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Funny / Mission: Impossible (1996)

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  • Jack's deadpan warning to Ethan about the explosive gum: "Just don't chew it."
  • In the climax Ethan is nearly killed when he hooks the line from the helicopter Jim Phelps planned to escape in to the back of a speeding train as it enters the Chunnel and blows it up. When it's over the camera pans from Ethan on the outside of the rear car breathing a sigh of relief to a shocked train conductor inside who had witnessed the whole thing and promptly faints.
  • As the disavowed team is about to go into full silence mode for the Langley heist, Krieger sneezes loudly, causing their sound meters to briefly go haywire.
    Ethan: Krieger, from here on in... absolute silence.
    (Krieger nods, then gives his giant nose one last wipe)
    • Krieger, the most ax-crazy character in the movie, with a look of horror (and allergies) at the rat slowly making its way toward him, enough to nearly blow the mission by dropping Ethan in order to quickly snuff it out.
  • The poor CIA employee getting hit with the sickness fluid. At one point during the heist, he emerges from the bathroom thinking it's over, takes two steps, and promptly runs back into the bathroom. The worst of all is that Kittridge is so pissed off that Ethan stole the List that he wants the man being sent somewhere in Alaska for his failure.
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  • Ethan disguised as the US Senator during the Golitsyn mission.
  • While Jack's upload of Sarah's info into the embassy database is taking longer than expected, forcing security to run it again, both Ethan and Sarah snark at him via I Have This Friend..., while staying in character.
    Sarah: Tell me, Senator, do you all have someone on your staff named Jack?
    Ethan: Jack... I believe we did have a Jack. An unreliable fellow as I recall. Constantly late and behind in his work. I was forced to tie him behind one of my best stallions and drag him around my barn for a few days.
    Jack: Relax your crack, Foghorn. I'm working on it.
    • When Ethan and Sarah finally gain entrance into the elevator, Ethan looks up at Jack through the ceiling grate with annoyance.
    Ethan: [Your] date with Sarah is definitely off.
  • The magic trick scene. Ethan gets Krieger to think he has a fake NOC List by doing some illusionist movements with the disket which annoys Krieger very much. Cue Claire having the time of her life without ever trying to Corpsing.
  • After Ethan shows off some sleight-of-hand with the discs and hands one to Luther, Luther futilely tries it out on his own to no avail.
  • Phelps motions to Krieger to pick him up in the helicopter, despite his ridiculous situation of being locked to a train in the Chunnel. Jean Reno gets a spectacular "What the hell does he expect me to do?" expression.


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