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Mini Monsters is a comic series following strictly the Rule of Funny, but these moments take the cake.

  • Nearly everything about Lupo's sleepiness is Played for Laughs, here's the most prominent ones:
    Frank: *to Victor* Okay, close your eyes.
    *Lupo falls asleep*
    Frank: NOT YOU!
    Lupe: Wake up!
    Segismundo: He's so stupid!
    • Heck, he has a story in which he's scared because he remembers everything black, and Frank realizes it's because he remembers the inside of his eyelids.
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  • In the third album, Frank goes to Henrietta's house to give her a present. After dealing with her and her father (not in that order), the guy ends up taking a lot of calming pills. Directly from the jar. Hilariously disturbing.
  • Miss Hit getting interrupted constantly by Piruja, Victor and Mr. Abra; and impaling them with tables. This shows even a Knight of Cerebus can be funny in its own right.
  • Victor's challenges to enter the Frank's gang are simply hilarious, the Momses' one and the "infiltration" in the janitor's office taking the cake.
    • And the Frank's gang made him doing them for the lulz (and putting him down to earth). And Victor thinks they're yearning for him. Suuuuuure...
  • Victor's Chew Toy status. Usually.
  • The Von Piros and the Einsteins are already weird individually, but when the two families are together... Let's say it doesn't end well.
  • Can we say "(almost) the entire comic" and end this already?

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