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Funny / Miss Sherlock

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  • Wato grumpily eating breakfast for two in "Sachiko's Moustache".
  • Sherlock's complete lack of tact, manners, or any form of respect for personal boundaries.
  • The distressed squeaky noises Wato makes over Sherlock appropriating her sushi.
  • Sherlock eating pizza toppings with chopsticks. Turns into heartwarming as she immediately starts loading Wato's bowl with food right after.
  • Poor Wato having to pick up after Sherlock and apologizing for her, in the grand tradition of Watsons being Holmeses' babysitter/handler.
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  • Wato fighting Sherlock for the knife.
  • The "Sorry :(" message that pops up after the data was deleted in "Lily of the Valley".

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