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Season 2

    Santa Claws 
  • During the initial song Marinette wishes a merry christmas in quick succession to everyone who visits her bakery, namely Alya, Alix and her father, Rose and Juleka, Manon and her mother, Nino, Sabrina... Then she cuts mid-sentence when it comes the turn of a glaring Chloé, starts staring, and has to be prompted by her parents to resume-in the most strained fashion she can muster. Just like Chloé with her father.
    Chloé : MERRY CHRISTMAS, MARINETTE! But I hate your guts, don't you forget!
  • Marinette's usual Adrien-related antics somehow got much funnier when the only witness was the Gorilla.
  • While searching for Adrien, Ladybug finds evidence of both him and Cat Noir being nearby recently. Her conclusion: "He must be trying to protect him." Okay, it's not so illogical in context (she doesn't know enough about Cat's other life and doesn't think that he'd be using Cataclysm in any situation other than an akuma attack), but the delivery makes it hilarious.
    • During the same song, Ladybug repeatedly calling Adrien, "the one I secretly love." Something that wouldn't be that much of a secret (well, regarding Marinette at least) even if she wasn't singing about it in public.
  • During his usual corruption routine, Hawk Moth tells the newly akumatized Santa that "... since I've been a good enough boy this year, I deserve two presents.".
  • During his Villain Song Santa Claws is dabbing.

    The Collector 
  • Marinette worries that she might be in love with Hawk Moth.
  • Seeing Gabriel Agreste be a bit hammy as the Collector is rather amusing. And then you realize that this applies to him as Hawk Moth too.

    Despair Bear 
  • When Marinette is invited to Chloé's party she declines. When she learns that Adrien will be there too she immediately changes her mind.
  • As soon as Adrien arrives at the party Chloé starts jumping for joy and runs towards him in record time.
  • Apparently Hawk Moth has noticed how many of his akumas Chloé is responsible for, so he sends a butterfly to her party with no predetermined victim because he just knows she'll eventually upset someone. He then gets increasingly frustrated by how long it takes, because Chloé is actually making an effort to be nice this episode.
    Hawk Moth: What are you doing, Miss Bourgeois? Where's that natural cruelty I'm counting on?!
  • Even at the end of the episode we still have no idea what Chloé's butler's name is! From the various names she calls him one might suppose it begins with Jean, but let's be real his name is probably something like Frank (Francois). To make matters funnier, with the exception of the first time Chloé gets it wrong, the butler never even tries to correct her not even after he's been de-akumatised and gets his job back. Even that first time he only sort of tries correct her, realises how pointless it would be and decides to just roll with it.
  • When Mylène asks for some ice for her drink, Chloé initially responds by insulting her sweater. Remembering that she's trying to be nicer, she apologizes and returns with ice for Mylène. A whole bucket full of ice. Which she all dumps in Mylène's drink, before walking off, satisfied with herself.
  • The dance scene. Just all of it. From Alya forcibly shoving Marinette into Adrien (prompting him to ask her to dance), to the slo-mo, heart-background moment where Marinette is being led onto the dance floor to Chloé's reaction. But the best part hands down is when Alya, clearly not satisfied, dances closer with Nino and then pirouettes over to Marinette and Adrien, puts Marinette's arms around Adrien's neck and Adrien's hands around Marinette's waist and pirouettes back to Nino who was just waiting with a smile. The look on both Marinette and Adrien's face really sells it too.
    • When Chloé first sees them together, while dancing with Kim:
      Chloé: What?! I! Am! Speechless!
      Kim: Thanks. You're a pretty good dancer yourself.
  • Marinette and Chloé forcing themselves to kiss each other's cheeks and hating every moment of it. That's all.
  • Adrien and Marinette awkwardly making excuses to leave right after Despair Bear appears in front of them, each failing to notice anything strange about this. Compared to the numerous scenes in previous episodes where the two are able to slip away in the chaos, it's kinda funny how they handle it when a situation isn't quite that chaotic yet.
  • When Chloé points out she had just done something nice in saving Ladybug, the crowd literally faints.
  • Just before the episode ends, Chloé insults Mylène's macaroons, resulting in the episode ending card showing Chloé with a mixing bowl on her head and a very unhappy Ivan.

