time.
    Sune: Sometimes, you just know when you've met the only right person.
    Felix: When bossa nova is playing in the background and your eyesight turns into a bad iMovie effect, then you're in love.
  • When Sune starts dancing for no particular reason and his parents walk in on him.
    Felix: (As Rudolf) Our son is a fucking retard!
    • "And then they have implied sex all night."
  • Sune decides to ask a bust of Aphrodite about how he can regain his "ability" to impress girls.
    Sune: I just don't know what to do!
    Felix: (As Aphrodite) Cover your entire body in butter. Come on, just do it! Don't question me!
    Sune: But that's illegal... Isn't there anything else I can do?
    Felix: (As Aphrodite) Shut the fuck up for an entire day. Nobody wants to hear your bullshit anyway.
    Sune: Oh thank you so very much, holy goddess Aphrodite!
  • Felix mentioning that there's a sequel in the works.
    Felix: Who the fuck is going to watch it? I can't understand how they think! Did Sune i Grekland really make that much money, or did Liam Norberg commit a new robbery and invest the money in 100 more fucking Sune films?

Felix Recenserar - G Som i Gemenskap
  • When Felix is introducing the movie and its director.
    Staffan Hildebrandt has often been called "Sweden's most criticized director". So now it's time to yell at him some more!
  • "Robban, who's a disgusting crackhead who dropped out of elementary school."
  • When Robban comes home and plays with his little brother.
    Robban: Can you see the elephant over there?
    Felix: Hopefully not, because he hasn't smoked 50 kilograms of weed the last few days.
  • Felix comparing Robban's mother's hair to a dead badger and then referring to Robban's house as "the badger nest".
  • When Magnus Uggla shows up and starts talking to Nicke.
    Magnus Uggla: You wanna know what I've done? I've booked two tickets to Greece. Did you fix the money?
    Nicke: Nah, I haven't spoken to mom about it yet.
    Magnus Uggla: Haven't you spoken to mom yet? But I told you to do that!
    Nicke: Okay, I gotta leave now.
    Felix: Why does he walk away now? Magnus Uggla just showed up! How rude! If Magnus Uggla showed up and asked me "haven't you spoken to mom yet?", I'd stay! To hear what more stupid things he had to say...
  • Felix theorizing about a sequel, named G Som i Gangster, directed by Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Danne Lehmussaari, where Sudden gets out of jail and captures all of Robban's friends.
    Felix: (As Magnus Uggla) Haven't you spoken to mom yet, Robban? [Picks up Robban's mother's severed head] Because I have!
    Felix: (As Robban) Noooooooo!

Basses Rätt i Skafferiet - America FUCK YEAH Edition

  • The way Basse says "cheesecake". As per usual, he is exaggerating his accent for comedy, and ends up pronouncing "cheesecake" more like "whescake" was a result.
  • "The first thing we're doing is make a little piece of dough"
  • For this episode, the usual Benny Hill theme used when Basse is doing certain things is replaced with America, Fuck Yeah.
  • Macke making a bunch of jokes at the expense of America toward the end of the episode, of course accompanied with the Seinfeld bassline.
    Macke: It tastes like a school shooting in my mouth!
    Everyone: [Laughing and applauding]
    Macke: Eating this was pure torture!
    Everyone: [Laughing and applauding]
    Macke: Are there any nukes in this? No? But let's attack them anyway!
    Everyone: [Laughing and applauding]

Felix Recenserar - Blodsbröder

  • The shirt Felix wears in the video. It's a dark green shirt with a floral pattern that is extremely tacky. A sizable chunk of the comments on the video are about how ugly the shirt is and Felix has yet to wear the shirt in a video since.
  • When Matte comes home and asks where his brother (played by Liam Norberg) is.
    Matte: Hi, where's Jon?
    Felix: Oh, right. Liam's character is named Jon, but some call him John, and I call him Liam!
  • Felix commenting on a song from the soundtrack.
    Felix: It sounds like they sampled someone getting hot candle wax on their hand, and then just added a guitar on top of it.
  • The guys start their plan of robbing a museum and beat up a guard (played by Leif Andrée) eating a banana.
    Felix: This meaningless cameo was sponsored by Chiquita, the perfect snack before getting beat up and falling into a coma!
  • Liam is talking with his brother about someone from his criminal past:
    Liam: "Wojtek", how the hell can you trust him?!
    Felix: I agree, I wouldn't either trust someone whose first name is "våldtäkt"note .
  • When Liam goes to the bathroom to have a minor breakdown, a clip from Tough Guys Don't Dance is played in the background.
    Oh man! Oh God, oh man!
  • When Liam and Matte are together in the bathroom later, a man at the urinal looks around himself awkwardly.
    Felix: I don't know if you remember, but in a few reviews I made the joke that a character actually was some guy they just randomly filmed while making the movie. This is probably the first time it really happened.
  • And when one guy pushes himself between two characters in a tense scene:
    Felix: (as the guy) Hello, I also want to have some screentime!
  • His comment on the (over)dramatic climax:
    The scene feels like something Ronnie Brolin could have directed if you added some disgusting piano music! [cue Felix repeating the scene with overdramatic music].

Felix Recenserar - Sune På Bilsemester

  • During the wedding:
    Felix: After the couple exchanges their wovs, the guitar man sings a beautiful song to their honor.
    Guitar man: [Singing] And dream awaay...
    Felix: But the song takes an unexpected turn!
    [Cut to Ailu singing "I HATE YOU!" and smashing his guitar]
  • In reaction to a particularily bad joke.
    Felix: This isn't so stupid that it makes you laugh. This is so stupid that it makes you want to put all the writers in a Ming vase, throw it down Mt Everest and shoot it with nukes!
  • Felix noticing a Funny Background Event while Anna goes to greet her love interest.
    Felix: Wait a second! Look at the background!
    [Cut to a woman in the background covering her mouth with her hand]
    Felix: (As the woman) Oh, are they filming? I better shut up!
    Felix: She looks terrified, as if she just witnessed a murder!
  • "The guitar man has like, a pair of underpants on his head... with chilis on them. You know, if I ever get a daughter, I wish she'd get a guy like this. Or girl. Or llama."
  • When the family is in the car.
    Sune: What do you do to stop thinking about something that you really shouldn't be thinking about?
    Anna: Think about something else? Don't you have imagination?
    Sune: Håkan's poop, Håkan's poop, Håkan's poop...
    Felix: She says "don't you have imagination?" and the only thing he can think about is poop. Just like the writers of this movie!

