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The TV Series

  • Royce's reaction the first time he sees Jo use the Mirror.
  • Joshua's reaction when seeing Jo's rather... anachronistic footwear.
    Joshua: Extraordinary.

The Film

  • The entire snark-heavy intro, with the Queen being a First-Person Smartass the entire way. Includes gems such as the Queen remarking that Snow White's parents probably named her that because it was the most pretentious name they could think of, describing the constant singing and dancing under the King's rule being because presumably no one had jobs back then, and extolling the virtues of the new queen before almost immediately revealing that it's herself that she's describing.
  • Renbock warns Alcott that the Queen seems insane. Alcott brushes it off as all women getting crazy when a prince is around, and Renbock replies that there's a difference between "I'm in the same room as a prince" crazy and good, old-fashion psycho crazy.
    • As Alcott sends Renbock back to get guards, gold and clothes, Renbock echoes Snow's earlier demand ("only if you say please") from when she rescued them back in the woods. Alcott is a good sport about it and actually says please.
  • This exchange:
    Brighton: You look fabulous, Your Majesty.
    Queen: Fabulous? Brighton, I haven't even begun to get ready yet.
    Brighton: Well, then, one can only imagine how fabulous-
    Queen: Shut up, Brighton.
  • The Queen's horrific beauty treatments, and warnings to her servants to try not to enjoy it.
    Queen: [Covered in all manner of muck] I can feel you smiling.
  • Snow and Alcott's Dance of Romance includes Snow awkwardly saying how nice it is to see him dressed... up so nicely this time, and both of them agreeing that his rabbit getup for the costume party is ridiculous.
    • Snow revealing that she's "kind of the princess".
      Alcott: What? You didn't tell me that!
      Snow: Well you didn't tell me that you were a prince!
      Alcott: I feared I'd look ridiculous!
      Snow: [meaningful look]
      Alcott: [Beat] Said the prince in the bunny hat.
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    • The prince shoving aside other dancers when they try to take his position with Snow, and when Snow mentions that she thought they were supposed to be switching partners, Alcott casually says that yes, he thinks they are, and carries on talking.
  • The Queen's taste in men's fashion is abhorrent, apparently. Renbock complains that the clothes she gave him made him look like a pink profiterole, Alcott and Snow agree that his rabbit costume at the ball makes him look like an idiot, and when dining with the Queen, Alcott exasperatedly rips off his overly frilly sleeves when they keep draping over his plate.
  • After the Queen tells Alcott that Snow is dead, she gives him a literal second to process it before launching into attempting a marriage proposal.
  • The Prince and Snow's duel is a running Funny Moment combined with Moment of Awesome. The banter is great, as is the point where the Prince blocks one of her blows behind his back, without even looking.
    • Just before she knocks him out, Snow complains that he just had to be so darn cute.
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  • The Queen yelling at her servants to get Alcott a shirt so that she can concentrate.
  • The entire puppy love scene.
    Prince: [Whines sadly at the pillow she threw out the window]
    Queen: [Clearly gleeful] Go get it! Go get it!
    • "There are pros and cons to this."
    • And when Alcott gets stolen by Snow and the dwarves.
      Alcott: [Love Potion-drugged and sobbing] You don't understand! I yearn for the nectar of her skin!
      • The line becomes much funnier when mocked by Snow and the Dwarves later.
    • Not to mention the various ways the Dwarves try to break the spell, ranging from Butcher punching him in the face repeatedly to Chuckles tickling him to Half-Pint boxing his ears with paddles.
  • "Love is someone passing the potatoes."
  • Any or all of Brighton's scenes.
  • The Running Gag with people getting their clothes robbed. "What is it with this kingdom?!"
    • Earlier, when the dwarves showed up for a third time to steal everyone's clothes, Alcott finally snaps. (Although he actually gets to keep his clothes this time.)
      Alcott: No! You cannot do this to me again!
  • When heading out to fight the Beast alone, Snow locks Prince Alcott and the dwarves inside the house to prevent them from following. She explains through the door how she always used to read stories about the princess being saved by the prince at the end.
    Snow: I think it's time we changed that ending.
    Alcott: No, no, no, Snow, you're trying to mess with tried-and-true storytelling, it's been focus-grouped and it works, just let me save you!
  • "We really have to stop meeting like this."

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