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Funny / Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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The Books:

  • Enoch's over-the-top dramatism.
    Enoch: RISE, dead man!
  • At the start of Hollow City (which picks up right where the first book left off), the children are caught in a storm that destroys their boats and most of their luggage. They find refuge on a deserted island, and while trying to build a fire, this exchange occurs:
    Horace: We can't find any wood for the fire.
    Emma: Did you try looking in that forest over there?
    Horace: Too scary. I heard an owl.
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  • Jacob trying to explain to other children what crossing a loop sounds like to him. Twenty first century comparisons fall flat.
  • Miss Peregrine, trapped in bird form, has to pretend to be a wind up so the children can smuggle her onto a train.
  • The children jokingly mocking Enoch's obsession with London upon arriving in the city. He really did overdo his advertising campaign.
  • In the third book, Mother Dust is a peculiar whose body can be broken apart and used as magical dust. She gives Jacob and Emma one of her fingers to help them. Subsequently, whenever her finger is used against the wights, Jacob refers to it as "giving them the finger".
    • For that matter, the first time they try. Turns out dust isn't much of an offensive weapon.
  • While an Awesome moment as well, there's something hysterically funny about Bentham, The Dandy, charging into the fray on grimbear's back and bellowing like a madman.
  • This exchange, an example of sibling rivalry:
    Caul: I was a quicker study than you, remember? Aswindan. The root is wind, which denotes [...] strengthening, invigoration!
    Bentham: I'm not so sure about that, brother.
    Caul: Oh, you're not. I think you want it for yourself!
    Bentham (deadpan): Aswindan. Root word swind. Meaning shrink.
    Caul: No. No, I'm certain I was right.
    Alma: You're not.
    [Caul glares]
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  • Emma mistaking a fantasy convention member for a peculiar. Two conversations happen, with no side having any idea that the other doesn't know what they're talking about.
  • When discussing loop theory, Emma and Enoch have this exchange:
    Enoch: Which is why you can’t go back and kill baby Hitler to stop the war from happening. History heals itself. Isn’t that interesting?
    Emma: No, and you’re a heartless ####### for talking about killing babies at a time like this. Or ever.
    Enoch: Baby Hitler.
  • Any time Addison tries Talking the Monster to Death. It never works.
  • The bridge hollowghast is called Tickles.
  • Meta: Ransom Riggs' reaction upon coming up with the major plot twist in Hollow City halfway through writing it. In his own words, he cackled so loudly it scared his cat out of the room.


The Film:

  • Upon bringing Jake to the house, Miss Peregrine asks Emma, Olive and Millard how much chaos they caused in the village because she doesn't want another visit from the pub's manager and the Police, especially since she's already had to kill them twice that month already.
    • Emma's explanation right before that is pretty chuckle-worthy too:
    Emma: Millard broke some things, and Olive... May have... Started a tiny fire.
  • The Running Gag of Jacob trying to hit the hallowgasts with a crossbow like Miss Peregrine did to protect everyone, and missing every single time.
    Mr. Barron: You missed me, Jake! I take it accuracy is not your peculiarity!...Jake, when are you going to realise that you're a terrible shot with that thing?!
  • Mr. Barron's final threat to Emma as she holds him back with her breath.
    Mr. Barron: Eventually, you're going to run out of breath! And then it'll all be over! Death for your beloved Jake and Miss Peregrine! Everlasting life for me! [sniffs the air] Eww! And a mint for you!
    • It's worth mentioning that as he's saying all of this, pinned to the wall with Emma's breath, he has his arms crossed- and then when he uncrosses them, they get blown back against the wall. Not long after, his lips actually start flapping in the wind.
  • Horace tries to hold Barron off by projecting images of birds around him. Barron pretends to scream in agony and then breaks down laughing. He then notices Horace's suit.
    [Barron looks at Horace's suit appreciatively]
    Barron: You must put me in contact with your tailor.
    [Casually tosses Horace out of the way]
  • Mr Barron complaining to the other Hollowgasts and Wights about his time undercover as Jake's therapist... in Florida. The fact he treats the whole thing as a Fate Worse than Death makes it doubly hilarious.
    Mr. Barron: I had to masquerade as a psychiatrist for three weeks in Florida! Have you ever been to Florida?!
    • Later, he laments spending "two, no three days in Wales pretending to look at birds."
  • Basically Mr. Barron in general. Samuel L. Jackson is having a fantastic time hamming it up on screen and it's hard not to find him hilarious.
  • Barron finally losing his patience and vastly underestimating the children when Emma taunts him. Barron's exasperation makes the line hilarious.
    Miss Edwards: It's probably a trap.
    Mr. Barron: Of course it's a trap! But it's a group of children against four Hollows! Let's get this over with!
    • Just after this, Barron tries to find the Hollows to give them orders, only he can't... because they're invisible. Cue Barron spinning around the room looking for them.
    Mr. Barron: Where are you?! I know you're in here somewhere!
    [A Hollow knocks something over]
    Mr. Barron: THERE you are!
  • Two of the Wights, Mr. Clark and Mr. Archer, chase after the children with a group of Hollowgasts... only for Mr. Archer to be suddenly hit by a tram. Mr. Clark however, only looks mildly irritated over his fellow's death.
  • Real Life, according to Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Burton squeed over Jackson's performance after Jackson finished a take.
  • The day after Jake meets the children and experiences the Reset, Emma explains that Miss Peregrine made their Loop in a hurry.
    Jake: Why's that?
    Emma: (Stares at him) The Germans were about to drop a bomb on us.
  • Millard is invisible, and enjoys making use of that.
    • After the incident in the pub, Jake thinks that he's the one who did it.
    Millard: No, that was me.
    Jake: (Beat) Millard? Are... You naked?
    Millard: Yup.
    (Another beat)
    Jake: Oh.


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