Felix Recenserar - Frostbiten

  • A doctor shows Saga's mother around the hospital when he catches some of his staff playing darts with cannulas:
    Doctor: And here we have…Jesus Christ!
    Felix: Wait! Do they have Jesus Christ's embalmed body in a hospital in Norrland? There's nothing about that in my Bible!
  • Doctor Beckert places a vase with a flower dramatically on his patient's bed stand making it look as if he's about to attack her. Cue Felix placing a pot plant dramatically on his window sill.
  • Doctor Beckert shines into his patient's eyes with a flashlight and writes something in his notebook.
    Felix: Day 34: She still has eyes.
  • Vega tells Saga a sick story about her cutting herself while doing the dishes.
    Vega: What do you think about that?
    Felix: I think you're sick in the head!
  • Felix' reaction to a intended Jump Scare:
    [toneless] Help, a cut! I got so scared!
  • "Don't swear in God's house, you fucker!"
  • Sebastian is visiting his girlfriend's parents after taking the vampire pills, and his hand starts to steam when he shakes her father's hand.
    Father: [in a South Swedish dialect] Are you okay?
    Felix: Nah, he's only allergic against Scanian people!

Felix Recenserar - När Karusellerna Sover

  • "A model house with wheels drifts through an amusement park while silly music is playing in the background. It's only a matter of time before this sentence becomes a Fast and the Furious sequel."
  • Felix impersonating the teacher reading Fifty Shades of Grey in order to illustrate just how boring her voice is.
  • Felix commenting on Jack's fashion sence while introducing him.
    This is our main character, Jack. And as you can clearly see, his favorite hobbies include chopping down trees in the woods while wearing flannel and being bullied.
  • When they find the dog in the rabbit's house.
    Jack: He looks so sad...
    Felix: If I had been taken care of by a human sized rabbit who constantly repeats random words and sticks out her tounge as if she were Miley Cyrus on crack, I'd be pretty sad too.
  • After the first of many filler musical numbers.
    Jack: That was a fun part!
    Felix: No, that was a boring part of the episode.
  • Jack realizes that the stray dog might be Helena's and offers to look for it.
    Jack: Yeah, but I think I know where Helena's dog is!
    Helena: No, you don't. The police have searched everywhere.
    Felix: But they haven't searched inside Jack's head!
    • After the teacher tells Jack to shut up.
    Jack: Of course I can stay quiet. I can stay quiet until school ends! But then, then...
    Felix: Oh, shit! He's already planned his school shooting!
  • When Jack meets up with Manfred.
    Manfred: Oh well, what do you want to do today?
    [Cut to Fuck Bitches, Get Money by Ya Boy]
  • When Jack and his mother are talking about the dad being absent during Christmas.
    Jack: He said that he'd come home today, and then he said he'd come home on Christmas Eve. And now he won't even do that!
    Mother: But Jack, it's not his fault.
    [Cut to Bögarnas Fel by Grotesco]
  • When Jack visits the rabbit, who has a tooth ache.
    Jack: I hope you get better soon! Bye!
    Felix: (As Jack) But I didn't actually hope she'd get better soon!
  • When Jack meets the magician for the first time.
    Jack: But how'd you get into the amusement park?
    Magician: I've lived here since last summer. But you, please don't tell anyone, because then they might want me to pay rent.
    Felix: (As Manfred) Maybe it's time to pay rent, you fucker?!
  • When Jack is getting bullied by Janne Muskel after school.
    Janne Muskel: No, you're super weird!
    Felix: Snap!
    Janne Muskel: I don't know anyone in the entire world who's as weird as you!
    Felix: Snap!
    Janne Muskel: You look silly, too!
    Felix: Snap!
    Janne Muskel: My mom is the boss over your mom!
    Felix: Whooa, mega snap! [Cue MLG Montage]
  • This exchange:
    Felix: (As Jack) Teacher, I gotta go to the bathroom!
    Teacher: You're a real clown, you!
    Felix: (As Jack) Teacher, I saw the janitor kiss another woman!
    Teacher: Oh, you're hilarious, you!
    Felix: (As Jack, in tears) Teacher, Janne Muskel's got a gun in his bench and he wants to kill us all!
    Teacher: [Laughing]
  • When Jack visits Manfred after Jack's dad's return.
    Jack: Mom and I picked up dad from the boat.
    Manfred: Your dad? He's in the car?
    Jack: Yeah!
    Felix: (As Manfred) Oh thank god, finally I don't have to be your substitute dad anymore.
    Felix: (As Jack) At least until next week when he leaves again.
    Felix: (As Manfred) For fuck's sake-
  • When Jack sets the gate to Liseberg on fire.
    Jack: Welcome to our enchanted world!
    Felix: (As Jack) Welcome to my very own hell! [Evil Laugh]

Felix Recenserar - Rymdinvasionen i Lappland
  • The conversation involving the geologists discussing the skid marks, which seem "exciting" to say the least. Felix has a punny quip.
    Felix: I have also thought a long time about learning noble art of skid marks, dirty underwear are a most exciting phenomenon.

Felix Recenserar - Förortsungar

  • Felix going over how worthless the Guldbagge Awards are.
    Felix: But which movie left the show with the big awards? Which movie was the best movie that year according to the Guldbagge Awards? It was Förortsungar. It got five fucking awards! And if you look at IMDB, it only has a score of 4,8. So I guess one Guldbagge Award equals 0,96 points on IMDB? Not very impressive...
    • On the jury's reasoning for Förortsungar winning:
    Felix: "For its attitude and swing in the music"? That sounds more like when you've been to a bad elementary school stage show and have to say something nice to the relative that forced you to tag along. "Yeah, Simon did so well! And... it had such attitude and swing in the music!"
  • When Jesper questions Johan.
    Jesper: What the hell is this? Do you never go grocery shopping?
    Johan: Yeah.
    Felix: He does have Puckonote , soft whey butter and a potato in the fridge, and that's all you really need to survive!
  • Felix' interpretations and subtitles for the grandfather's dialogue.
    Felix: Huh? What the hell did he say? "We're having cabbage for dinner"? But he's cutting up a leek?
    Grandfather: Digimon, KWAH!
    Felix: Whatever you say, grandpa. The grandfather only knows a select few words in Swedish, and they haven't subtitled him, so I guess we're gonna have to do that.
    Grandfather: Where are you going?
    Amina: Out. I dropped my doll.
    Grandfather: Forget about that fucking doll, we're going to eat leek!
    Felix: Close enough!
  • During a scene where Swedish rapper Dogge Doggelito has a cameo as a cashier.
    Dogge: 1035kr plus 107kr now...
    Felix: Whoa! Dogge can count without using the Pythagorean theorem?
    [Cut to an educational video about the Pythagorean theorem starring Dogge Doggelito]
    Dogge: It's important in life that you can count and stuff, so that nobody can hustle you on your cash! Get it? That's important!
    Felix: He should've won a Guldbagge Award for best math effort too, if that's the case!
  • When Johan is criticized by Mirre's aunt.
    Aunt: You damn drug-pucko!note 
    Felix: Well, he does drug Pucko, so she's not entirely wrong!