    Prime Queen 
  • Tikki, of all people, sounds just so done with Marinette's forgetfulness.
  • Cat Noir's expression when he realizes, on live TV, that Ladybug kissed him during the Dark Cupid battle.
  • When Prime Queen stopping the subway car causes Ladybug to fall on Cat Noir;
    Ladybug: Did I just hear you purr!?
    • Cat Noir's "Oh, Crap!!" expression, obviously hoping she hadn't noticed or trying to think of an excuse on the fly and his Blatant Lies after complete the moment.
  • Cat Noir trying to instigate a kiss with Ladybug twice, because Prime Queen wanted them to confirm they were a couple. Sweet mother of God, his face the first time!
    • "Not a chance, kitty". "Still not happening, Cat Noir".

    The Befana 
  • Marinette's parents wasting one cake after another.
  • Alya fends off the akuma by flinging plates at her. Awesome and funny in equal measure.
  • Befana’s Pastiche of La Donna è Mobile from Rigoletto.
  • Hawk Moth tells Befana to take the Miraculouses. Her response? "You haven't said the magic word."
    • Followed by Hawk Moth saying "please" and looking visibly annoyed while doing so.
      • It's the defeated shoulder hunching that really sells the bit. Also the fact that, well, that's still Gabriel Agreste being made to say "please" by someone's akumatised grandmother.
  • For Italian viewers, the simple fact that Hawk Moth, like always, starts talking to Gina calling with her villain name, "Befana": keep in mind that in Italy the word has the double meaning of "ugly old hag", far from the usual politeness Hawk Moth keeps during the akumization.
  • Gina flirting with André when the party finally gets started.

  • The Amusing Injuries D'Argencourt gets during Adrien and Kagami's unhooked duel;
    • First, when the fight moves to the school's second floor, the other students trample D'Argencourt in their zeal to keep watch.
    • Then, when a book cart is knocked down the stairs, it hits D'Argencourt and slams him into a wall.
  • Marinette looking for Adrien in the fencing class and then describing him to one of the fencers, calling Adrien handsome as she does so. The fencer thanks her for the compliments and reveals himself to be Adrien, to Marinette's embarrassment.
  • Cat Noir saying that he’s got a vet’s appointment to get to as his ring beeps to indicate he’s about to transform.

  • When Marinette runs toward the locker room for her bag, she trips to the ground, slides along a bit, before flipping herself back onto her feet.
  • When Principal Damocles turns Markov's volume off and puts him in the drawer, he snarks about how much easier his life would be if all the kids had an volume button. Although it was also quite cruel and sad, considering Markov's pleadings.
    • Some of the drawer's contents when he opens it are also pretty funny: other things he's confiscated from the kids include various phones, a pair of headphones, a video game controller, a plastic dart gun, Nino's bubble bottle, Rose's perfume bottle, a copy of the "Rock Giant" album and a pair of beaglepuss glasses.
  • Marinette gets up in class and asks to go to the principal's office to check on Markov, Ms Mendeliev angrily tells her that that discussion is over. Marinette then presses the issue until Ms Mendeliev sends her to the principal's office as punishment. The devious look on Marinette's face just before she presses it and her smile after it works sell it.
  • During the electronics' uprising, André Bourgeois' desk lamp usurps him as mayor.
  • Hawk Moth being surprised and unsettled at having to answer some questions for once.

