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  • The reason Bobbi took on her first career as a costumed hero/vigilante was because her grumpy old mentor, Doctor Wilma Calvin, pointed out that Fury had a habit of overlooking things because he was so set on one goal. She openly scoffed at Fury's methods, and told Bobbi to go and get the people responsible for the corrupption.
  • The first time that she meets Clint, she beats him in a fight. With ease. And ends up straddling him with her battle staves against his throat.
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  • Secret Avengers #3 opens up with Hawkeye awkwardly telling Black Widow that him and Bobbi can work together because they're adults, and from the sound of it, they've been talking for a while about this topic. Then, Black Widow walks towards them, wondering whats going on-It was Bobbi he was talking to, using the, very expensive, SHIELD camo tech she used to infiltrate Balgia to troll Clint. He is not amused, but she can't help but start Corpsing.
  • The first issue of her All New All Different solo series has her having to make weekly hospital visits at the drop of a hot which causes her to show up in several weird outfits, including a dominatrix out fit. Her fellow patients are equally funny, such as Howard the Duck, Tony Stark reading about Gonorrhea, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage with a weird rash, and Hercules with a black eye and ice pack every single week.
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  • Issue 7 has Bobbi and Hunter trying to solve a murder and when investigating a pair of bloody footprints, Hunter rattles off what kind of shoes the murderer was wearing, then idly mentions he was a Boy Scout. Underneath that is an excerpt from the handguide with one side showing shoeprints and animal tracks and the other showing super hero tracks including Spider-Man's distinctive crouch, tiny feet connected to Ant-Man and one set of strangely curled toes labeled as "Probably Ms. Marvel doing some weird thing."

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