Felix Recenserar - Barbie som Rapunzel

  • Felix starting the episode by Tempting Fate in an attempt to avoid having to see another Barbie movie, only to get subjected to a cringy commercial and begrudgingly accepting the Barbie movie.
  • On the movie's title:
    Felix: I never quite understood why they've got "as" in the title. Are they trying to give kids the impression that toys can act in movies? That'd be just as ridiculous as naming a movie A Kapla Block as Hamlet.
  • During the movie's Framing Device:
    Shelley: Can't you just tell me what to paint?
    Barbie: You just reminded me of a story about a girl whose painting saved her life!
    Felix: (As Barbie) So you better start painting now, or I'll kill you!
  • Felix adding some poorly drawn dragons to a scene.
  • When Penelope is introduced.
    Penelope: Just look, look at that painting!
    Felix: Yeah, I see it. But have you looked at yourself? You look like a disgusting morph of Spyro and Barney! ...No, not that one. Yeah, that Barney.
  • When the rabbit blows dust in Penelope's face, making her sneeze and burn the floor.
    Felix: Seriously, how stupid can you be? Didn't the rabbit see that the dragon sneezed because of the dust earlier, so why be so dumb as to blow an entire fucking Darude - Duststorm in her face?
  • When Hugo shows up and his disappointment in Penelope is established.
    Felix: I've got a theory as to why the dragon dad is bitter. Dragon from Shrek left him for Donkey, so now he's a single dad trying to live his life through his daughter who constantly disappoints him.
  • When Gothel, disguised as Rapunzel, lures away Stefan during the ball.
    Stefan: The masked lady finally stopped!
    Felix: He can't be getting that many girls by being this corny...
    • "Oh no, I've been catfished!"

Basses Rätt i Skafferiet - Grillbuffé

  • The group's reaction when Basse serves them a cake filled with bugs.

Felix Recenserar - Ronnie Brolins kortfilmer

  • Felix makes remarks on the director Ronnie Brolin's ways of narrating the shorts and choice of music, and occasionally makes references to other works by Ronnie.
  • Felix makes changes to Ronnie's voice-over in a few of the shorts.
    • In Osynlig.
    Ronnie: They deliberately talk about things she does not understand. Parties she has not gone to, (Felix as Ronnie) molecular biology, practical philosophy, quantum physics...

    Felix: (As Ronnie) She takes up the jacket and tries to brush off the dirt, but it does not work. Somebody stepped in cat poop and put it on her jacket. Felicia had a cat, she remembers. Maybe it was Felicia who smeared cat poop on her jacket, just like she smeared cat poop over all of their former friendship.
    • In Om jag bara brytt mig.
    Ronnie: David never did anything to [Sebastian]. He only watched as the others hit and kicked him. [Two hands holding a scoreboard enter the shot] (Felix as Ronnie) Then he held up scoreboards and showed how well he got kicked, but Sebastian never got more than a five.
    • In Varje dag.
    Ronnie: Every day that Erik goes to school he is always afraid. He is afraid of the stares, the pushes, the whispers, (Felix as Ronnie) the spiders, the heights, and that manhole cover outside of the woodwork room that sits a bit loose that you can fall down into.
  • When Felix comments the title of one of the shorts.
    Felix: So that was Varför just jag which sounds more like the title of a Junior Eurovision entry than a film. [Cue Varför jag, the Swedish Junior Eurovision entry of 2004.]
  • Felix comments a scene where some bullies prepare to dip a boy's head into the toilet.
    Felix: Seriously? Can't the bullies think of something new? I understand that he's tired of them using the same fucking bullying clichées over and over again. Like, couldn't they have forced him to bungyjump from a flagpole, or tied him to a train rail, or sewn really ugly clothes in needlework class and forced him to be a mannequin? I mean, the possibilities are endless, damnit!

Felix Recenserar - Lille Bengt

  • The subject of this episode is Felix' old shame and high school project Lille Bengt from 2011 and its many flaws.
    • Felix comments his choice to "trademark" his name.
    Felix: I have for some reason written Felix Nordh™. The only one I know who registered their own name as a trademark is Michael Jordan. Did I seriously think I was as cool as Michael Jordan?!
    • Felix comments on a take that was used despite being failed.
    Felix: We were very limited in how many times we could do retakes, because there came a fucking drunkard who threatened to kill us if we did not stop filming. Now that I see the film again, I almost wish he had killed us so that we could not complete the film.
    Bengt: I don't understand why they always let you be and always beat me up!
    Macke's character: My dad works as a mailman.
    '''Seriously? Just because you say something random it does not mean it gets automatically funny, but wait! They are afraid that his dad will report them for the stolen mailbox that they carry around. Why did I not think of that when I wrote the script? I am fucking stupid!
    • Felix comments on a desperate attempt to get around a plot hole.
    Felix: A plot hole does not get okay just because you refer to it yourself. This scene is bad and illogical, but we said it ourselves, so now it is good and logic!
    • A training montage shows Bengt training long jumping and throwing darts, despite him never using any of those techniques in the final battle. Felix proceeds to comment how said training montage is a waste when Bengt pulls up a sword, which was not seen in the training montage.
    • The horrible credits are written by hand on paper.
  • When Sten Hårde grabs Ruskiga Ragnar by the penis after he dies in the battle against Bengt.
    Felix: Do I even need to say that this is the best bit of the film?

Felix Recenserar - Sune i Fjällen

  • "Sune i Fjällen has destroyed more lives than the fucking plague did! When the infected rats heard about this movie, they said "I'm glad I've got the plague, that's better than having to watch Sune i Fjällen!" And yeah, the rats back in the day could talk, and you have no proof of the opposite!"
  • In response to the first joke of the movie.
    Sune: [Wearing a hat that says SVEN] First of all, my name isn't Sven...
    Felix: I don't think anyone was under the impression that you changed your name since the last movie, Sune.
    Sune: I don't understand...
    Felix: What I mean is that your joke sucked, just like you do! Burned: check!
  • When Sune and Sofie make their way up the mountain.
    Sofie: Sune... what are you doing?
    Felix: (As Sune) I dunno, I just took so much fucking crack this morning and... it just ended up like this... I dunno...
  • Felix' rap number at the end.

Felix Recenserar - Mysteriet på Greveholm 2

  • When Felix is summing up the original Mysteriet på Greveholm:
    Felix: Mysteriet på Greveholm starts with a paper delivery boy, who has a part time job competing in Mario Kart, discovering that all the newspapers he's thrown in to the castle Greveholm has been picked up by ghosts. Or excuse me, I mean "been picked up by butt ugly CGI from the 90s".
  • Stig is looking for the cause of the bad smell in the castle and the ghosts are commenting on it.
    Jean: Could that be the thing that smells? That thing in there? What if they find it?
    Felix: What if they find your 300 year old stash of dank weed?
    Staffan: Oh, how fun!
    Felix: But then there won't be anything left for you!
    Staffan: Or yeah, maybe not.
  • Saga pulls out her Ouija board to keep her classmates from leaving and the ghosts get curious.
    Staffan: Should we go take a look?
    Jean: No, no! We've got to get to know them better first!
    Felix: (As Jean) Two more episodes, then they can see us!
    [Staffan barges in and scares the classmates]
    Felix: (As Jean) But Staffan, for fuck's sake, we said two episodes!
  • Sean is worrying about the mysterious nut thing.
    Jean: It can't fall into the wrong hands. Then boring things could happen!
    Felix: Boring things happen every day in this series anyway, so it wouldn't make that much of a difference.
  • Benny goes to look for the nut and finds something in a drawer.
    Benny: Wow!
    Felix: (Starts laughing)
    [Cut back to Benny saying "wow"]
    Felix: He doesn't even seem to know what the hell he's saying "wow" to! (As Benny) Waow, a drawer! What was I supposed to react to again?
  • "Dad, is this a bong?"
  • "Mom, are you dead? Just like Peggy..."
  • Felix claiming that Benny will start a drug empire using the nuts and end up having to defend his family, Scarface style.
    Felix: (As Benny) Say hello to my little friend! Her name's Peggy.
  • "Back down in the cave, the Count discovers that the sack of nuts is gone. And I don't mean his sack of nuts, okay technically I do mean his sack of nuts, like... well, you get what I mean."
  • Felix reacting to Garm the griffon showing up on screen for the first time.
    Felix: Them effects, though. There's probably a reason it says "3D animation: Primitiv"note  in the end credits.

