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  • At one point, Char's reputation for the solo destruction of five battleships at the Battle of Loum is said aloud, only for Ryo to snap and nitpick he had actually soloed one battleship, three cruisers and a carrier.
    • The flashback of Loum makes this a Tear Jerker by revealing how Ryo knew it: he was a recon pilot at Loum, and the carrier was his mothership, nuked before his eyes as he was about to land for arming. Ryo's look as he sees the nuke enter the hangar is truly sad...
  • The kids, hell-bent to not be sent to the orphanage, are chased by Frau Bow and crash a speech by General Revil. Bright's reaction to the incident sells the whole thing!
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  • Every time Sayla scares Kai. One good scene comes when White Base is ordered to assist guerrilla forces in Los Angeles and Bright decides to hide the ship inside a massive ruined dome. It's a difficult maneuver for Mirai to pull off, even without Kai making cracks about how it's "just like parking a car in a garage." Sayla and Mirai both snap at him, driving him off the bridge to "check on the Guncannon."
  • Every time Major General Romeo Garcia, commander of the forces trying to invade Jaburo, shows his ability (or lack thereof) and complains that everyone and M'Quve are plotting against him.
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  • In the flashback arc, M'Quve visits Zeon's main archeological museum. The director himself describes the story of one of the statues, the Capuan Venus... Only for M'Quve to declare it a fake, and more accurately a Renaissance-era copy. He then proceeds to examine the museum's whole collection and declare everything a fake, except for the second piece he examined, Greek vase: being a 20th century tourist souvenir, it can't even be called a fake.
    M'Quve: They cost you a lot, I suppose.
    Director (ashamed and about to cry): Yes... Quite...
  • Also in the flashback, Dren finding out that he is the commander of the Falmer, and Char is just a passenger.
    • Then they have a run in with the ship that is bringing the escaped Revil to Luna 2. Hilarity Ensues.
      • We also have a rather surreal moment when Char, who has boarded the ship, meets Revil, salutes and apologizes for disturbing his cruise before letting them go.note 
  • Again from the flashback: the mostly one-sided rivalry between Ortega and Char, with Ortega taking everything Char does as a provocation and Char barely acknowledging him as a rival.
    • The one time Char actually acknowledged him was when, before Loum, Ortega saw his custom-painted Zaku and, after enjoying his rant, challenged them to outperform him in the coming battle. Them as in the whole Three Black Stars.
    • At Loum the Three Black Stars captured Revil, and got promoted one rank. Char sank five warships, and got lionized and promoted two. Ortega's continuous rants is rather amusing... Especially when a TV report talks of Revil's capture only to cut to Char and his fangirls without even mentioning who captured him.
  • This version of Dozle Zabi is comedy gold every time he's shown, due to his extremely overdone facial expressions and overreacting to everything, good or bad, that happens.
    • A completely unnecessary Black Comedy Burst depending on who you ask, after the infamous assassination of Sasro Zabi. It's horrible regardless on whose side you're on, but then Dozle walks out alive and you want to cheer... but then Dozle just yells angrily despite being heavily scarred and still bleeding, and by this time you're not sure what to think.
    • How Dozle met his future wife: to cover for the Dawn Uprising, Zenna, then a cadet at the military academy Dozle was the headmaster of, visited him in his room late, causing Dozle to think it was the obvious thing and wondering if he should turn her down, and when the alarm went off she held him at gunpoint-gaining all of ten seconds, as Dozle easily disarmed her the moment she was distracted for a split second. When they met again after the Uprising, Dozle proposed-and she accepted.
    • Just the sight of Dozle Zabi playing a little too roughly with Minerva Zabi - you really gotta wonder how she survived until Zeta much less Unicorn!
  • Ramba Ral's attempt to retrieve Artesia's pet cat caused him to have cat scratches on his face.
  • Amuro Ray, the future White Devil and savior of Earth... gets chewed out by his father after the latter sees Frau Bow leave the house and subsequently finds Amuro in a shirt and underwear.
  • When Amuro pisses off one of the top brass in Jaburo, he tried to punch Amuro. However Amuro's combat reflexes allow him to dodge. The general is so shocked that he stupidly asks: "Did you dodge?!" He then orders Amuro to stand still when he punches him, which he proceeds to do.
  • Kycilia masquerades as a wealthy socialite named Catherine to meet with the mayor of Granada Smokey Wilson at the Granada Plaza Hotel. Every single moment before said meeting is borderline hilarious for a cold calculating spymaster like her. At one point while applying makeup for clubbing with her 'boyfriend' for the night, Major Bergmann, she kisses him on the cheek, leading her flustered subordinate to ask if he can wipe the lipstick mark offnote . Following military procedure as well to boot. She continues this conga line by dancing with her men and proclaiming it as a night to remember.
  • Early during the development of mobile suits, Gihren almost shut down everything, at least until Minovsky shows him they have just made a breakthrough in making them practical. Why? Because they didn't have money to waste on useless superweapons.

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