  • The very premise of this episode is hilarity itself: Hawk Moth akumatizes a baby! By accident!
    • The fact that it happens again in other episodes is worth a chuckle, too, since that implies that either Hawk Moth's target calms down and the baby is akumatized by accident again, or Hawk Moth just runs out of potential targets on a given day and decides to just use the baby again since it's better than nothing.
    • Rather than any serious threat, the giant supervillain acts no different from a regular baby, looking for a lollipop and playing with cars and people like toys. Poor Hawk Moth has no patience from the get go.
    • The Bait-and-Switch leading up to the baby's akumatization - we see the Gorilla receive several parking tickets, he's visibly angry, and an akuma is heading right for him...then he sees Adrien, and his mood improves rapidly enough that the akuma misses him and goes for the baby.
    • When giving his usual speech to explain a newly Akumatized person what their newfound power can do and how that can helps their problem, Hawk Moth states he will give the baby gigantic size... then apparently realizes he has no idea what a baby might want to do with super-powers, and decides to just tell him he can use it to do "whatever he wants".
    • In the French dub, Hawk Moth mimics August's lisp when the baby mentions lollipops ("Sucette" becomes "Thuthette" in this case). The English equivalent would be like pronouncing Lollipop as "Woweepop."
    • Every single cut back to Hawk Moth is one of these as he gets increasingly frustrated, starting with a hilarious, deer-in-the-headlights pose as the akuma goes to the wrong person, facepalming, banging his cane on the ground with his arm stuck out awkwardly straight, and stomping his feet, among so many other delightful things. Friendly reminder that's still Gabriel Agreste.
    • August being unable to say Hawk Moth's name and calling him "Hawk Moo" is especially hilarious.
  • Alix's snarky reactions to Alya's insane plan.
    • She easily and openly deduced with an amused smirk the boy that Marinette has a crazy crush on to be Adrien with the premise that neither Marinette nor Alya knew that the other girls already knew about it.
    • Alix is understandably creeped out when Marinette goes into detail on how Adrien leaves his belongings, including his cell phone, in his bodyguard's car as part of his photo shoots. She tries to mention this to Rose, who is literally shaking with romantic excitement, creeping her out further.
    • When it came to Marinette to explain what she was going to say to Adrien during her Zany Scheme fantasy, Alix interjects by making incoherent noises with her tongue flapping out and mouth stretched out in place of Marinette's voice, just to poke fun on how Marinette could barely get two words across when talking to Adrien. Adrien's surprised face in the fantasy is also just as funny.
    • After Alya and Marinette have explained the plan in full and ask the girls for questions, everyone else is still paying attention while Alix can be seen facepalming in the corner.
  • Rose getting confused over the flower code names, answering to "Rose" when Juleka is "Rose" while Rose herself is "Tulip." Each time she makes the same silly "pondering" face.
    Rose: Uh, why isn't my name "Rose"?
    Alya: Because "Rose" is your real name.
    Marinette: It won't be a code name if we call you "Rose".
  • Later when the akumatization happens, Rose asks where's Marinette but uses the code name instead. The girls who'd already forgotten the ruse in favour of escaping are confused.
  • Marinette's entire romantic Zany Scheme slowly falling apart with hilarious results. The fact that the dialogue implies the plan is Alya's, not Marinette's, is its own kind of funny.
  • To keep the Gorilla busy, the plan requires using a fake stop sign (made of metal) to get him in trouble with the police. The cart carrying the stop sign getting stuck in the grate, forcing Juleka to have to take the sign from the pedestal and have Mylene hold it up while she gets Officer Roger's attention. Juleka being who she is takes a good couple minutes before she finally is able to tell him about the 'illegally' parked car while Suddenly SHOUTING!.
  • Marinette's plan involves Alix waiting on the bridge to throw flower petals on her and Adrien. The plan falls apart almost immediately, and Alix spends the entire episode waiting on the bridge. At the end of the episode, she returns to the squad and throws the petals on Marinette with a deadpan expression on her face.
  • Cat Noir is flung halfway across Paris by Gigantitan, and lands on the ice cream cart from Marinette's Zany Scheme. He picks up an ice cream and tries to eat it... but he still has Cataclysm turned on, so it just disintegrates in his hand before he can have any.
  • At one point, Cat Noir honks a car that is a similar model to the Agreste's own car. What are the chances it's actually Gabriel Agreste's car that got swept up along with the other cars on the road? Hawkmoth was really mad in that bit.