Felix Recenserar - Balto
  • The intro in which Felix is mourning Komo's death, with sad piano music playing in the background.
    • Felix later stating that Komo's death is an iconic piece of cinema comparable to things like the Rosebud scene from Citizen Kane and Gandalf fighting off Balrog in The Lord of the Rings
  • When Komo wins the race and someone exclaims "Komo won!" in a trembling voice:
    This line sounds as if they recorded it on someone's death-bed!
  • When Balto and Komo are about to start their journey.
    Komo: If Balto doesn't make it, I will, at least.
    Felix: But we already know that you won't make it, Komo. [Sniffle]
  • On a song of the soundtrack:
    It sounds as if they took a grotty Funk song and let it pass through a rusty mixer!
    • And later in the movie:
    What have they done with the music? Did they do a fucking demon version of the song or what?!
  • When the doctor somehow knows the dogs' names after reading the letter:
    Felix: [pretending to read the letter] The children will die and we need medicine as fast as hell! By the way, did you see my lovely dogs? One of them is called Balto and here is a picture of him when he was a pup and played in the garden...
  • After Komo's death.
    Felix: There are no words that can describe this magnificent scene. Just let its full weight sink into your soul, and then we'll try going on. Both with the movie, and with life.

Felix Recenserar - 15: Det är mitt liv

  • Throughout the episode, Felix reads and reacts to comments on YouTube uploads of the episodes.
    • On the episode Hatade Lillasyster.
    YouTube comment: I would hit her if she was in my room. For example, I would punch her out so that she flies all the way to China, you fucking terrorist!
    Felix: Such fucking great words. Especially the last one.
    • On the episode Mamman Från Helvetet.
    YouTube comment: Why don't the ones who film help?
    Felix:' Wait! Are you fucking serious?!
  • When Tove opens her monologue.
    Tove: I have a problem. A problem that can't disappear. My two year old younger sister.
    Felix: What do you mean "can't disappear"? That can surely be arranged.
  • When Tove is talking about her sister.
    Tove: My sister hasn't always been this annoying.
    Felix: (As Tove) But ever since she was bit by a radioactive rat with AIDS-rabies, things have only gone downhill.
  • This exchange:
    Tove: If Hedda had just been a friend, I could've-
    Felix: (As Tove) Shot her!
  • Felix reacts to the dog in Mamman Från Helvetet being named Tass.note 
    Felix 1: Oh, what is your dog called?
    Felix 2: Tass, after the body part.
    Felix 1: Oh, you must've thought about that one for a long time.
  • When Felix discovers that two of the actors has different roles in different episodes of the series.
    Felix: 15: Det är mitt liv has such a fucking deep lore! It is just a matter of time until somebody creates a Wiki page where you can read everything about the characters. [Shows Wiki page about Tove's boyfriend and reads the text] Tove's boyfriend has socks that smell bad and goes in the same class as Nadja. And that article is just getting started! There are a lot more exciting things to write! Like, he has black hair... and he has piercings... yeah, that's about it!
  • When Emma talks about her situation in school.
    Emma: I'm not bullied or anything. I'm just someone you don't notice.
    Felix: [looks away from the camera] Oh, did you say something? I didn't quite listen.
    Emma: I don't know how to get out of this.
    Felix: The solution for you is fucking simple! In your next class, stand on your bench and roar as loudly as you can, and you will see that people will notice you and never forget you. Sure, they might bully the crap out of you later, but it's a risk worth taking.
  • Felix remarking that Billy's "what" sounds more like a dog barking. He then proceeds to show a portion of the music video for Who Let the Dogs Out where Billy's "what" replaces the barks.
  • During the first scene of Facerape.
    Boy: It started out as a joke...
    Felix: (As the boy) And now three people are dead!
  • Felix commenting on how bad the boy's facerape (simply saying that the victim was on her period) was.
    Felix: He should've gone for "Unfortunately I've got to tell you that I've got an untreatable cancer and only have three days left to live xD", because that'd actually have any effect. It'd probably lead to the police getting involved, holy fuck though.

Felix Recenserar: Blödaren

  • When Felix describes the hype in the prologue to the review.
    Felix: This movie is mythical, and we have received so many requests for it, it is almost uncountable! [Dramatic music stops] Probably more than five!
  • Felix makes heavy use of the audio commentary provided on the DVD by the director and Åke Eriksson (playing the title role) throughout the review.
    Hans Hatwig: It was a PR trick. I was the editor in chief of the magazine Okej and then I had the power to spread rumours and messages, and then naturally I did that.
    Felix: So he is not ashamed of having spread false rumours and just calling it a smart PR trick?
    Hans Hatwig: The result was that many people saw the movie, actually.
    Felix: Yes, because you lied about who played the fucking lead! It would be like if I were to shoot Tahkorerna 5 and say that the role of Baro Indin is played by Mikael Persbrandt, and Rabos is played by Sven Wollter, and then when you play the movie, it is just Basse and Macke. Imagine how disappointed you would get!
    • Felix shows a scene where a male character tells the backstory of a house as he pours coffee for himself and his girlfriend.
    Hans Hatwig: We must have reshot this scene 50 times! It has got to be some kind of record in Swedish cinema. He cannot say his lines and pour coffee at the same time. It was impossible.
    Felix: How hard can it be?
    [Cue montage of Felix trying and failing many times to speak and pour coffee at the same time.]
    • Felix talks about The Rock Cats, a band appearing in the movie.
    Felix: The girls must have had a great career after this movie!
    Hans Hatwig: Here we have Eva. She works at the Telecom Authority.
    Felix: I would like to say that the Telecom Authority is one step above this rubbish.
    • When Hans Hatwig describes the technique of filming in one angle with awkward zoom-ins.
    Hans Hatwig: It is a system similar to the one used in Danish Dogme films.
    Felix: Please, do not compare this to fucking Dogme films! The fact that you filmed this scene without any extra angles does not mean that you are extra artistic. It only means that this scene is poorly shot and fucking boring to look at!
    • Åke Eriksson questions Hans Hatwig's logic at many places in the movie, for instance how stupid it is of the girls to walk straight into the woods, and he does not take kindly to criticism.
    Hans Hatwig: I do not understand why people always criticize that scene, because they are taking a shortcut.
    Felix: If that is what you tell yourself to be able to sleep at night, then sure.
    • When Blödaren kills one of the members of The Rock Cats.
    Hans Hatwig: This is a scene where Blödaren wants to reenter the womb, so to speak. He wants to return to his mother's womb by crawling into the hole.
    Felix: ...Huh? Are you fucking serious?!
    • When one of the girls takes a picture of one of the members' buttocks, not visible clearly in the shot.
    Hans Hatwig: I really tried to convince her to show her butt for a short while, but she did not. Then I realised several years later that I could have asked one of the other girls. One of them would probably have agreed to be a stand-in.
    Felix: So he wanted a picture of an ass in the movie so bad that it has irritated him for years to come? What a guy!
  • Felix describes the director Hans Hatwig as a German slightly milder version of Tommy Wiseau.
  • Felix comments on the opening scene.
    Felix: It looks like they used the first limp hobo with Parkinson's they could find to film this!
  • Felix comments the awful "soundtrack".
    Felix: Maybe this is what the title of the movie refers to, that it will make you bleed from your ears!note 
  • Felix breaks character when he responds to Hans Hatwig's comment about the coolness of Danne Stråhed, playing the hero of the movie.
    Felix: I cannot really see it, but it is always nice to see a new side of Danne Stråhed that I did not know existed! [Bursts out laughing] Couldn't say that with a straight face!

