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  • We've all seen in in the trailer. All together, now: THE. OTHER. DOOOOR!!
    • Also during the opening scene, Benji's increasing exasperation as Brandt keeps reminding him, "The package is still on the plane."
      Brandt: Benjamin, the plane!
      Benji: Yes the package is on the plane! We get it!
  • Ilsa tosses Ethan the key to his handcuffs, only for them to be just barely too short for him to actually use it.
  • This little gem:
    Hunley: Set your watch, Brandt. Ethan Hunt is living his last day as a free man.
    Title card: Six Months Later
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  • The sheer Epic Fail on the part of the CIA wherein Hunt eludes the spooks sent to Havana, while he looks on from Paris. Also, Brandt's little grin in the background.
  • Benji playing Halo 5: Guardians while listening to "The Marriage of Figaro" on his headphones.
  • After being stuck back in an office for six months, Benji finally gets back out into the field. Where he's promptly given the task of being eyes for Ethan.
    Benji: Join the IMF, see the world!
    On a monitor.
    In a closet...
  • They actually made a joke about Tom Cruise being short when during the struggle with the fight backstage at the Vienna Opera, the Syndicate assassin rises to full height and we see he's a full head taller than Ethan!
  • Benji's initial disapproval of the plan in Morocco.
  • The entire planning phase for the water heist. Especially every time that Benji dismisses the difficulty of Hunt's part, while Hunt just sits there, clearly trying to come to terms with the insanity of the plan...
    • If anything Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson's expressions of incredulity make this scene.
      • It doesn't help that Benji is unwaveringly certain of Ethan's ability to overcome any difficulty despite all evidence to the contrary.
    Benji: Alright, how long would it take to freeswim from the intake to the service hatch?
    Ilsa: Two minutes, with the current at full power.
    Benji: [gesturing triumphantly at Ethan] Then you just have to hold your breath for two minutes!
    Ethan: What about installing the security profile?
    Benji: [makes a handwaving 'what does that matter' gesture] That’s going to be like a minute, tops.
    Ethan: [incredulous] So I have to hold my breath for three minutes?
    Benji: [unperturbed] You can do that!
  • Before the car chase, Ethan, after being revived by Ilsa, barely recovering from drowning, leaps over the car only to fall face down. To make this better, the "Mission: Impossible" theme heroically plays, but suddenly stops when Ethan falls over.
    Benji: Are you okay to drive? A minute ago you were dead!
    Ethan: [groggily] What are you talking about?
    Benji: This isn’t going to end well.
  • At the beginning of the car chase, Ethan and Benji's car stops right next to Brandt and Luther, who have been searching for them. There's a stunned exchange of looks as Luther does a little wave, Brandt nods his head and Ethan waves back and Benji points at them mouthing "Hey!" Then the chase resumes.
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  • During said chase when the car is going down some stairs in high speed, Benji almost hits his head on the dashboard and gives Ethan an extremely pissed off look. Made even better by the fact that this was barely acted.
  • Brandt's increasingly done nature with everyone. Especially to Luther during their futile attempts to catch up to Ethan and Benji, with their vehicle making a next to impossible U-turn. End result: the two bicker Like an Old Married Couple.
    Brandt: [to Luther] It's a high speed chase! You just had to get the 4x4, didn't you?!
    Luther: Hey, look. Don't blame me. You chose the car.
    Brandt: You just had to have it!
  • After Ethan crashes the car, he and Benji are left at the mercy of a Syndicate mook who calmly walks over. Just before he could kill them, however, Brandt and Luther's 4x4 comes out of nowhere and unceremoniously sends the mook flying out of the shot. By itself it's an awesome Big Damn Heroes moment. The framing of the scene (from Ethan's POV, inside the car, where you can only see the bottom half of what's going on) makes it hilarious.
    • Just before said crash, we get this gem:
    Ethan: You have your seatbelt on?
    Benji: You're asking me that NOW?!
    • After Brandt and Luther have saved Ethan and all is safe and tension is released, Benji (who has been unconscious this entire time) screams "AH!! LOOK OUT!"
  • Ethan scrapes his knees while turning at high speed on the motorcycle.
  • The Prime Minister of Great Britain on truth serum.
    Prime Minister: [to Brandt] You've got a very warm hand.
    • Followed immediately by Brandt giving Hunt a look that just screams "What the hell?"
    • This also serves as a subtle and brilliant Call-Back to Ghost Protocol. Brandt gets to seduce the rich guy after all!
  • There's something oddly funny about Hunley crouching with Brandt and Hunt while they're interrogating the drugged Atlee — who's flat on the floor. Hunley even seems a bit concerned, as if he's thinking "Are we doing this right? Okay then."
  • Hunley being given full credit for saving the British Prime Minister from an attack by the rogue MI-6 director. The drugged PM's expression of gratitude makes for a great punchline.
    Prime Minister: Did he? I'm very grateful.
  • A meta one. Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie both mentioned how Sean Harris "wasn't a big franchise man" when they signed him on as the villain, but they assured him it would be fine since no villain survives a Mission Impossible movie. Then they finished the climatic action, wrote their great ending, and only afterwards realized, "Uh oh. Sean's still alive at the end."
    • Even funnier? No, he isn't.
  • Another meta one. While promoting the sequel, Fallout, Rebecca Ferguson noted that actually, she had no idea what she was getting into when she signed on because she had no idea how these action movies are made. Tom Cruise, sitting next to her, says, "We explained it to you!" Rebecca's response is, "Very quickly! And then the first day of shooting, Tom, what did we do?" To which Cruise can only sheepishly reply, "We jumped off a building."


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