    The Dark Owl 
  • Mr. Damocles taking his identity as "The Owl" seriously, contrasted with how completely inept he is at it.
    • To start with, just trying to put on his utility belt becomes an epic struggle, very much like the original trailer for The Incredibles.
  • Tikki imitating a dancer on the TV she's watching.
  • Chat proudly saying that reading comics saves lives.
  • The entire episode is one glorious, wonderful homage to the Adam West Batman (1966) series with enough cheese to satisfy even Plagg.
    • Alya's performance as "Cardboard Girl" and Ladybug and Chat Noir's poses of defeat while they beg the Owl to save them and get their Miraculous back from the dastardly villain are exactly the type of tongue-in-cheek, hammy overacting one would expect from the original Batman (1966).
    • Dark Owl's completely over-the-top terrorist threat (which ties into the campy show it's referencing). He's supposedly suspended a bus full of zoo animals from the Eiffel Tower over a helpless kitten with liquid nitrogen explosives set to take down the whole thing, Eiffel Tower included. It's so cheesy that it may be hard to take seriously. The fact that Ladybug and Cat Noir do makes it all the better.
      • The kitten is sitting on a cushion, somehow making this even funnier.
    • Dark Owl's plan to get the Miraculouses involves tricking Ladybug and Cat Noir on top of a shipping container. Which has a trapdoor. And slowly beings to fill with whipped cream from a hole in the bottom of the shipping crate. Not whipping cream, whipped cream. As in CoolWhip. Something he intends to drown them in and points out is no good for swimming or floating in. While Ladybug and Cat Noir scramble to turn off the detonator for the above plan. Noticeably, neither of them are that bothered by the threat of drowning in whipped cream.
  • After being saved by Ladybug and Cat Noir again and being admonished by the duo about leaving superheroing to the professionals, like them, Mr. Damocles as The Owl tells everyone in a news interview that he will be certain better next time. Cue annoyed facepalm from Ladybug and Cat Noir, who are standing right behind him in full view of the camera.

  • When Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to stop a speeding bus in front of a crosswalk, the civilians collapse in relief, except for baby August from Gigantitan who giggles and squirms happily.
  • The villain shoots ice-cream cannonballs at people.
  • In an otherwise emotional moment, the look on Marinette's face when she discovers Cat Noir's feelings for her alter ego are Serious Business for him an not just a Casanova Wannabe attitude.

  • When Hawk Moth goes through his Corruption routine, Alya's sisters begin eagerly asking him on the things they'll be able to do with the power he grants, and the villain has to quiet them down with a look of dismay and the appropriate hand-waving. You can bet he was having flashbacks to "Gigantitan".
  • Pretty much everything the Sapotis do (for example replacing Nadja Chamack as the news reporter or stealing André Glacier's ice cream).
  • It turns out that Lucky Charm also gives Marinette messages from the universe. A teapot message.
  • Plagg actually encouraging Adrian to transform when they see the Sapotis on the news and he realises his cheese is in danger.
    Plagg: These food thieves are real dangerous! [locks his cheese in a cupboard] What are you waiting for?
  • Cat Noir flirting with Rena Rouge, telling her if she needs any "cool superhero tips" she knows where to come. Rena snarks back asking if he's going to give her Ladybug's phone number.
  • After Rena Rouge helps Cat Noir assemble the Noodle Implements for Ladybug's plan she asks if this is really going to work. Cat Noir tells her that sometimes it's even more absurd than this.