Basses Rätt i Skafferiet - Päregröd & Köttbullar

  • The mashed potatoes don't end up looking like mashed potatoes at all, and Felix and Basse lampshade it.
    Felix: In what universe is this mashed potatoes, Basse?
    Basse: In my world!
  • Johan bringing the curriculum for home ednote  from 2011 for comparision.
    Johan: The student - that's you, Basse - must be able to give simple arguments to well, justify why you did what you did.
    Otto: Yeah, why did you do this?
    Basse: To be an asshole!
    Otto: (As Basse) I needed more views on YouTube!
    Johan: It doesn't seem to say anything about the food having to be good...
    Everyone: [Laughing]
    Basse: If so, I've got a tip for those watching this who have home ed: just pour a ton of fish sauce on everything! You'll get good grades anyway!
    Otto: Fridolin!note  Go ahead and make the BRIS cooking book the new curriculum for home ed!
    Johan: Yeah, and then when you open the curriculum there's just this picture of an aspic!

Felix Recenserar - Felix Recenserar

  • When past Felix is commenting on Björn Kjellman's shirt.
    2011 Felix: Where did you get that extremely fucking ugly shirt you're wearing?
    Felix: I'd ask you the same thing.
  • Sofie arrives at a party and tries to commit suicide.
    2011 Felix: And then she thinks what we all would think: I'm gonna jump and kill myself!
    Felix: If that's what I thought, it's no wonder I wasn't invited to any parties.
  • When Sebbe awkwardly compliments Sofie's breasts.
    Sebbe: They are pretty nice, actually.
    Sofie: What are you talking about?
    Sebbe: You know, your tits.
    2011 Felix: Smooth.
    Felix: What? Did I just say smurf?
    [Cut to a shot of Sebbe where he's colored blue, with his beanie colored white, with Felix saying "smurf"]

Basses Rätt i Skafferiet - Somrig Snigelsoppa

  • Otto reacting to the dish at hand.
    Basse: Here, have a summery treat. This is a summery snail soup.
    Otto: Are you serious?
    Basse: Yup!
    Otto: Oh noo!
    Felix: Welcome to hell, Otto!
  • "Should I shove three into my mouth at once?"
  • Otto talking about the possibility of the snails not being cooked correctly.
    Otto: What if I'll become sick tonight because of these snails?
    Felix: Worth it!
    • This happening immediately before this happens.
    [Felix' stomach makes weird noises]
    Basse: I heard that.
    Felix: Oh no... we might have to make a follow-up episode for this. About how we-
    Basse: "Felix in the emergency room!"
    Felix: Exactly! "Felix' diarrhea attack!"
    Basse: "Felix almost died!"
    Felix:, that's what we're uploading.

Felix Recenserar - Ronny & Julia

  • Felix' theory that during recording sessions, Julia's actor was only allowed to eat when food was going to be involved in the episode, which is why Julia shows shades of being a Big Eater and an Extreme Omnivore. That, or she's part tiger.
  • After Igor makes a robot dog for Ronny, but he's not happy about it.
    Ronny: But I want a real dog...
    Felix: What an ungrateful kid! Your dad invents a dog for you, and you're sitting here saying "the dog sucks goat balls!", yeah, you're right, but can't you be a little nicer to your dad? Just look at him, he could kill himself at any moment!
  • Julia gives Ronny a flute.
    Julia: You can have it.
    Ronny: Can I? Thank you!
    Felix: Do you know what you can do as well, Ronny? Shut the fuck up!
    Ronny: Can I? Thank you!
  • When Ronny walks up to the robot dog with a bunch of twigs.
    Felix: (As Ronny) Hello, you filthy dog. I'm gonna set you on fire now, because I don't fucking want you anymore.
  • Ronny is raking leaves while Mark Levengood is narrating.
    Mark Levengood: Around this time last year, there was a lot of snow.
    Felix: (As Mark Levengood) But then global warming happened, and now we're going to learn about that for the rest of this episode.
  • Felix' introduction to episode 9:
    Felix: It's time for episode 9 of Mark Levengood's depression.
    Mark Levengood: Today's a good day.
    Felix: Yeah, you continue convincing yourself that, Mark.
  • Ronny's family are talking about getting the Nobel Prize.
    Igor: Imagine meeting the king himself!
    Esther: Yeah, and Silvia!
    Newton: And Victoria!
    Felix: (As Igor) We don't speak her name in this house!
  • When Ludwig is trying to make Julia play cello.
    Ludwig: It's kinda like a violin, but-
    Julia: Boring.
    Felix: Just like how this julkalender is just like any julkalender, but [cut to Julia saying "boring"]
  • When Igor and Newton are playing in the fake snow.
    Felix: (As Igor) This is actually salt. Be careful so it won't get in your eyes!
  • "Then we get to see that it's raining, but it's really just Ludwig's tears."
  • The finale, in which Felix reenacts the climax in Svart Död by shooting most of the cast.
    Felix: I hate this julkalender from the bottom of my heart, and I'd really want to shoot every character in it, but... [picks up a gun] this is just a toy gun.
    Julia: How lame! You'd want a real one!
    Felix: Yeah, exactly. But fortunately, I've got another gun that's real.
    Mark Levengood: How lucky we are!
    Felix: Or unlucky!
    The cast: [Gasps]
    Felix: Nighty nighty! [Starts shooting every character]

Felix Recenserar - Legenden om Mulan
  • After the faun explains what Mulan's name means.
    Faun: But don't let the beautiful name fool you-
    Felix: Because Mulan was actually fucking hideous!
  • When Mulan's mother tells her she's going to arrange a marriage for her.
    Mulan: I won't marry him for all the rice in the world!
    Felix: (As Mulan) And I fucking love rice, mom! Do you get it?
  • When Mulan's parents are talking.
    Mulan's mother: I'm sorry, my husband. Your wisdom is as big as your-
    Felix: Dick.

