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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • This unapologetic exchange:
    Leo: You know O'Doul and the Mayor, right?
    Tom: I ought to, I voted for him six times last November.
    Mayor: And that's not even the record.
  • Tom gets captured by Caspar's crew and is going to get worked over by Frankie, the big lug. Tom grabs his chair and whacks his would-be torturer in the nose with it. Frankie whines "Jesus, Tom!" (i.e. "I was just gonna slap you around a bit!") and walks out of the room. Tom just stands there confused until the smaller, meaner Tic-Tac storms in, knocks the chair from his hands, and delivers a beatdown.
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  • The way Caspar spoils, beats, then spoils his own son. During the same conversation.
  • The ironic or even meaningful echo — we're still not sure which — of the same conversations Tom has with the police chief: first when the chief was on Leo's payroll rustling out Caspar's gang, second when the chief was on Caspar's payroll rustling out Leo's gang.
  • What starts the war between Leo and Caspar's gangs outright: a poor mook on Leo's payroll tasked to keep an eye on Verna is found dead in an alleyway. A small boy and his dog find the body... and inexplicably runs off with the mook's too-obvious toupee. Later on:
    Leo: You hear about Rug?
    Tom: Yeah, RIP.
    Leo: They took his hair, Tommy. Jesus, that's strange, why would they do that?
    Tom: Maybe it was Injuns.
  • Steve Buscemi has an appearance in a nightclub as motor-mouthed One-Scene Wonder Mink Larouie, growing increasingly flustered as Tom probes his association with Bernie as well as the fact that the two of them are sneaking around behind Eddie Dane's back. (They're just friends! Amigos! Can't a guy have more than one friend?)


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