  • Marinette watching a video of Adrien's latest advert with a big dopey smile, replaying a close-up of his face over and over, while Tikki pushes a spoonful of yoghurt into her mouth.
    • Plus the callback later when Adrien catches her doing the same in the theater as the advert plays again.
  • Just the Running Gag of Adrien and Marinette constantly having to flee Adrien's Loony Fans. By the time they make it to the movie theatre, Marinette is wearing a towel wrapped around her head and swimming goggles, while Adrien has a motorcycle helmet on.
    • Adrien and Marinette are forced to hide in an empty fountain and are quickly found by a groundskeeper who posts a picture of the two in a compromising position on social media. The image quickly goes viral with most of Paris, even Gabriel, interested in what Adrien and "his girlfriend" are doing in such a place with his arms around her.
      Gabriel: [shocked] Adrien?
      Wayhem: In the fountain?!
      Crowd: [GASP]
      Alya: [excited] With Marientte?!
      Juleka, Mylène, & Rose: Ahhh!
  • When Adrien is falling from the building, in between Hawk Moth begging his son to transform and Ladybug desperately struggling in Gorizilla's fist, we cut to Wayhem on the ground, running in circles with his arms out, yelling, "Don't worry, Adrien, I'll catch you!"

    Captain Hardrock 
  • Roger tries his hardest to avert Police are Useless in this episode, going after Captain Hardrock's ship in a police boat, then a pedal boat, and finally a duck floatie with an oar. Needless to say, he's a bit in over his head.
  • Marinette has the same reaction to Luka as she usually does to Adrien–stammering and nervousness.
  • When Mrs. Couffaine asks Luka to test out the speakers, the resulting noise knocks several cars sideways. Not surprisingly, the cops take notice.
    • Alya, Nino and Marinette's stunned reaction to said resulting noise.
  • The big song Marinette's friends' band intends to play turns out to be a grungy, hard rock number... sung by Rose. About how much she loves unicorns and puppies. We get to hear it as the episode ends, and it's hilarious.
  • Plagg's attempt to cheer Adrien up when Gabriel forbids him to go to his friends' concert... by singing. Not only is he Hollywood Tone-Deaf, but it's an ode to Camembert (of course).
  • Anarka Couffaine in general.

  • A Funny Background Event example with the photo montage around the beginning of the episode before the class rejoins at Ms. Bustier's class. One photo has Marinette inadvertently messing up a chemical experiment, but she doesn't even notice while Alya panics. Why? Marinette was distracted watching Adrien work on his experiment with Nino.
  • Chloé sneaks up on Ladybug after everyone gets "zombified" and as a result, Ladybug flip-slams her onto her back in an open locker. Ladybug's response: "Sorry, reflex." You know a part of Marinette was cheering about doing that.
  • The Mayor gets kissed and zombiefied by Roger. What makes it hilarious is that Roger tackles him on live television.
  • Cat Noir's brief look of 'Uh oh' when Chloé goes flying over his head way too fast on the zip line.
  • Chloé throwing Cat Noir from her when she realises they were about to kiss. Especially considering how different her reaction would be if she knew who Cat Noir really is.
  • Adrien pretending to be zombified to give himself an alibi, ensure the others will leave him alone to transform... and in the hopes of kissing Ladybug
  • The image of Chloé nervously backing away from Alix, who is just about half her size, when the class turns on her.

  • Plagg's reaction when Adrien tries to bribe him with cheese to learn the secrets Ladybug is hiding. Plagg was comically tempted.
    • He resorts to breathing through one of Adrien's used socks in an attempt to stave off the temptation, as it's "the only thing smellier than cheese."
  • When Syren tries to tempt Kim into staying underwater with her, he's more concerned about missing the movie he wanted to watch earlier on the episode. Syren's Flat "What" reaction is priceless.
  • Gabriel talks about wanting to find the Guardian not knowing the latter is at his mansion at that very moment.