Felix Recenserar - On The Loose

  • Felix describes a scene where Peter welds for a minute, and says how it might as well have been a commercial for the Industrial Technology Program, and proceeds to show a mock-up commercial consisting of him talking to the camera inter-cut with footage from the movie.
  • When Felix recollects things he learned while watching the movie.
    [Cue clips from the movie with a counter of lessons in the shot] Felix: It is alright to come late to work as long as your reason is that you went shopping for booze. Nobody will question that you work in your cool leather jacket instead of proper workwear. It is totally harmless to weld after putting an entire container of hairspray in your hair. If you are a danger to your surroundings and burn your colleagues with a fucking weld, you do not get fired or face any consequences for it. If you give a guy a third degree burn, he will see you as his son and teach you about life. If your girlfriend would rather hang out with her idol, make out with him and possibly have sex with him, it only means that she is in love with you. If the star of the band wants to meet his groupie, the whole band will think that is more important than to rehearse for the gig. If a man starts to sing screamingly like a fucking psychopath during the coffee break, it only means that you can trust him when he begins to talk about his political opinions. If you get wasted at a concert, beat up innocent people and threaten the guards with a glass bottle, it is alright as long as your buddy says that you are good, and if you wonder what the meaning of life is, all it takes is to tinker with a motorcycle and listen while some guy gives you a moralizing lecture, and everything will work out. I could go on, but the point is that this is an incredibly educative movie. Thank you very much, Staffan Hildebrand!
    Basse: But you were supposed to learn that good unions are important!
    Felix: Oh, okay... I think I totally missed out on that.

Felix Recenserar - Samson & Sally

  • During the beginning of the movie.
    Whale: [Saying something barely intelligible]
    Felix: ...Huh?
    [Cue repeat of the whale's line]
    [Cue Felix picking up the DVD and looking at a piece of text on it saying "Everybody speaks in Swedish!"]
    Felix: They lied!
  • After Samson is introduced and displays some gratuitous Baby Talk.
    Felix: Samson is supposed to sound like a whale calf, but he mostly just sounds stupid.
    Felix: (As the director) Okay, hit me up with your best child voice!
    Felix: (As Samson's voice actor) Duuuhhr, I ain't afraid! Uuuuhh!
    Felix: (As both) [Stare at each other for a while]
    Felix: (As the director) [Starts clapping] That's just perfect, I've never heard a better child voice in my entire life! Kids are stupid as fuck, so it's perfect!
  • When Samson gets attacked by an octopus who does some oddly sexual looking things to him.
    Felix: What the FUCK?
    [Cue repeat of the scene]
    [Cue Felix picking up the DVD only to see that the movie is not age restricted]
    [Cue another repeat of the scene, as well as Felix looking back at the age rating]
    [Cue another repeat of the scene]
    [Cue Felix looking at the DVD and reading a quote on the cover saying "A phenomenal movie in Walt Disney's spirit!"]
    [Cue another repeat of the scene]
    Felix: Whose fucking idea was it that Samson would be dry humped by a fucking octopus? What the hell?
  • When Samson and Sally watch a polar bear kill a seal.
    Samson: (While the bear is gutting up the seal) How adorable!
    Felix: "Oh, how adorable the seal is while it's bleeding!" Seriously, is the goal of this movie to teach children about how unforgiving nature is? Because if so, they're doing pretty good!
  • When the movie's comic relief walruses are introduced.
    Walruses: [Singing something unintelligible]
    Felix: I don't know if this is Danish or some kind of silly made up language, it could be either of them...
  • "What the fuck? What the hell is this? They've made a fucking Human Centipede from a few of the dead passengers and now they're playing xylophone on their bones! What fucking psychopath came up with this, and why hasn't that person won an Oscar?"
  • When Samson tells Sally he wants to find Moby-Dick and ask him for advice.
    Sally: You and your old Dick!
    Felix: That sounds like a fucking self help book for impotent men!
    [Cut to a fake book cover and a repeat of Sally's line]

Basses Rätt i Skafferiet - Powerkagor & Pulvershakes

  • Basse introducing the sponsored product for the episode.
    Basse: The point with this kind of food is to get a lot of nutrients in a small amount of time, and that's a good idea, but it has its flaws. For example, if you read the contents here, you'll see that there are no traces of mustard powder. And I think we can change that for the better.
  • Basse accidentally melting the whisk during the cooking process.
  • All the puns about sponsorship in the episode. Every single one.
    • "I'm gonna try it, and then we'll see what my response is."
    • "Basse, what have you done? We've created a sponster!"
  • When Felix tries one of the Twenny bars.
    Felix: Alright, let's try it, let's see if it's better than Basse's.
    [Eats the bar]
    Felix: Yeah.
    Johan: Are you ready to give up regular food now?
    Felix: Almost. I can give up Basse's food, at least.
  • "So if this is a substitute for a meal, what meal is it supposed to substitute? Cod with dill sauce?"
  • When Johan makes a rather extensive theory of how the shake was made, Otto says "I'd buy that explanation". Cue a hilarious commercial for the Twenny bar, parodying the process of importing German commercials and dubbing them horribly with no consideration for lip syncing, ending with Otto saying "I'm buying it!".
  • When Felix is about to drink the shake.
    Otto: Bottoms up!
    Felix: Bottoms up? If I do that, then the bottom of my stomach will come up as well.
  • The second cutaway of the episode.
    [Felix sitting in front of a greenscreened beach, with a Jimmy Joy shake in his hand and tropical music playing. He takes a sip of the shake.]
    Felix: Mmh, that was tasty and nutritious! But maybe... a little TOO tasty and nutritious?
    [Felix is handed a glass of pure spirit vinegar, takes a sip and gags on it.]
    Felix: Much better!

Felix Recenserar - Orion

  • Felix's response to a bus driver calling the main character an idiot for not getting on the buss.
    Bus Driver Felix: Hey, you are going to miss the bus.
    Felix: No, I'm not taking the bus.
    Bus Driver Felix: You're not taking the bus?! Are you a complete moron?! [Drives away] Fuck you!

Felix Recenserar - Djurens Konung

  • Felix owning a framed photo of Ashley, and being very attached to said photo, to the point of cuddling up with it at the end of the video.
  • Felix finding Wabuu in Basse's chair.
    Felix: What have you done to my photo of Ashley and my apartment?!
    Wabuu: And?
    Felix: And all my good DVDs?!
    Felix: Oh and Basse too?
  • Wabuu yelling "fuck you, Felix!" as he's being kicked into another dimension by Felix.

Felix Recenserar - 15: Det är mitt liv (Del 2)

  • Just like in the previous episode tackling 15, Felix reading and reacting to the YouTube comments.
    • When the main character in Dricka För Mycket passes out after drinking too much and gets ditched by her friends.
    YouTube comment: Oh my God, stop drinking! In case I were one of the ones who left you on the bench, I'd leave you for good, never want to see you again and be happy that I'm not like you. I can't understand how it can be like this in reality too!
    Felix: Wait! That person writes "too" as if they mean "it may be like this in my imagination, but in reality too?! No, this has gone too far!"
    YouTube comment: P.S. I'm absolutely not Christian, considering how I said "oh my God".
    Felix: You can relax. I didn't believe it for a second.
    • On one piece of advice from the comment section of Hemlös.
    Felix: But there happens to be a pretty damn good solution in the comments on how to avoid sleeping in the streets without having to tell anyone!
    YouTube comment: Sleep in the bathrooms at McDonald's, it costs just 5kr a night!
    Felix: That's actually not a bad tip! I mean, if she did do that, she'd also get free food from the ketchup dispensers, so... that's perfect!
    • At the end of Hemlös.
    YouTube comment: Is she homeless for real? Is she okay now?
    Felix: Oh my God! How can you believe this is for real, even for a second?
    • On a comment on Hemlös.
    YouTube comment: No, she's fucking hot! Like if you'd help her and take her home and start dating her, I'd do it! I'm taking you home, hottie, see you in Bjuv!note 
    Felix: Ending your pickup line YouTube comment with "see you in Bjuv" is a 100% guarantee that it won't work out...
    • At the end of De Hatar Honom.
    Olle: It feels horrible to just watch while they give him shit. What should I do?
    Felix: Let's see what deep insights the YouTube comments have to share!
    [Cue a large amount of "like if you watch this 2017" comments]
    Felix: Thanks for your input.
    • In response to all the edgy comments on Jag Skär Mig.
    Felix: Oh, how edgy you are, guys! You better watch out so you won't cut yourself on all that edge!
    • On a comment on Kär i Min Lärare.
    Felix: I also found someone who pitched their own idea for a new episode of 15: Det är mitt liv that they really should make!
    YouTube comment: 15 Det är mitt liv - I Can't Act. It started when SVT wanted to create a crappy series, and I got the role of the main character in one episode. They were desperate enough to choose me. And now, everybody's seen on YT how bad I am at acting, what should I do?
    • On a comment on Mamma Eller Pappa.
    YouTube comment: I swear, I'd take her dad any day of the week. He's got an Xbox! Did you see it in the video?
    Felix: Damn, that's true. Then there's no point to argue. Case closed!
  • In the homework scene in Dricka För Mycket.
    Boy: Thursday?
    Girl: Jueves.
    Boy: Friday?
    Girl: Can't we party instead?
    Felix: No! "Can't we party instead" is not the Spanish word for Friday.
  • After the main character in Dricka För Mycket leaves her boyfriend for two other boys.
    Girl: It's more fun with those who like to party.
    Felix: Yeah, these two guys seem really fun to hang out with.
    [Cue close-up of a bored-looking boy with the wind howling in the background]
  • During the basketball practice in De Hatar Honom.
    Felix: Wait, why does his shirt say "Respect"? Is that his surname? I think I'm gonna change my name to that. "Hello, Felix Respect here, and you'd better show some!"
  • Felix' story pitch for Kille i Andra Handnote 
    Felix: The next episode is named Kille i Andra Hand, and it's about a guy who sells himself at thrift shops... nah, of course not! My story pitches are apparently way too good for SVT, but if you ever change your mind, just call me!
    [Cut to "If joo need anyfing, kal mi: One, one, two"]
  • When the main character watches TV with his girlfriend.
    Girl: It's silly!
    Boy: No, you just don't understand this intelligent humour.
    Felix: Intelligent humour? Now I wonder what they're looking at!
    [Cut to the intro of Two and a Half Men]
    Boy: You just don't understand this intelligent humour.
    Felix: I apologise for cutting together that. Two and a Half Men should not be situated so close to the word intelligent, not even if it is for a joke.
  • In Kär I Min Lärare, when the teacher presents the new assignment.
    Teacher: Today, we're going to talk about something I think everyone will like. We're going to talk about passion, infidelity and evil and sudden death.
    Felix: Oh no, don't say that! Nicole will interpret it as an invitation to kill your wife!
  • In Mobbad av Min Kompis?, when Emilio realizes Radin lied to him, he looks around to find Radin. Cue a shot of Radin running away with the Hanna-Barbera running sound effect playing.

Felix Recenserar - ESCAPE: en film om nätmobbning

  • "I thought that my Olaf from Frozen safety helmet would make me the coolest kid in class, but everything just went wrong!"
  • On anti-bullying videos in which the thumbnail is a slit wrist:
    Felix: (As the main characters of the videos) Dear Kamratpostennote , when I cut myself, ketchup comes out instead of blood, what do I do? No, seriously, ketchup spills out when I cut myself! What the hell is going on?
    Felix: These videos are obviously trying to show us something that's actually fucking horrible, but there's no "shock value" in it when the blood looks like something they found in their mother's pantry!
  • When it's revealed that the main character's name is Anton.
    Felix: Aah! This must be an older Anton from Flickan och Äppelgården!
    Anton's grandmother: He's 13 years old and he has imaginary friends!
    Felix: Since he got bullied by his grandmother, I guess it's time he gets bullied in school too!
  • On one of the comments.
    YouTube comment: Cyber bullying isn't real!
    Felix: Uh, yes, it is! [cue Felix replying to the comment with "Yes it is, stop being so ugly, you fucking ugly ass-thing! Haha, lol, gotcha!!]

Felix Recenserar - Autografen

  • At the points where there are black and white freeze frames, supposedly for the teacher to pause the film to allow the class to discuss it, a classroom is shown where Felix is the teacher and clones of Felix are the students and interact with the teacher.
    Teacher Felix: Okay, kids. How many in here would spit in Emmy's food?
    [everybody in the shot raises their hands]
    Teacher Felix: Yeah, that's good. Let's continue watching!
    Student Felix: But teachernote , weren't we supposed to learn not to bully?
    Teacher Felix: I'm only a substitute. I don't give a fuck.
  • When criticising the film's logic about bullying, Felix speaks about what the worst parts of bullying are while sad music plays. Eventually, he realises where it's going.
    Felix: Okay, that got fucking sad. Here's a funny meme!
    [cue clip from House of Orphans] Hello. Welcome. I'm Ashley.