  • The Terrible Interviewees Montage for Ladybug, interspersed with Clara and Adrien's reactions. They include a girl who seems to be in a Troubled Fetal Position from stage fright with Adrien awkwardly trying to console her, and a little girl offering him a black cat which meows.
    • Among the women that tried out for Ladybug's part includes Officer Roger wearing Ladybug's hair and mask.
  • After Chloé is rejected, she goes back to her limo, where her butler Jean offers her Mr. Cuddly, which she tosses to the other side of the car before closing the door. She then takes a second to check if anyone is around before hugging Mr. Cuddly while sucking her thumb.
  • Marinette and Adrien acting so awkwardly when Clara is teaching them to dance. Adrien especially acts very like Marinette when she gets flustered.
  • While the shutting down of the filming is not funny the justification is. Permit A 38 was incorrectly filled.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir having to dance while fighting Frightningale. Due to the situation they don't bother with any fancy moves and just bob around on the spot.
  • Just the fact that Hawk Moth spends most of the episode rhyming his dialogue. Yes, he's normally the epitome of Evil Is Hammy no matter what, but just knowing that he's Gabriel Agreste makes it absolutely hilarious.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but during the ending music video, Marinette is wearing a Cat Noir mask while Adrien wears a Ladybug one. The irony is delicious.
  • When Chloé hugs Adrien after her audition, Adrien gets a hilarious look of "Please get her off me."

  • The reactions to Jagged Stone's reality show accidentally revealing to the world Marinette's collection of Adrien photos.
    • First there's Adrien Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises look.
    • Then there's Marinette's total meltdown and Tikki's poor attempts at reassuring her, leading to a Twitchy Eye.
      Marinette: (anguished) I'll be a laughingstock at school, online, all over town! And worst of all, Adrien will never talk to me again! This is a disaster, a disaster, a disaster, a dis... (buries her face)
      Tikki: Just breathe! Everything's gonna be okay!
      Marinette: (hopeful) It is?
      Tikki: Well yeah! Besides, it's too late anyway. The show's live!
      Marinette: (lets it sink in and becomes anguished again) Oh no! This is a disaster... (falls over) ...a disaster, a disaster, a disaster...!
  • The next morning, Marinette sneaks into the locker room in hopes of avoiding Adrien, only to be again ambushed by him from the other side of her locker door when she closes it.
    Marinette: [sighs] Hopefully, he didn't see me.
    Adrien: Hey, Marinette.
    Marinette: GAAAH!

  • "Don't you know it's rude to spy on people?" asks Adrien "Put-A-Bell-On-This-Kid" Agreste.
  • Officer Roger getting reversed.
    Officer Roger: Bwahahahaha! Do what you want with that paper plane of yours. I've got other plans!
  • Adrien first finds out something is going on when Ladybug randomly goes flying past his limo behind Reverser's glider, screaming her head off. Meanwhile, Roger is robbing a bank and to make the weirdness sink in the BGM is playing silly accordion music.
  • When Reverser gets Chloé and Sabrina, the two switch places in their usual dynamic, and Chloé becomes Sabrina's unappreciated Yes-Man. Sweet, hilarious karma...
  • When Cat Noir gets "reversed", he seems too scared to even go up the stairs to get to Nathaniel and warn him about Reverser. There isn't really that much steps...
    Cat Noir: I can't do it... ...the stairs are too high. They're making me dizzy.
    • Followed by Ladybug trying to coax him up them with her.
      Ladybug: Here kitty. Here kitty, kitty.
  • Ladybug gets reversed into a massive klutz who can barely stay upright without help. Throw in a reversed Chat Noir who leaps into her arms in fright when he's even slightly startled, and Hilarity Ensues. Repeatedly.
  • When Chloé wants to show off her art project, Alix sardonically asks if it's a collage of selfies. Chloé frantically denies it, only to quietly put away just that.
  • "To Marinette, who would make a super superhero... if she wasn't such a klutz!"

  • Apparently, Nora once mistook a man in a banana costume for an Akuma and attacked him.
    • And then the banana costume comes back in season 3, even being worn by Adrien at one point.
  • The start of Nino and Nora's arm-wrestling match. While Nino is clearly struggling with all his might, Nora is just slumped over with an incredibly bored expression on her face.
    • The end: Marinette cheats to have Nino win, Adrien, who saw everything, still proclaims Nino as the winner... And Nora and Alya look at the hands on the table in shock while Nino is exhausted. And when he recovers, even he is shocked at having somehow beaten Nora.
  • Anansi tries to get Chat's Miraculous... and fails because she thinks it's him, and not Ladybug, who has magical earrings. Hawk Moth is understandably exasperated.
  • If you watch Adrien closely during the Facetime conversation early on, he has a strange habit of trying to look in Marinette's direction even when her phone is facing away from her.

  • There are in-universe cat memes featuring Chat Noir.
  • During Marinette's dream about Adrien, she talks in her sleep, saying they'll have "three kids and a cat... no, forget the cat, a hamster." Now remember who Adrien is.
  • While Nightmare Adrien looks and acts like he just stepped out of the Uncanny Valley, he keeps going on about being in love with Chloé. The result is both terrifying and hilarious.
  • Adrien's reaction to Plagg's decoy:
  • Plagg and Tikki's interactions are hilarious as they are adorable.
    Plagg: Hey, sugarcube.
    Tikki: I've already told you not to call me that. Do you ever hear me calling you Stinky Sock?
    Plagg: No, but you should! That would be delightful, sugarcube.
    Tikki: [sighs and shakes her head in exasperation]
  • Daizzi excitely charging towards Tikki and Plagg, interrupting and almost hitting Pollen in the process.
  • The kwamis are supposed to bring gifts from the outside world with them to the miracle box dimension. Tikki brings a marker, and Plagg brings a piece of cheese...which he eats on the way there. And then when he gets there he makes up a story about having given it to a poor, starving kitten which the other kwamis totally fall for while Tikki just rolls her eyes like this isn't the first time he's done this.
  • The kwamis' child-like amazement upon seeing something as beautiful as... a glitter pen.
    • Roaar the tiger kwami then approaches the pen while watching it with a hilarious intrigued face, and touches the tip with his paw, before gleefully saying that it's a paintbrush.
  • During the dance party, Stompp and Daizzi are seen breakdancing in sync, then pose by laying on their side while looking at the viewer with a funny smug face.
  • While Master Fu facing the ghosts reminding him of his failure is awful, they take the form of Bedsheet Ghosts.
  • Everyone taking the blame when Master Fu finds out about the plan to help Nooroo. Well, almost everyone.
    Wayzz: It's all my fault, Master.
    Marinette: No, it's mine.
    Tikki: No, Marinette. It's my fault.
    Plagg: Yeah, that's true. It's their fault.
    • Even funnier when you remember that it was Plagg who came up with the idea in the first place.
  • Plagg reading a magazine entitled "Gentlemen's Camembert" at the start of the episode. Becomes even funnier when you consider that he had to get the magazine from somewhere, and imagine the various ways he could have got it.
  • After Ladybug gets hit with Sandboy's sand, she throws her yo-yo only for it to stop after a couple feet. She looks at it dangling from her hand with a comically puzzled expression.