Felix Recenserar - 15: Det är mitt liv (Del 3)

  • As usual, Felix' reactions to the YouTube comments are hilarious.
    • On a comment on Saknar Min Bästis:
    YouTube comment: I miss my best friend too! She's dead.
    Felix: Daamn!
    YouTube comment: My other best friend abandoned me.
    Felix: You think you're getting some silly comments, and then everything just turns into pitch black darkness...
    • On a comment regarding the "party" in Familjen Ensam:
    YouTube comment: Party?? It's just them! That's got to be the most unsocialistic family I've ever seen! God, those poor souls! :(
    Felix: Uh, I don't think unsocialistic means what you think it means...
    • Felix noting that the comments on Om Mamma Dör are unusually respectful, only to spot the following comments:
    YouTube comment: How did canser come to earth?
    Felix: Oh you know, they moved here from the cancer planet 100 years ago!
    YouTube comment: Thinking is super hard!
    Felix: ...Generally speaking, or?
    YouTube comment: I know how you feel, but not like that.
    Felix: So in other words, you don't know how she feels at all?
  • On all the people commenting När Börjar Mitt Liv? about how handsome Daniel is:
    Felix: It's also so fucking tragic that everybody's just commenting on his appearance! He's got so many other talents, such as act- no, just kidding!
  • Felix stating that the series would've been so much better had it been made in the '80s with Paolo Roberto playing every main character.
  • During a school scene in Saknar Min Bästis:
    Max: You wanna play video games after school?
    Felix: (As Max) Do you wanna play that unspecified video game that we both like?
    Felix: (As Olov) Yes! Unspecified video games that comply with SVT's neutrality policy are my favorite!
  • Felix' reaction to the title of one of the episodes being Första Gångennote .
    Felix: First time what? The first time she put her hair in a ponytail? The first time she got an ear piercing? The first time she went to the cinema? The first time she saw Alfons & Pappa Åberg in cinema? There we have it! ...Nah, it's just her first time having sex. What a plot twist, I know.
  • On the choice of music in Första Gången.
    Felix: Who the hell thought that royalty-free salsa music was appropriate for this scene? I feel like the filmers shouldn't have helped out in this case...

Midnatts-Let's Play - Arvet från Rosemond Hill
  • Before Felix and Basse get to play the game they have to go through 24 minutes worth of unskippable cutscenes, a noninteractive tutorial and several loading screens.

Första Intrycket - Trollet i parken

  • Felix and Basse having to sit through a collection of trailers for dubbed live-action movies before the movie starts proper.
  • On the movie's message:
    Felix: The message here is to always obey your queen.
    Basse: [Chuckling] Fuck flowers!
  • During Gnorga's introduction:
    Basse: [Chuckling] That name! GNORRRGAA! But on the other hand, it does bring trolls to mind, so it's not-
    Felix: Nah, it's not entirely-
    Basse: Not entirely unfitting, yeah. It sounds like someone vomiting...
    Felix: She looks like vomit, too.
  • When Stanley is being sent to New York.
    Basse: They send him to New York, thinking "It's a big city, he'll hate it", but he finds Central Park, and it's so green and wonderful!
    Felix: Yes! It's not at all like there are a load of drug addicts lying around in the bushes!
  • When Rosie meets Stanley:
    Rosie: Troll!
    Basse: She's just like "Stop cyberbullying me, you fucking troll!"
    [Both chuckle]
    Felix: An Internet Troll in Central Park. [Chuckles]
    Basse: That would've been something! He just sits on a park bench with a laptop and is like "Nyeergh!"
  • "This is how you start a gossip thread on Flashback!"note 
  • When Stanley's hideout is flooded:
    Basse: Think now that they're in a sewer right now.
    Felix: Yeah, yeah, they didn't leave or anything.
    Basse: This water...
    Felix: [Laughing] Poo water!
  • "This is no ordinary boat, it's a coffin! We're gonna die!"
  • On Gus' dream:
    Felix: And then a big fat ship comes and shoots at them!
    Basse: 7000 floors filled with cannons! Shiiet!
    Felix: But I don't die because that's how king I am! You know, that's my dream. That I don't die.
    Basse: So the message here was "No! Don't dream about those things!"
    Felix: "Dream about the right things!"
    Basse: "Dream about flowers and peace!"
    Felix: Yeah! Thank you kindly, Don Blut-H.
  • On a raccoon featured in some scenes:
    Felix: I don't think that's a raccoon. I think it's a like a fucking... possum.
    Basse: I dunno, but the tail...
    Felix: Yeah, it's striped like a raccoon's, but I dunno... It doesn't look like a raccoon other than that...
    Basse: I mean, it's not Wabuu. That's like the golden standard.
    Felix: Exactly. If it's not Wabuu, I can't recognize it as a raccoon.
    Basse: You see a raccoon in real life and you're like "Huh? That doesn't even remotely look like a raccoon!"
    Felix: "It has more than three frames of animation!"
    Basse: "It doesn't say shobbediwappidoo all the time! What the hell is this?"
  • "We've got no choice but to emigrate to the sewers. That's what I think whenever something slightly inconvenient happens: we've got to emigrate to the sewers."
  • Felix almost Rage Quitting at the sight of Gnorga's and Llort's outfits when they arrive in Central Park.
    • Felix and Basse both losing their shit when Gnorga and Llort take chase on tricycles.
  • Felix and Basse mishearing Stanley saying "She's going to stonilize me!" as "She's going to sterilize me!"
  • Felix and Basse's reaction to the Esoteric Happy Ending.
    Basse: He's just ruining the whole city?
    Felix: That's not good at all, what the hell?
    Basse: You're ruining everything! No one can go to their jobs anymore, they're gonna be like "no, we've got to abandon this city!" So yeah, it's gonna be an apocalypse... A flower apocalypse. Even World Trade Center! This is how it really happened... it was the plants! The plants did it!
    Felix: Yeah, but you know how it is - jet fuel can't melt... plants.
    [Both chuckle]

Felix Recenserar - Jakten på tidskristallen

  • Felix' response to the very first line.
    Asrin: It's December 23rd.
    Felix: No, it's December 1st! One second in, and we're already having research goofs!
  • Felix notices how serious and businesslike the boys bullying Max seem to be about the whole thing and follows it up with a short skit about them having a full-on business meeting about how to maximise their bullying potential. When one of the bullies is seemingly gone in a later scene, he asks if they're so organised they take shifts.
  • Felix about Professor Styregaard's robot, which she refers to as her slave:
    Felix: Just look at their amazing dynamic! One goes "meep morp", and the other one does bad jokes. It's kinda like you and me, Basse!
    Basse: Who's who?
    Felix: Meep morp!
    Basse: Ah.

Klassen part 3
  • When the teacher says they're going to talk about prejudices and one student insults another, she says that sounds more like bullying. Felix proceeds to make a short sketch where the teacher decides to make the lesson about bullying so the kids can tell the two apart.
    Felix: [as the teacher] Emilia, you come stand right here, and then Gustav can say that she's fat. And then, Emilia, you can start crying... Oh, you're already crying, good job. And Max, you can say she walks like an elephant. See, she's crying even more now!
  • After Elias forgets his one-month anniversary with Alba and makes plans to watch football with his friends instead of celebrating it with her, Felix dubs over the scene where he apologises over the school loudspeakers with him saying he just has to watch this game, and he would dump Alba in a heartbeat if had a chance to see it in person. Best of all, the emotional music and Alba's touched reaction are both left in.
  • One of the students starts getting concerned about animal welfare, to the point of bringing it up during class.
    Stella: Would anyone like to sign my petition?
    Felix: For god's sake... [as Stella] Speaking of cubes, have you heard of animal cruelty?


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