     Style Queen 
  • Marinette tells Adrien: "You got that catwalk down." Adrien has a split-second expression of panic on his face.
  • Audrey loves firing people, including those who don't work for her.
  • In a lot of the scenes involving Audrey you can see Chloé hovering behind her and imitating her gestures.
  • The whole scene about Audrey being akumatized.
    • It starts with Audrey sitting in the front row in the spot reserved with Marinette, at least until Nathalie arrives and informs her Gabriel reserved her a place... In the second row. That's what ends up getting her Akumatized.
      • The fact Gabriel planned for it. He knew her well enough to know how to get her riled up enough to be Akumatizable... And so gave her a seat in the second row.
    • Audrey reacts by firing Nathalie, and, when told she can't, calls Gabriel to have him fire her. Cut to Gabriel telling his frozen wife this time he'll win and not even bothering to answer the phone.
      Nathalie: I assume from your expression I am not fired.
    • After that Audrey storms off, the Akuma reaches her hat... And we see her husband and daughter's wonderful "WTF?" faces as they finally realize just how petty Audrey Borgeouis is.
  • Plagg telling Marinette Chat Noir lost his ring. It's not so much what he says as how he puts it.
    Plagg: Yes, lately he's been doing really silly things. In five thousand years I've never experienced such an irresponsible miraculous owner.
    • Says the kwami who was apparently responsible for the disappearance of Atlantis ("I had too much cheese!"), the Leaning Tower of Pisa ("I didn't see it!"), and... dinosaurs going extinct. ("Ok, yeah, I did go too far there, but I was young!")
  • Plagg's Cataclysm has him doing a spin and then lightly tapping the ground. He destroys the Eiffel Tower and creates cracks all around Paris.

     Queen Wasp 
  • Chloé and Audrey finally bonding over how horrible they are to other people.
  • The look on Cat Noir's face when Ladybug points out that they've both lost a Miraculous before storming away. It's only then that you realize that Plagg probably didn't think to mention to Adrien why he was supposedly out of the last fight.

  • The "documentary" Chloé shows to her class. She dresses up with her Queen Bee and Ladybug costumes, Holding Both Sides of the Conversation and praising herself as usual. She tries to tell everyone that "Ladybug" was praising her, even though it was obviously herself, so she claims that Ladybug dyed her hair to look like her. Cue her class laughing at her.
    • When her classmates laugh at her, she tells everyone that none of them deserve to see her documentary. Marinette rolls her eyes and snarks "Oh boy, what a shame." prompting the class to laugh even more. She immediately widens her eyes and covers her mouth when she realises that it's something that Ladybug would say.
  • Chloé announces to the school that she intends to move to New York in the most over the top way possible by dumping flyers out of a helicopter. After an taking a moment to process the announcement everyone (minus Adrien) celebrates; with music, fireworks, and confetti out of nowhere, teachers hugging, and some students even doing a conga line.
  • Malediktator making Cat Noir act like an actual cat is funny enough, but it gets better as it turns out getting a ring off an actual cat is surprisingly more difficult than it looks.
    • Audrey cooing over Cat Noir and asking Malediktator if they can keep him.
  • Ladybug starts to lay out a plan of attack, only for Queen Bee to stand up and openly challenge her father.
  • Lucky Charm produces a blatant weapon for the very first time: A comically oversized gun. The "WTF?" look on Ladybug's face says it all.
    • Gets even more hilarious when she decides all she needs is the laser sight to direct Cat Noir - brainwashed to think he's an actual cat - into defeating all the guards around Malediktator with the fervor of a kitten chasing a laser pointer.

  • The imagine spots at the beginning and end get pretty hilarious. All the more so for how similar they are.
  • When Adrien is planning on asking Kagami out, he consider going to each of the adults in his life for advice, and (wisely) thinks better of each at the last second. Given said adults are The Gorilla, Nathalie, and Gabriel, you can understand why he thought better of it. Going to Marinette for the same advice on the other hand...
  • After transforming Plagg into his ice form, Plagg Glacier, Adrien's transformation sequence into Cat Noir becomes hilariously flamboyant.

  • When Lila easily thwarts Marinette's attempts to expose her and even jibes against Ladybug; Marinette's angry and frustrated reactions are just hilarious.

  • As the five heroes charge towards him and his army, what's the first order Hawk Moth gives? Telling Guitar Villain and Frightningale to play some music. And no, not in The Power of Rock sense, he apparently just decided this fight scene needed a cool soundtrack.
  • After Marinette finally works up the metaphorical balls to give Adrien a kiss on the cheek, to which he seemed quite receptive, her moment of triumph is cut short as the camera pans out to show that she had been standing in a pie.

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